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  1. Ok awesome thanks for the replies! What is the most commonly used server side stack for this sort of thing?
  2. I'm working on a learning project of a fairly simplistic multiplayer RPG game as a way to get my head around best-practices etc. One thing I am wondering is if best practice is to roll all loot drops and item crafting on the server rather than inside the game? I don't have a lot of experience in game development so hopefully this doesn't seem like a really obvious / embarrassing yes or no! 😑 My thought process was: 1. that if there are two players on a map, and they kill a mob, they need to immediately see identical loot, and; 2. rolling the properties of an item server-side eliminates the chance of hacking local code to spit out top tier items If the above two assumptions are correct, my second question was how to verify on the server that the player has actually performed the function in-game? (For example, that the crafting materials were actually used, or the monster was actually killed? And that a forged request has not been sent from a modified game client?) I would expect some sort of "signature" or unique hash to be included, but can't yet understand how that dynamic would work?
  3. Thanks for that - I'm based in Australia - I've read the community here is really thin as most people with talent end up exported to the US though right? However, simple research turns up that wages are about 20% less locally, and with the AUD/USD exchange rate US staff become 20% more than the sticker price. I will look into government grants further but when I searched about a month ago, all I read was people complaining there was no support from the government. From your perspective is there any reasonable talent in Australia, or is that outside your wheelhouse? Ok that helps... If you have time to read, I would love to hear your assessment of how compatible my background would be with something like this project: I work in Private Equity / Corporate Advisory, so my job is basically raising money for startups and providing advisory services around governance and prepping for capital raising. We typically raise between $2.5m - 30m depending on the size of the company, but our clients are institutional so they would not be interested in something like this. This role also bleeds over to marketing, sales and distribution strategy for companies we invest in. I have also founded two companies with successful exits, one national "Tough Mudder" style events company and one mid-tier Financial Services / Private Wealth / Capital Markets firm. In those companies, the largest team I was managing directly was 20 staff, but they were all in sales, so very different to dealing with developers. For that reason, I am not confident enough to try project manage the game development process myself. I also have web applications (full stack) development experience, so I have been able to watch Unity tutorial videos and follow them. My concern is that I have a lot of domain experience in certain areas, but absolutely no clue about this industry. Looking at it from a Private Equity perspective, my gut would tell me that I should not invest in an industry I don't understand. On the other hand, this concept is a huge passion for me and I've been thinking about it for years, and history tells me that when my gut is this confident on a concept (in my areas of domain expertise), I should execute. What do you think, and with that context in mind, would you have any further advice? Haha, very true! I just saw some demos and they looked amazing.
  4. This is awesome, thanks! (And also to everyone else) I was doing the maths from 0r0d's post and it came out to around $150k as well which didn't make any sense given that it would mean a starting version of the full game with 3 acts and ~15 maps each would cost $6.7m which seems impossible to crowdfund. Especially given the guys that funded Wolcen raised ~$400k and it has lasted them 2 years now. (Maybe you could shed some light on how this is possible?) But the way you explained it around the bulk of that costs is getting the game's structural hurdles solved is the bulk of the $150k makes way more sense. $150k isn't out of the question if I had to fund it myself, but would I be right in saying that if you found both a programmer and art co-founders and came to an equitable share arrangement that you could reduce that amount significantly? (ie I would prefer to spend most of the hard-dollars on promoting the Kickstarter campaign..) If so; in your experience, what would that arrangement typically look like? Ie if I filled the roles of investor, promo/marketing, monetization, paying for 2d concept art etc, and also handled the bulk of level and gameplay design roles - how much would be needed to invest to bring on an experienced programmer that can fill the role of producer and a good artist? (I'm thinking of using CRYENGINE, so is this a common skillset?) What would they typically look for other than money to take on a project like this? Lastly, just to manage my expectations - how likely is it that a non-technical founder ever connects with a programmer and artist in this way? Again - Guys, thanks so much for taking the time to explain this. It seems like this forum is really positive and happy to help people learn, I really appreciate that!
  5. Ok, that makes sense, I suppose a good experienced project leader would be able to answer these questions. Where would you find a project leader if you have no current "in" within the industry? I imagine tradition job boards aren't great for this sort of co-founder role, and having dealt with recruiters many times in the past, I shudder at the commission cost of using one for a "test" project. What have you seen turn out the most statistically successful method? I now understand it's a "how long is a piece of string" type question but for that basic scope of "1 playable map using 1 programmer and 1 artist", is the ~$10k mark around about right though from experience if done correctly?
  6. First of all, sorry if this is the wrong place to post this - I looked at the other forum titles and none seemed to fit given my lack of background in games dev... I have a game concept I want to get developed and I was wondering what the cost to develop a prototype of a Path of Exile / Diablo style game through to a good looking demo ready to present on Kickstarter / crowdfunding? From what I've read, the first step is fully scoping the project to make sure phase 2 costs etc are projected accurately, but providing you have that and it checks out economically; for a proof-of-concept, I imagine it would only need some basic gameplay with a heavy focus on the art etc? Basically just a single map through to a "boss" at the end. That way if the market hates it, at least I would only be down the investment of the demo. As I mentioned I don't have any history in game development so I'd expect I would need a project manager co-founder with industry experience (has worked on previous successful shipped products, etc), but I don't know who else you would need to put a demo together, and what they would cost?
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