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  1. Work has slowed for me, so I am open for projects again! I'm a bit Jack of all trades but I work best in Animation and Programming. If Interested, email me at
  2. Hello Everyone! I am looking for a small team to do a rendering project with me. The roles I need are: -Character Modeller -Environment Designer -Environment Modeller(Found) You can use this in your portfolio and you will be credited at the end. If you are interested, please email me at Thank you!
  3. NanaMarfo

    Making Certain themes accepectable

    I will change the one I have now, I can see it's not air tight. I'll also re-evaluate Clare's motivations. Thank you for the advice. That's not saying a lot, but OK.
  4. NanaMarfo

    Making Certain themes accepectable

    When did I say I wanted to MARRY child soldiers?
  5. NanaMarfo

    Making Certain themes accepectable

    Well... this has been insightful. I get where all of you are coming from though. I will take all of this into account when writing the script. Also, I could use some critique on this draft: Hopefully, this gives some insight.
  6. NanaMarfo

    Making Certain themes accepectable

    If people do not like your ethics, that will affect sales. If it's based on mediums you have played/seen in the past(I am talking Kingdom Hearts and FullMetal Alchemist)?
  7. NanaMarfo

    Work Experence for Game Development?

    Year 12 means 16-year old or 17-year old in the UK.
  8. Does anyone a list of companies that offer work experience for a year 12 wanting to get into video game development? In the U.K, and in London if possible.
  9. NanaMarfo

    Making Certain themes accepectable

    I am trying to minimise the Negative Impact. Everyone has an opinion on something. I am trying to explore the theme "Young Love with Guns" if that makes sense. The only other route I could see my self using is with Gangs, and I really think I am ignorant of that culture.
  10. NanaMarfo

    Making Certain themes accepectable

    There are other themes tied into that I want to explore. I was just stating my option, not trying to cause arguments. If that seemed to be my intent, I apologise.
  11. NanaMarfo

    Making Certain themes accepectable

    The kids will be teens, and I plan to make a bit more mature than they should be in the heat of battle. They are not, incompetent, they fully know the risks associated with war. I do think games have become a bit caught up with having something to say. I do want characters to have thoughts on their circumstances(regret and all that jazz), but the point of the story will not be to explore themes.
  12. NanaMarfo

    Making Certain themes accepectable

    No, I see that as barbaric. As much as I take inspiration from Japanise mediums, I don't like the idea of being sent out to die.
  13. NanaMarfo

    Making Certain themes accepectable

    I understand that, but I see my stories as a fantasy. Not trying to stick to real life rules or standards. So.. while I understand how and why people are affected, I just want to engage my audience with a story, and characters.
  14. NanaMarfo

    Making Certain themes accepectable

    No, I am not. I just believe as a game designer, I should not forces messages about the real world into my games.
  15. NanaMarfo

    Making Certain themes accepectable

    I feel it is an interesting theme to explore/paint in a better light. I do know the problems attached to it, and I want to imagine it a different way. I want to use this issue so the characters can reflect on their current situations, and in turn, how it affects thems.
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