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  1. Indirect references

    I started browsing through this forum to see if I could learn anything for the distant future when I might release something, which might not happen if I keep putting off writing like I am now. Another post ("sued for saying Idocrazy") raised a question or two that I might want answered now that there's still plenty of room to change things. I'm a big Monkey Island fan. It'll always have a special place in my little black heart, so I have to reference it in my game. I don't reference it by name, it's just tidbits for other fans, namely: - A drawer with a flyer in it titled "How to get ahead in navigation" which is then dismissed as not usefull. - A "troll" guarding a bridge at a cosplay event (with the option to give her a red herring, which won't work here). Normally I wouldn't think twice about these references, but since LucasArts is now Disney I wonder if I should take it out. Or, maybe just ask Disney then? Can I even contact them for trivial stuff like this? Worst part of it is that I'm certain that the people who actually wrote those jokes would have a grin if they saw it. Oh, and does it matter on a legal front that I am in the Netherlands? Edit: I just mailed Disney, for the hell of it. In about eight weeks I should have a reply from a lawyer in a laughing fit, but anyone else's view on this is still appreciated.
  2. Need some extra brain power

    This one had actually crossed my mind already too. Kind of like a Monkey Island reference. These other options are... out there. ;o) Context would have been: It's not a serious game, but I'm not just gagging around to reach a conclusion. Everyone just kind of takes the crazy in stride. Like: "Hey, can I get some ostrich feathers so I can help a friend to fly?" "Sure, help yourself." The only real comment the ostrich farmer has on that is that ostriches are flightless birds. While that's a helpful tip, I'm guessing nobody here's thinking that'll end well. Anyway, doesn't really matter at this point. I've decided to go with a binary clock puzzle kind of thing. I don't know how hard of a puzzle that'll actually be, as to me those things are like magic, but I just needed to break it up from the item puzzles. Thanks for the input though.
  3. Need some extra brain power

    I'm already three layers deep into this specific questline, so throwing in more comlications isn't something I'm looking at, but these are options to be considered. The sister (nun?) who runs the church is pretty much why I'm now facing off ostriches, so getting to the church tower is just a matter of "can I?" and "Yeah, see if I care". At least, in the greater picture that makes sense.
  4. I'm kinda stuck on a puzzle. Usually I'd now tell you what the puzzle was and ask for a walkthrough, but my problem is that the puzzle doesn't even exist yet. Been googling around a bit for helpful info, but I mainly end up on Ron Gilbert's site and he isn't helping much either on this specific point and I'm wasting valuable writing time looking for a solution. Problem is that I don't wanna do another "get item here/use item there" puzzle. I've got enough of that and there will be more. To add some variation I wanna try and do a different style of puzzle, a lever puzzle, or a mechanical puzzle, but that leads me to a way of thinking I can't seem to do. Here's the specific situation: I need a bunch of ostriches out of my way. They're on an ostrich farm and they get fed every day at five pm exactly. So I'll need to head into the church tower and make the bell ring five times. I'm thinking this needs to be done with a mechanism I could manipulate in a puzzly manner. Getting a hammer and banging the bell is too easy. The game doesn't work with actual time, so going all Medjay and meditate till five o' clock isn't an option. That bell's gonna need to ring five times, wether it's three or not. I already have access to the church tower, so that can't be puzzlefied and I can bullshit my way through most incosistencies, so adding a space age computer to a medieval belltower is actually an option if need be. I'm looking for someone who can point me to either a useful resource or someone who imagines stuff like this better than I do. Oh, and pretending there will actually some day be a point that credits will roll: You will be credited if you please.
  5. I don't think it's really my place to reply in this thread, as 1. my answer just barely touches the subject and 2. I can do the same thing over and over for such a long time that I have psychologists lining up at the door to redefine madness. However, I've played my fair share of open world games, including No Man's Sky, and the ones I've played the longest had this one thing in common: I could make them about me. Minecraft didn't hold my interest for long as I was a square fellow, apparently named Steve and not much else (for me at least, I can see why the game is so popular). No Man's Sky tricked me into the hype, but while I could rename everything (if you come across a galaxy themed around latin terms for intercourse... sorry, I was running out of bands), it just stung that I couldn't rename my ship. Then Rebel Galaxy let me rename my ship and nothing else and it still did better for me. Now, the reason I've clocked about five years on GTA is that my online character is me. Even though I am not a gun toting ginger with a seven figure bank account. But "me" enjoyed hanging in empty sessions collecting muscle cars, being a CEO, weapons dealer, collecting more muscle cars. Up to the point that I was explaining to friends I played with that doing a particular thing wasn't something "me" would do. And if anything was a repetition of moves it was GTA Online. I know Los Santos isn't exactly and endless open universe, but it is an open world and I believe it also holds up for an open universe. Personal interest. I don't know if I added to the conversation with this, or just enjoyed talking about myself, but that's my idea on it.
  6. Options for placeholder characters

