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  1. What advantage for games does openCL have? That seems like an unusual approach.
  2. Polling? My word that sounds worse than I thought.
  3. Yeah, I'd love to hear from Unity people on that. For what it's worth, I would love to know if there was a peppier smaller thing more oriented toward 2D games out there. I feel like there isn't much middle space between something like SDL (not really an engine) and something like Unity (too much engine). What I'd put together myself is something written 99% in native code with a very small scripting DSL tailored to my particular game mechanics. I am by no means an expert but I get the notion that Unity is optimized for 3D games where there are usually much deeper hierarchies of elements.
  4. I'm fairly new to game development topics, so forgive my ignorance. No, I haven't done any engine tests with unity. I was half expecting someone to say that Unity would work just fine. What I know for a fact to be insufficient would be some Javascript powered DOM model, as every engine I've seen like that seems to have several ms of input lag associated with it. To elaborate on what I am trying to achieve here, I am trying to put together a very twitchy puzzle game something akin to Tetris. I want to controls to be extremely consistent so that if it ever catches on, it could be played competitively. That is to say, I want to design the game in such a way that no matter what happens there is zero chance of any kind of lag whatsoever. I want it to run at 60fps. Of course this depends heavily on how many entities I render on the screen, and I'm willing to tune that, but what I want is to render a great deal of them without sacrificing the consistent frame rate and controls. I don't intend to do anything interesting visually at all. We are talking something like hundreds of flying interlocking blocks and that kind of thing. Here are my worries with Unity and similar engines: 1) Way too many features much for what I am trying to achieve. 2) Garbage collected scripting language means I can't control potentially random dips in frame rate. 3) The input handling might be abstracted behind some huge object oriented library that I have no way to tune. I would rather have extreme consistency with input handling than graphical fidelity.
  5. At least could someone suggest which engines would have the least input lag potential?
  6. Hello world! I'm new here, and I'm getting into hobbyist game development. Have tons of programming experience from others parts of life. I'm trying to take everyone's advice and not try and build an engine from scratch, but I haven't run into anything that fits my needs. I am trying to build a very twitchy, fast moving puzzle game. Imagine something like a very, very fast moving game of Tetris, but with some scrolling and other things flying around the screen. The graphics will be very simple and old school, I just want a cacophony of quick moving entities for the user to deal with. I want the game to have a very high skill ceiling, and very responsive controls. For this reason, I want it to be very high performance, and high absolutely minimal input lag. I am programming strictly for the P.C - mobile is not a concern here at all. Shopping around for available 2D game engines, and I have not found an engine which serves these needs. For instance, I don't think Unity could give me the control I need in order to minimize input lag. I worry about using any kind of interpreted language with the engine for this reason. Does anyone have a suggestion for an engine to use for my application? Am I truly better off rolling my own in this case? Can you suggest an open source application that fits these needs?
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