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  1. TheSpire

    Help pls!

    Hi, let me see if I get it... when you pick something the weapon leaves the weapon 1 slot right?
  2. TheSpire

    Help pls!

    Hi! Can you explain better what you need? I didn't really undestand what happened...
  3. TheSpire

    Wizards and Warrors

    Well yeah, that's true...
  4. TheSpire

    Wizards and Warrors

    I know that, the goal is just to make sure you can cast it to staff, I believe you can't cast Weapon to staff, so trying to use the property with a Weapon object wouldn't set the var value, and with that you knew that when needed you will be casting a staff from the weapon var and not any other weapon. I might be wrong though...
  5. TheSpire

    Wizards and Warrors

    Hi there, I am not a really experienced programmer, so tell me if I am wrong, but, can't we use the 'is' key word to simply check if the weapon that we are using is a sword or a staff? Like this:
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