    I'm actually just guessing my way through the whole process, but this is very reassuring. I'm usually somewhere around the end of the chain in my day-job, muttering: "We've done this for five seasons, how are you getting this wrong still?" so I believe I understand your wish, but in truth this is all because I'm not gonna spend a dime till I know it can be done. ;o) Anyway, thanks for the link. That'll help.
  7. Options for placeholder characters

    I'm browsing around for a piece of software that allows me to whip up some 2D placeholder characters so I might have some visual support for myself when I try to set up some sort of proof of concept. It doesn't have to be anything fancy, it's just that I want something to look at and it would be ridiculous to get an artist to waste their time on it. I've gathered that a lot of people use Gimp, but from what I know of it it's basically opensource Photoshop, right? Which means I'll be doing "designs" from scratch. Which then means it's no good for me. I used to be an okay artist in school, but then I decided I was gonna be a rockstar and now I can't do either properly. My criteria would be: something basic. Something simple enough your kid could use it. Preferably free, but if it turns out I could use it for more than placeholders I could part with a couple of bucks. Something 2D. Hopefully something that allows for a bit of customisation to make my placeholders distinguishable. I'm probably gonna do a mockup in Adventure Game Editor, which I don't know much about yet either, but I suppose if I can export crude frames of animation to PNG or something I could wrangle that into a usable sequence. Style-wise it doesn't have to be impressive. I'll do fine with a thing that let's me take the same human shape over and over and slap a moustache on one and a pretty bow on another. Anyway, I hope I managed to get my message across. Does anything like that exist?
  8. Need Help Choosing Art Style

    Purely based on esthetics I enjoy the second style. The first one is pretty good too, but it looks more, ehm... cheap? I'm not trying not be a [Richard] so forgive me if I come off as one, but I'd sooner expect the first style in a search & find game you'd play to kill time before going out while your girlfriend fixes her make-up. That being said, I wouldn't let it keep me from playing the game. Assuming both styles are equally easy for you to work with, I'd go with the second as that feels more a like full-fledged game. And I can't quite put my finger on it, but it kinda reminds me of Lure Of The Temptress.
  9. Input on Adult Content

    Like an asshole I googled it and now I'm thinking there's a message that I'm not getting.
  10. Playing your own game

    Oh, I know what you mean. Had that with movies ever since I wanted to be in special effects and watched every forking docuentary I could get my grubby paws on. I can still enjoy a movie, but there will inevitably be a point where I'm disappointed I can't explain to my girlfriend how cool or how bad that thing they just did was. Now I work in TV (nothing of importance, no special effects) and having seen behind the screens of most shows (in the Netherlands) I don't watch TV at all anymore. It doesn't help that Dutch TV isn't all that... good anyway. So, I'm staying away from learning too much about games, just to protect my favourite hobby. You're describing my SimCity experience. This post does make me realise I have a bit of a double standard. I'll replay the living daylights out of XCOM, just to see how my squad's turning out and what hail-mary-moves I'm gonna have to make this time around. Ofcourse, that's not really story driven. Then again, I played Red Dead Redemption three times, just for the story. What the hell is wrong with me? ;o)
  11. Input on Adult Content

    That was actually very helpful. Unless you knew what you were getting into you don't wanna be Threepwooding your way through a puzzle and suddenly get surprise sex in your eye. Currently I've brought things down to just below Larry Laffer-levels, ie: There's gonna be sex, but you know you're not gonna see it. (As opposed to what I thought at the time: I'm gonna see s-... Oh, a censorship-bar?) Yesterday night I worked on a scene which was supposed to have sex, way back when it was just an idea. I'm not gonna put an example because out of context it's just gonna make me look stupid (it might still, in context, but at least there'll be context), but suffice it to say that I went a more innocent direction and as the concept stands now it seems to work even better. There's still gonna be sex, but you won't be part of it and maybe even happy for the people having it, somewhere else. Don't know Doki Doki. I'm also not going for an adult game persé. Oldschool adventure game, more like. It's actually one particular Ren'Py game that sparked the wet powderkeg I'm working on now though. I like to go and check out adult indies every now and then, for research, honest, to see if someone finally managed to marry games and porn. See how far you can take it on a shoestring budget and a testosterone fried brain. Not that far, I might add. I found Summertime Saga and that showed some potential. For one, it didn't look anime, which really isn't my style. For... two, it had some semblance of a story. I found I had become interested in the story of some characters. Unfortunately it's still in alpha and each update kills the savegame from the last, so now I'm on another playthrough and it's starting to step into the same traps as we've been discussing here. I understand you need to keep your patreon backers happy with more poontang, but for now it's in the way of the story. I'll guess I'll check it again when it's done. So, yeah. Ren'Py. I can't do that. Coding is like, the Ark of the Covenant and my brain would be that nazi guy.
  12. Input on Adult Content

