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  1. Dusty Cane

    I Need An Older Open World Engine

    It's not my first game and i understand how long it can take, but thank you for the help, and I hope you have good luck with your project. Morrowind, Oblivion and Skyrim are massive games, and took years of work so I understand how long it will take and I have spent time building my own side projects. But thanks again for the help.
  2. Dusty Cane

    I Need An Older Open World Engine

    Hey, I'm not attempting to bump an older thread but need to revive this for the same reason. I am now at home with my gaming computer specs below AMD A8-7600 Radeon R7 (4 CPUS) 3.1GHZ 8gb Ram 1TB hard drive AMD R7 Graphics Not the best for gaming pc but good enough I need to do some upgrading but regardless it can handle most/all engines so specs are not a worry. I was coding with unreal engine 4 but came into some problems so decided to start creating an offline mmo idea which was working until a few problems mainly with the community being super small. But am now looking for anybody willing to give advice for creating an elder scrolls style open world (Not just 3 and 4 but 3, 4 and 5 and some other like games) I have experience in c++ I am 2 years into java and still understand game maker studio coding completely.
  3. Dusty Cane

    I Need An Older Open World Engine

    i find the gamedev community a lot more helpful too
  4. Dusty Cane

    I Need An Older Open World Engine

    i have a question about python is it similar to java or c++? but thank's this might what i'm looking for i must have skipped infinisearch's post by mistake or i just forget he suggested it. But offtopic i feel that unreal engine has a better setup then unity does and has a lot more of a community and helping community (no offense to unity fans it's just my opinion)
  5. Dusty Cane

    I Need An Older Open World Engine

    it is a laptop but in the meantime i am making a side project, i'm getting the impression that i should wait until i get home and use my low-mid end gaming computer so i can run a decent engine like ue4. Thanks a lot for the help though! still enjoy the suggestions i am creating a list of engines i could use.
  6. Dusty Cane

    I Need An Older Open World Engine

    it's 2ghz and the chipset is my video card also tried jmonkey it wasn't working well thank you for the suggestion
  7. delete this post i made many fatel errors and just shouldn't have replied
  8. Dusty Cane

    The best first game engine to try as a beginner

    Well first off try to learn a coding language like java Starter Java Guide - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCJHs2t7c8S6yNTcfZgRkiCA/videos but another coding language and engine is gml/game maker you will have either buy it for $40 or use an old steam install link (you can find it online just look something up like, steam game maker 1.4 install link) it's new user friendly and has some great games like undertale and could create games/clones like mario, zelda and even pokemon for the advanced(very advanced) If you would enjoy to start a little more advanced you can use unreal engine 4, you can find youtube tutorials with basic stuff some series have over 50 videos and the creators of the engine have tutorials some good games made in it are some of the nbas i believe, outlast and the escapist.
  9. Dusty Cane

    I Need An Older Open World Engine

    it's using not using integrated graphics i did read his post and i did understand what he said i just wanted to point out i don't enjoy unity edit - made a mistake before and said it was
  10. Dusty Cane

    I Need An Older Open World Engine

    i'm not being rude in the slightest but i've said this before, I HATE UNITY, i am not being rude and not mean just pointing that out again. edit - I did understand what you were saying and i do think i may use it. I really do enjoy that you made reply thank you.
  11. Dusty Cane

    I Need An Older Open World Engine

    I saw that but i am sure it's for company's only i applied but not expecting anything. Thank you a lot though I am looking to code and create the levels i am not a modeler, i can work with free assets if possible, i started looking into animation (character animation for just simple animations) and might be able to learn it but would like to avoid it, i am sure i should be able to run blender but rendering is not something i am sure about, i don't like unity and don't want to use the blender game engine, it just isn't me, i loved using unreal engine 4 and i found an old copy of udk (free version of unreal engine 3) but it is very different (which is expected) and doesn't seem like i would use it, i need an engine to start but preferably with a large/medium community. edit - forgot to add this, i understand how long it can take i spent two years on an mmo which i lost the files too it was a base created by a friend but for mmo's only that is besides the point, i understand how long it can take and what it will take, i would like to use java because i understand it better but c++ will work just as good if not better for me.
  12. Dusty Cane

    I Need An Older Open World Engine

    i'm not trying to be rude but it's been a while and well i am just looking for suggestions on an older engine and really don't want much of a discussion edit - this thread has been opened for a year sorry thought that would funny
  13. Dusty Cane

    I Need An Older Open World Engine

    windows 10 64 bit 4 gbs ram intel(r) duo 2 core cpu mobile intel(r) 945 express chipset family i said older engine and bad for a reason amazon lumberyard/unreal/unity won't work and i don't have an interest in modding
  14. Dusty Cane

    I Need An Older Open World Engine

    i'm not looking for graphics and unreal wouldn't work on my pc regardless
  15. Dusty Cane

    I Need An Older Open World Engine

    i am not looking to create a mod but a game of my own i just need an engine that create a game like or at least mechanics like morrowind or oblivion that is older. (mainly because my pc is pretty bad) But also because i enjoy the look and play of them. Regardless i just need an engine itself to start i can't run unreal engine, cryengine. unity and game maker isn't worth it. I am not interested in modding but i don't even own them for pc anyway.
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