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  1. Eimantas Gabrielius

    Daily Bonus Logic

    For example - Castle Crush. 7 Days, every day from 1 to 6 you get some reward after doing some battles. In day 7 you get LEGENDARY card which is game changing cards. Point is, if you miss atleast 1 day from 7day week, you continue getting daily rewards, but you cannot get LEGENDARY card at the week ends.
  2. Eimantas Gabrielius

    Is this normal?

    "Start small" - This is not just some pride quote. If you start making your FIRST game and put it in some big game frames and/or vision, in most cases you will fail. When you starting small, you have much less chance to encounter "too much work". And you will be more happy if you finish your game even it won't be on steam or app stores. After you gain some experience, later you can state bigger goals and handle them more easily. Trust me, it's the way to do Best of luck !
  3. Eimantas Gabrielius

    Best way to produce a builder type game?

    Its even really and easy achievable using web stack (HTML/JS/CSS), take a look at phaser.js. Of course you gonna need some backend, but still you can use JS (node for example) or even PHP.
  4. Eimantas Gabrielius

    Game resources calculation algorithms

    Hi there, Im looking information about balancing game resources income/cost for simple strategy game. To be more specific Im gonna put an example: Lets say we have 4 resource types: A B C D Also a building - BD which costs 5 A and 10 B resources at Level 1. After building is placed it should increase C resource production. What about all these "numbers" ? How it all should be counted ? Should it all just come on to linear progression with some multiplier ? So Im just looking for some articles/books about handling this piece of game design. Thanks !
  5. Eimantas Gabrielius

    To use or not use RNG in combat?

    Games generally don't only depends on one factor like Attack Points. For example RPGs like World Of Warcraft, no matter how much Attack/Agility/Spell Power you have, you will never hit for the same amount but you still know that you cant beat level 3 monster if you are level 10, but there is RNG anyway. It doesn't mean you have total RNG of fight ending, but some factor where you can't count 100% of fight flow i think is a must. I've made an experiment on Stronghold. I sent 5 infantryman vs 1 horseman x10times. 1st ending - 1 infantry x 0 horseman left 2nd ending - 0 infantry x 1 horseman left 3rd ending - 0 infantry x 1 horseman left 4th ending - 2 infantry x 1 horseman left 5th ending - 0 infantry x 1 horseman left 6th ending - 0 infantry x 1 horseman left 7th ending - 1 infantry x 0 horseman left 8th ending - 0 infantry x 1 horseman left 9th ending - 1 infantry x 0 horseman left 10th ending - 1 infantry x 0 horseman left Although you know your horseman is strong enough, you can't be sure you won't be beaten by 5man. And if there wouldn't be RNG, I only have to do the math and ensure my win. Is this interesting ? Then I would prefer go do math instead of playing game
  6. Eimantas Gabrielius

    Making Certain themes accepectable

    Looks like you want to get attention and interest in your game by choosing this kind of controversial theme here but also you want to avoid any negative impact. Life does not work in that way. Answering to the question "how careful you should be", I think it depends on you. I don't understand what you are trying to achieve. Its like experimenting with people and their reaction to game mindset like this ? Or experimenting only with your self ? Or you want to avoid legal circumstances ? Its unclear to me, what you are trying to do with "explore themes" Maybe try to write for yourself only and don't bring things which can hurt people in anyway. Although I don't see any interest in game only because it has kids soldiers, gay dragons or pandas whose live underground
  7. Eimantas Gabrielius

    To use or not use RNG in combat?

    I think you answered your question yourself. As you need baseline stats you already explained that on the first post - 100 apoints vs 300 hpoints. This is your baseline stats and there comes an events/buffs/modifiers/other factors which somehow affects some sort of rounds endings. From a player perspective - RNG is fun tho. As you are sure you can win with 1000 army versus 100 army, you are not sure what about 100v150, how many losses you have to encouter and so on ! Countable fight ending in a long-term could come to a boring gameplay.
  8. Eimantas Gabrielius

    Ideas to make more action

    @ShiftyCake That was my mistake not explaining what I mean with 'action'. You did great explaining about what I haven't explained And you are right, there is an end-goal and I'm looking for middle-goals. These middle-goals can even be unrelated with the end-goal, because as you said, FUN is what Im looking for Good example is combat system/PVP, mainly its like middle-goal, also it can help get resources or something like that, but it is fun though. Main problem, that combat is kind of unsuitable here, where you trying to co-op and save the planet. Thats why Im asking some advices, ideas on creating some time eater where it would be interesting also.
  9. Eimantas Gabrielius

    Ideas to make more action

    Hi there, Thinking about improving strategy/survival web/app based game with some action in it. Because leveling up the infrastructure, gathering resources, etc, is getting bored. To be more specific it's a survival game, based on astronomy, trying to save planet, etc. So the "fighting" model doesn't fit here, because there are no dragons on the planets :))) Either its a co-op based, so PvP also doesn't fit. Thinking about some puzzles solving at some point of game or turn-based/event-based dissasters handling... Stuck there What do you think ?
  10. Hi folks, If you will read my question, you would probably think "is the post author dumb ? doesn't he understand that there are 4,500+ people working on those games ? there is so much content in it and the environment and worlds are so big... and so on so on so on" Yup, I understand all of this. But maybe is there any "key" which takes players to play this game for years (Im playing it for 6 years for now, with some breaks) ? Is it really just endless content ? To be more clear - for example if there is some "secret game design key" is it possible to put it into browser-based games (not necessarily MMORPG) or its made only through interactive graphics and content which people eyes see ?
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