    Before I go into the actual reply, I would like to thank you, readers, for playing along in the fantasy that this game will go out into the world someday. The chances of that are very slim in reality, but it helps my process to sometimes think of others seeing it. Anyway... I just took a guy's head off with a heavy explosive turret and then backed my APC over his remains to make sure. My inner darkness enjoyed the thundering hell out of it, because revenge is a good feeling. My point is, GTA didn't seem to have a lot of trouble selling. ;o) Your post is too long to quote in it's entirety, but you raise alot of the same points I'm thinking on. The reason I brought up GTA is that it bothers me that gratuitous violence apparently is more okay than functional sexual depictions. This is, however, not something I should dwell on, as the only result will be frustration and cursing and very little constructive stuff. On ratings though. I don't know, it sometimes seems like getting an adult kind of rating is almost a badge of honor. And the few instances I do find myself in a public lobby I encounter more little shits than sane(-ish) mature people. Ofcourse, I'm speaking from a Dutch point of view, where beyond the initial little wave of "what the hell are they playing now?!" people get informed and go "At least they're not killing cats and my wooden shoes need polishing now." Apart from some dumbasses it's pretty relaxed here, but I have no clue how it stands in other countries. All of a sudden I am too. As well as a little worried about why I didn't think of it myself. There were one or two scenes in Witcher III where I thought they could have done without, but if I recall correctly there was always a choice on wether to go for it. Wasn't there? I hear that. But as for my story there's a three-step borderline of not telling/not censoring myself/ruining it with porn. Not Censoring Myself is undeniably the most important thing to me, I will not stand for that in my own product, but funk if it isn't the thinnest step to aim for. Well, that was pleasantly disturbing for someone like me, who thinks in pictures. ;o) This, obviously. Story always comes first. It comes before turning the bad guy's head into a canoo, it comes before nailing the girl to the bed. I know you nail someone on the bed, but I was going for graphic. It doesn't matter what I'm going for really, because story always comes first. And if it turns out my story keeps on not allowing for adult content, as you already pointed out, then my lifelong dream of making a better porngame will shut the fuck up and sit in it's room until I say it can come out. I feel I should point out that it is not actually my lifelong dream to make a better porngame although I do think it's possible to make one better than the state they're in now, 'coz... damn! Anyway, thanks for all the replies.
  13. Input on Adult Content

    I can't say much about 50 Shades. Only half read the book so I could argue how bad it was if it came up and half an hour into the movie I was so busy sticking my hand in a blender to feel human again that I never finished the bastard. One thing I will say however, is that in bookform it is possible to include graphic sex, because of the added benefit of telling the reader what's going on in someone's head or giving details that matter, beyond "her body shivered with his touch", making it more relevant to the story you are telling. I'll burn this bridge when I get to it. By the time this becomes relevant to me, we'll all have jetpacks. It's just too bad that as soon as an errant tit pops up things get categorized as porn. This discussion is doing me some good though.
  14. Input on Adult Content

    I might disagree on this, but I have no counter-arguements beyond "Nymphomaniac" and that wouldn't be a very strong arguement anyway... Oh, touching on the marketing-bit you said before this: I never really expected to sell retail. Does it also apply to selling online? Steam maybe? Getting it out there is so far away still that I really haven't given it more thought than: "Meh. I'll just harass people at Gamedev until they break and wanna see it." ;o) As far as this project goes, I'm throwing in one adolescent gag, with room to remove it. As far as creations as a whole go, I'm a realist. I don't expect to please anyone, which is the beauty of making a game targeted at me.
  15. Input on Adult Content

    Interesting. I was already aware of the oversexualisation issue though. Truth be told, I am fine with it would I indeed be playing DOA or some such thing and I expect it from God Of War and it makes sense for Lara Croft as she's a fit young woman, though granted, her initial attire seemed a little impractical. But based on that clip I am even more tempted to just let go of the whole dating-sim sidequest idea. Which, the more I write it, the stupider it seems anyway. Beyond that I don't see alot of reason to veer off course on the rest. If such a scene comes up, I'll run it through a gratuity-checker and handle it. Meanwhile, I'll go and try to find one of these womens I keep hearing about, see if they can shed some light on this.
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