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  1. Hello, I am Andrew Elam. You may have seen my post about needing a co-writer to help write a science fiction PC FPS. Thankfully, I found someone. I guess I'm assembling a team now, to develop this game, lol. It is going to be a fairly large game, so at least a small team is needed. Here is the plot we have so far. The player is a part of a 5 person Marine squad, stationed aboard the Vindication Class Heavy Destroyer, "Atlas Moon." The game is set in the year 2136. Humanity has been at war with a genocidal alien race known as, the Actians, for 10 years. Atlas Moon, and two other Vindication Class ships have been sent to a world that isn't Human, or Actian. Galactium. The mission, is to investigate what the Actians are looking for on the planet. What they are looking for, is a massive weapon buried deep underground. It has the power to destroy entire planets. I need one person for each of the following categories. - A level designer. You will be assisting me in creating maps. - A modeler. Your job will be to take designs on paper, and turn them into rigged, 3D models for Unity. - An AI programmer. Your job will be to create AI for characters. - And an animator. Your job will be to assist me in 3D animation for cutscenes. Like I said, I only need one person for each category at the moment, so only one will be picked for each. NOTE: You will be paid once the game receive funds. Thanks!
  2. When you feel your game story might be generic.

    Remember my friend... It doesn't have to be non-generic to be interesting :). For example, Halo is a somewhat generic story, but it's an amazing story!!
  3. Game Story Dilemma

    I totally agree, since they are both good ideas, and you like them both, you should certainly make both of them a thing. Here's a suggestion, how about combining the two into one?
  4. Co-Writer Needed

    Hello- My name is Andrew Elam. I am a writer/game designer. I am currently trying to think of new ideas for a PC based Sci Fi game, kinda like Halo. I plan on the game mostly being developed in Unity 3D. However, I need someone to co-create the story :). I only need one person, so the first person to respond to this thread will be the one picked. Thanks! -Andrew
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