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  1. Seeking feedback on some music

    Excellent, i'm still learning the ins and outs of using wordpress so I figured some of the site would be out of whack. Again you've provided excellent feedback that I'll apply without a doubt (the website document was a great idea), even though you said not to thank you, I thank you. As for paying it forward have no fear i'll lend a hand whenever i'm able to.
  2. Seeking feedback on some music

    Actually the main reason why I mentioned wordpress is because I had already made a page for myself a while back, but I've neglected it. One of the benefits of using it, is that if I do decide to continue with their service I can just upgrade to a premium account and buy my domain so I think I will stick with it at least for the time being. Here's the link if you'd like to see what I have so far, before this it was nothing but a bare-bones site with nothing on it. https://itsjaymar.wordpress.com/ I still think it's missing something . As for my project files I always keep multiple copies of everything from the music to the album art to the compressed mixtape files on 2 external drives (1 hard drive, 1 usb) but having them on a cloud server would definitely be beneficial as well. I can't thank you enough for the priceless guidance here. I will take what you've told me and build upon it, again I sincerely appreciate the feedback
  3. Seeking feedback on some music

    Wow, there's a lot of solid advice here. First of all, let me thank you once again for responding and providing a personalized list of ideas. It's funny because you pretty much hit the nail on the head, I had already juggled a couple of these tactics( personal website, networking) but seeing them laid out in this format is a big help. There is no doubt I will definitely be using your suggestions as a guide. I have one more question, would you recommend using wordpress as a temporary main website?
  4. Seeking feedback on some music

    Thank you for listening and for the wise words. I truly appreciate it especially considering that has been a big question of mine as well, "what do I want to do with music" it's such a broad field that it can get overwhelming as to what to pick career wise.
  5. Hi there, I'm a complete newbie and have no idea how to start getting my name out there. I have been producing instrumental music for 2 years posting mainly to my soundcloud account and I need some guidance into what my next step should be. Anyone with experience have any advice for me? any and all feedback would be greatly appreciated. https://soundcloud.com/jaymar-11 https://soundcloud.com/jaymar-11/evergreen-haze https://soundcloud.com/jaymar-11/pressurize https://soundcloud.com/jaymar-11/trance-bandit-lets-jam https://soundcloud.com/jaymar-11/01the-journey-new-game Also did a few Undertale remixes Sans:https://soundcloud.com/jaymar-11/sans-lament-megalo-remix
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