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  1. Original post has been updated again. We are currently looking for someone with experience in pathfinding! Feel free to contact us if your interested to join or have other skills than listed above. Thanks!
  2. The thread has been updated, still looking for a few people!
  3. Hey everyone, We are working on a cross-platform RTS style game in which players from all platforms play together summoning creatures from cards to fight on a live battlefield. We are here to hopefully gather more people to work on this project. About the Game: The idea of the game is that players can create their own decks with cards they own and use it in a match against other players. Cards belong to an element (fire, air, water,...) which represents the fighting style of the unit. In order to summon a card in game the player must have enough energy and the right elements. The main inspiration for this game is BattleForge, a game that closed down in 2013 and has a similar style to what this game ultimately will have. A video about BattleForge can be found here: The game is being made in Unity and we plan to make it available on PC, console and tablet. All players will be able to play against each other, independent of which platform they are playing on. About the goal: This project is a hobby for us and we expect the same for anyone joining this team. We do it for fun and see if something worth sharing comes out of it. There is no amount of work that you have to do. Do it for fun and learn something while working with us. We all are young and still have our lives ahead of us. This can mean that any of us can drop out if we don't have enough time to continue working on this project. The same principle applies to anyone joining: you are free to leave at any time. About the team: At the moment we are 6 people, we have: - 2 programmers - 1 character concept artist - 1 environmental modeler - 1 unit modeler - 2 sound artists The two coders (and founders of the project) are managing it. About you: We are looking for people that can identify with the main concepts of the game: cross-platform RTS with a focus on producing a high quality game Open positions are: - programmer for a highly efficient path finding algorithm If you have skills that are not on the list or are already taken, feel free to contact us anyways. Please give some reference of work that you have done in the past and write a few lines about yourself. Anyways, that's it from us. If you have any questions feel free to ask them below. If you wish to receive more information about the project and the game ideas, send me a private message. Thanks for your time.
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