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  1. Bakkerbaard

    Is there a doctor in the house?

    In this instance it concerns a young man who does not blink twice when someone he met in a dumpster tries to fly off a skyscraper using ostrich feathers. "Normal" does not factor into this. Doctors come up wth boring names. BOSS is boss. I'm gonna see if I can work that in. I strive to keep a very low pun-cap, but this one's probably gonna make it.
  2. Bakkerbaard

    Is there a doctor in the house?

    Yeah, so far I'm sticking with "button-OCD", but something more professional would make one particular throw-away gag a little funnier.
  3. Bakkerbaard

    Is there a doctor in the house?

    It's a bit of a long shot, but this is the only forum I frequent that has the potential to answer my question and I don't feel like registering on a psychiatry forum for one question. Does anyone know if there's a medical term for the urge to push buttons? Like, physical buttons. Google isn't yielding any useful results and I'm thinking I may have found the one thing shrinks haven't named yet.
  4. Bakkerbaard

    Video Game Writing Preferences?

    I prefer to just type away in any kind of acceptable word processor, but for my game I wanted to be able to account for a lot of true/false situations and dialogue branches. So I went to check out several adventure game engines, but pretty much all of them assumed I had artwork to work with. Since I do not, I eventually settled for since an adventure game without visual elements is basically a flowchart (please, no one correct me yet, I'm too far in to move to more effective software at the moment). I like that it's cloud-based, so I don't have to worry about having a physical copy present at all time and I can do some quick writing at work when no one is looking. Also, I use a simple notepad app on my phone for sudden ideas that need to be jotted down quick. I should have a better look at Twine, that you mentioned up there. Looks like it's exactly what I was first looking for, but I'm not looking forward to finding out I should rebuild my flowchart-mess in it. Damnit.
  5. Bakkerbaard

    Game Story Dilemma

    I like how you basically said: One is a comedy about a student in a boarding school where a girl comitted suicde. I suppose that's comedy gold in some circles. ;o) But to add to the conversation: Yeah, do them both. At the very least you'll have the other to work on when the first one runs into a temporary block.
  6. Bakkerbaard

    Help With Story-Driven Game Concept

    I wasn't gonna respond as most of the time I have no idea what I'm doing myself, but Tony Li's reply above made me wanna say something. While I agree with him on the third person thing, as I get more easily attached to my character if I can see "me", there is one gi-mongus exception to this. I'm speaking for myself, mind you. Firewatch. Try it if you haven't. It's first person, but I don't believe I've ever been more interested in characters as I have been in that. To say much more about it would be at least a minor spoiler, but the reason I bring up the game is that it's completely story driven and in first person. Let me just leave it at that it had me so enthralled I forfeit a night just so I could play it head to tail. Anyway, sorry I can't be more helpful.
  7. Bakkerbaard

    School & age

    Excellent. Thank you both. Crap appartment it is.
  8. Bakkerbaard

    School & age

    Hello. Outside of Animal House I know very little of the American school system. Since Google gives me information that seems incorrect, I would like to talk to a real living American. I've estimated my main character is 25 years old. seemed like a good number to hold the balance between relatable to younger players as well as myself. Is this the age of someone who is about to graduate from college? Like, regular college, if there's something like that. As in: kindergarten -> regular kid school -> high school -> college. And he's never been held back and life's been going well so he's started at the age one would start college. It's not a big thing, I'm just wondering wether I'm putting him in a dorm room or a shitty apartment at 25.
  9. Bakkerbaard

    Best Player Names

    I used to be Obi Wannabe back when I first tried Medal Of Honor online.
  10. Bakkerbaard

    Two software questions

    Hey, I've got two software questions. I thought about posting in the engines/middleware forum, but I'm not really sure this fits there. 1. I'm about ready to start investing tiny amounts of money into what I'm doing and I'm thinking of purchasing Unity's Adventure Game Creator. Ofcourse it's all glowing reviews over there, but I was wondering if there was anybody on here that's been hands on and has something to say about it. 2. I've got this cheap-ass ASUS tablet lying around doing exactly nothing and I figured I could repurpose it from doorstop to doodlepad. Admittedly I'm going about this the wrong way around, asking here before googling properly, but I'm curious what your software of choice would be. I'm just gonna try to do some concepts and placeholder stuff. I saw Photoshop Sketch in a top 10, which interests me, as I know Photoshop... Regular already. Not important anymore. The afformentioned tablet is too shite to do anything good so I've settled for a program that did work on it, the quasi pornographically titled MediBang Paint. It's good enough for me. Anyway, thanks for your time and tolerance.
  11. Bakkerbaard

    Multiple projects

    Thanks. At first glance that looks like it could be useful to me, for one thing or another... I'll give it a more in depth look later. At the moment I'm mostly taking the ideas I can't qute use and beat them into something that I might be able to use and stick that in a Google Doc. But ideass you have to beat around first aren't usually the highest quality ideas. ;o)
  12. Bakkerbaard

    Multiple projects

    I'll clear that up then. Or try to at least, because half the time I don't know what I'm saying either. You should see me try to get directions. I am in fact a novice, but that's not something I'm gonna let get in my way this time. My problem is that I am also a realist and comparing my level of discipline to the level of energy needed to get a game to release-stage, I best enjoy making the game as the chance of enjoying playing the game is too slim to bet on. That is not to say that I won't release the game if it gets completed. It would just be the first time I get something completed. The commercial suicide thing was more referring to the fact that I am writing the game for myself only, as in: I'm doing a game I wanna play, with jokes that would make me laugh and characters I like. If it turns out in the end that there are other people who like it too, that's a nice bonus. I just can't help being realistic about it, I mean, how many people on this forum alone are working on a game? That's also kinda why I try to pick my words carefully, like referring to my game as "this thing I'm toying with", I'm still at a point where I think that calling myself a game developer is offensive to people that actually know what they're doing. Either way, worst case scenario, I'll have had some fun and learned some stuff. So, to sum it up: I'll release the game if it gets to that point, is what I'm saying, I think.
  13. Bakkerbaard

    How can I ever have time to finish my game?

    One stipulation here though, but a personal one: There are very few things, if any at all, that clear my mind better than going out on the freeway (even a lame ass Dutch one) with some Motörhead dictating my miles an hour. If this option appeals to you you or anyone, let me leave you with one tip: Bring music you know the lyrics to.
  14. Bakkerbaard

    Multiple projects

    In my case I would only have to mind issue 5. I'm currently still in a position that I don't have to answer to anybody and the only customer I'm working for is me. I know that's commercial suicide, but if I die laughing it's good enough for me. But in light of number five, I'd say I better stick to the one project that's running andhope that whatever's in my scribbles-foldder will still make sense to me when project 2 comes around.
  15. Bakkerbaard

    Multiple projects

    I have a pile of chapter ones as high as me from when I thought I was going to be an author. All of them fitting that description. There's always a catch, isn't there.
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