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  1. Jeff de Anda

    SDL_Rect Scope

    That's great! Thanks for your help. Is this the case for all render APIs? I.e. Point, Line, Copy. Or do some hold the pointer to the object until RenderPresent is called? Thanks again.
  2. Jeff de Anda

    C++ SDL_Rect Scope

    Question about SDL_Rect scope. Say I have a member function like so. void drawRect(int x, int y, int w, int y) { SDL_Rect r = {x, y, w, h}; SDL_RenderDrawRect(m_renderer, &r); } Will it cause problems if SDL_Rect goes out of scope before calling SDL_RenderPresent? I cannot tell if the values are copied from SDL_Rect when calling SDL_RenderDrawRect or if internally SDL is storing the pointer until SDL_RenderPresent is called. Thanks!
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