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  1. Making Certain themes accepectable

    I am trying to minimise the Negative Impact. Everyone has an opinion on something. I am trying to explore the theme "Young Love with Guns" if that makes sense. The only other route I could see my self using is with Gangs, and I really think I am ignorant of that culture.
  2. Making Certain themes accepectable

    There are other themes tied into that I want to explore. I was just stating my option, not trying to cause arguments. If that seemed to be my intent, I apologise.
  3. Making Certain themes accepectable

    The kids will be teens, and I plan to make a bit more mature than they should be in the heat of battle. They are not, incompetent, they fully know the risks associated with war. I do think games have become a bit caught up with having something to say. I do want characters to have thoughts on their circumstances(regret and all that jazz), but the point of the story will not be to explore themes.
  4. Making Certain themes accepectable

    No, I see that as barbaric. As much as I take inspiration from Japanise mediums, I don't like the idea of being sent out to die.
  5. Making Certain themes accepectable

    I understand that, but I see my stories as a fantasy. Not trying to stick to real life rules or standards. So.. while I understand how and why people are affected, I just want to engage my audience with a story, and characters.
  6. Making Certain themes accepectable

    No, I am not. I just believe as a game designer, I should not forces messages about the real world into my games.
  7. Making Certain themes accepectable

    I feel it is an interesting theme to explore/paint in a better light. I do know the problems attached to it, and I want to imagine it a different way. I want to use this issue so the characters can reflect on their current situations, and in turn, how it affects thems.
  8. Making Certain themes accepectable

    The problem is I am not really doing this for change. So people would dismiss me as ignorant of the issue.
  9. So I am current writing a script which is trying to paint child soldiers in a better light. For Context: Children are between 11 and 13 in order to fight. However, in this world, combat training is a option in school, meaning that the from 14 onward, teens are sent to fight, in order to protect the world, and protect back abandoned areas. How careful should I be when writing the script? I know this is a very sensitive subject for some people.
  10. So I wanted to get some VA and writing skills for my portfolio/ a game idea I had. I have written a prototype script, and I wanted to do test runs with it. If you are VA looking to boost your profile for College/Uni Applications, send me your portfolio to marfo343@gmail.com.
  11. Can I get some feedback on my site?

    The site is a blog/portfolio, which talks about events I have been to, what I am doing in terms of designing and making games, and any anime I watch. I am mostly for feedback on the work in my profile, and my writing style in my blogs.
  12. I have been working on this site for 6 months now. Could I please get some feedback? The site is here: nanamarfo.weebly.com.
  13. Want to work on projects!

    What would the time scale of the project be?
  14. Hey guys! Just letting you all know that I want to work with people on projects, as I do need some portfolio boosters. Let me know if you want to work me at marfo343@gmail.com. If you want to see my works check out nanamarfo.weebly.com. Edit: I should say this: I am able to do programming in Unity, Rigging/Animation in Blender and anything in Photoshop.
  15. Where can I introduce my self?

    Since you put it that way.... Hi everyone! My name is Nana Marfo. I am a 16-year-old student, with a passion all things game development. I am currently studying Computer Science, Sociology and Graphics at A-Level. I have a lot of Ideas for games that I want to make. I want to take players on an adventure, where they enjoy the gameplay and relate to characters that are badass. Whether it be a platformer or a hack and slash, I want the player to enjoy an adventure. I want to be able to learn more about 3D modelling and VFX. However, I am profenchant in coding, rigging and rendering. If you want to see this, read my blog/see my portfolio(I review anime and Kamen Rider sometimes to keep it interesting):https://nanamarfo.weebly.com/ This winter, I completed my first game jam, and therefore released my first game, Duel in the Desert: https://nana-marfo.itch.io/dual-in-the-desert I appreciate all the feedback I get! I am looking for game devs to have as mentors, so I would like to keep an eye out for events. Preferably in London, UK. Finally(I know this is a lot, but, bear with me), follow my twitter for my live work progress, and to be notified when a new blog comes out:https://twitter.com/marfo343 Sorry for all the links. Any other questions ask me!
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