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  1. New piano and string piece!

    The strings are really powerful in this piece. I enjoyed how the piano and strings took turns becoming the lead instrument. This song would definitely succeed if used in an emotional moment of a game.
  2. What type of game music would you rather make

    Obviously there's got to be a balance between the two. I always believe that at least a few tracks should be memorable within the game. Having every track trying to out-do the last one is the wrong idea. Some songs only need to have a simple string/pad while others require full orchestration.
  3. Hello everyone! I'm a junior composer who's been creating his own stuff for around 3 years now. I've recently decided whole-heartily to compose game music. However, I don't have very many songs that I've made by myself (around 13) so I was wondering, should I build up my portfolio of songs more or use what I have and learn integrating my music with Wwise or FMod? I also want to start collaborating soon, so is right now the perfect time to start doing that? Any advice or suggestions are greatly appreciated.
  4. Feedback on tracks & networking advice

    As someone coming up in the composing field as you are, I feel your frustration. Getting a minor following seems to be the biggest hurdle to leap over for most music producers. As for your songs, I enjoyed the blend of hip-hop, synths, and real guitars, which make for a unique blend of songwriting. Keep making songs that you enjoy and try to expand your range as well.
  5. Hi all. I just wanted to pose a question on this forum: When you have writer's block in creating your music, what strategies in the past have helped you overcome them? Hopefully, your responses can help others surmount their own creative blocks. As far as me, nothing beats good old exercise. I don't like sitting and focusing for too long on one project, so jumping around (when I'm alone at the house) keeps me focused for more creativity.
  6. Since you went to UCI, GeneralJist, what programs did you take? (If you majored in music that is). The only program that would seem applicable to me is the B.A. in Music.
  7. I've had formal training in piano for 10 years and have been creating music for even longer, so I'm not too worried about starting from square 1. Thanks BBeck and AFV for your recommendations.
  8. Thanks for the response Tom. I feel like I'm at the most important decision of my life and I'm need to acquire all the information I can before I make this commitment. The link you provided helped me in narrowing down my schools. Thanks.
  9. Hello future and present game designers! I've researched into this topic and even had an interview with a well-known composer about whether I should attend a music school. Acquiring the knowledge, contacts, and confidence in music makes attending one seem like a good choice. Also, would my school of choice matter in this decision? In my case, the University of Southern California is the more accredited school for video game designers, but the University of Irvine is closer to home (where I won't have to move away). Any advice is appreciated. Thanks.
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