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  1. pr033r

    Boid's algorithm doesn't work perfectly

    Ok, I figure out it that all problems are in Seperation method. If I comment this method, all works smoothy, without lags, even when 100 boids is set. Now I have to find solution how to define ideal seperation method.
  2. pr033r

    Boid's algorithm doesn't work perfectly

    Thanks for reply. I tried to change argument position of subVectors method but it still doesn' work. So, now I try code it, by that pseudocode... hopefully it'll work.
  3. Hello, I have a Bachelor project on topic "Implenet 3D Boid's algorithm in OpenGL". All OpenGL issues works fine for me, all rendering etc. But when I started implement the boid's algorithm it was getting worse and worse. I read article (http://natureofcode.com/book/chapter-6-autonomous-agents/) inspirate from another code (here: https://github.com/jyanar/Boids/tree/master/src) but it still doesn't work like in tutorials and videos. For example the main problem: when I apply Cohesion (one of three main laws of boids) it makes some "cycling knot". Second, when some flock touch to another it scary change the coordination or respawn in origin (x: 0, y:0. z:0). Just some streng things. I followed many tutorials, change a try everything but it isn't so smooth, without lags like in another videos. I really need your help. My code (optimalizing branch): https://github.com/pr033r/BachelorProject/tree/Optimalizing Exe file (if you want to look) and models folder (for those who will download the sources): http://leteckaposta.cz/367190436 Thanks for any help...
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