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  1. Davindius

    Is this game a 2d or a 3D game?

    You could try using Godot. It can do 2D as well as 3D, in case you change your mind. It supports scripting using a Python-like language called GDScript and C#--it even allows for native C++. I know Unity and Unreal also support 2D, but I am not familiar with them and don't know how easy they are to use.
  2. Davindius

    Following enemy CSFML

    What is normalize_dir()? That doesn't look like a SFML function. Also, as a side note, does CSFML not have functions for adding subtracting vectors? It would make your code easier to read.
  3. Davindius

    Following enemy CSFML

    What's your code look like now? I've done enemy following in the past exactly how Zakwayda has described it, and it always worked.
  4. Davindius

    GameDev Books

    Thanks for these. I also have Multiplayer Game Programming and think it's a good game development book. It covers a lot in little space, including Peer-to-Peer and Client-Server architecture, reliable UDP, client-side prediction and interpolation, and Steam integration. Also, it's a decent introduction to networking in general.
  5. Davindius

    A Zombie Shooter Thing

    There's a wizard using dark magic to raise the dead. You must find and kill him! Game Controls: WASD - movement Shift - run speed 1, 2, 3 - switch weapons (if slotted) LMB - fire currently selected weapon Space - pick up an item Enter - skip dialogue (if able) CTRL+3 - take a screenshot (saves to ./screenshot.bmp) Level Editor Controls: Arrow keys - go to adjacent rooms LMB - place object in room CTRL+Q - select object to place (valid objects=shrine, chest, zombie) CTRL+E - edit room attributes CTRL+S - save map to file CTRL+C - clear room objects This is a project I made mostly over the 2017 Christmas holiday and worked on every so often since then. It's written in C++ using SDL2 for rendering, input, fonts, and sound. Most of the resources were taken from https://opengameart.org. Currently, there is only one level, and once you beat it the game is over. If you have any suggestions or criticism please leave a comment. Updates: 6/28/2018 - Minor changes to dragon flight timing and dragon stage 3 fire attack. 6/19/2018 - Boss fight dragon now in 3 stages. Stage 1 the dragon will only melee, stage 2 it will melee and fire breath if enough damage was taken, and stage 3, in addition to the previous attacks, it will do an AoE fire attack during fire breath. The dragon will also fly to the player when out of range.
  6. I suggest using sfml-tmxloader or tmxlite. sfml-tmxloader is meant to be used with SFML and is ready to load maps and render with SFML. It has a few examples in the github repo: https://github.com/fallahn/sfml-tmxloader tmxlite can be used with many libraries (not just SFML) and has an SFML example in the github repo: https://github.com/fallahn/tmxlite
  7. Davindius

    2d Top-Down Enemy Behaviour

    In my 2D top-down shooter, I took a really simple approach, basically just reversing velocity when a zombie collides with another actor object: void Zombie::CollidesWith(Actor& actor) { const float kKnockBackSpeed = 2.0f; GE::Vector v = actor.GetPosition() - m_position; if (v.x != 0 || v.y != 0) { v = v.Normalized() * -1 * kKnockBackSpeed; SetVelocity(v); } } I'm new to game development and have no idea if this is a good thing to do, but it works pretty well for my game. You could also stop the enemies based on a certain distance from the player sprite, so they won't collide with it.
  8. Davindius

    A Zombie Shooter Thing

    Album for A Zombie Shooter Thing
  9. Davindius


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