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  1. Cryptopatik

    Project Hopeless 05.18.2018 Progress

    Hello gentlemen. I currently wrap up the concept of the game. The idea is to divide the functionality of the game into two groups: a) what a MVP should have; b) all other features. I am also very lucky to have a great designer who agreed to help with textures, sprites and all that stuff. She has no experience in making such stuff for games, but she draws really well, loves the idea and has proper equipment. We chat daily via Telegram. So, the goal is: by next week finish the concept text of the game and actually start the development. I will publish the doc here. Also, for you to have a perspective of how the game will look, I plan to ask my colleague to draw some concept arts. Hopefully, she'll create some in a month. I not really sure I can do it, but I'll do my best. Best wishes for everybody, Nikita K.
  2. Cryptopatik

    Action points or not?

    Hey Noddy92. As a new-school player (I'm 20), I would suggest the system that XCOM offers. It seems not hard to understand and yet pretty variable. But again, I am a newbie, so don't listen to me, it's just my opinion. Guess I need to check out Jagged Alliance:D
  3. Cryptopatik

    Need help and advice

    Hey TerraSkill, thanks a lot. That list seems like what I exactly need. As I said, they game will be 80% like a mixture of Rimworld, Banished, Dwarf Fortress and EU IV (I want to take the event system from there). I absolutely love these games. Ok. I'll answer your questions: 1) Just like in Rimworld - characters can die, but the goal is to keep the base operating. 2) That is a problem too right now. Personally, I'd love to play such game almost infinitely. But even in Rimword, there is a goal - to escape the planet. 3) See previous. 4) Nope. Just like the Rimworld - characters can die, characters can come. 5) Again, Rimworld:DDD Traits, skills. Yeah man, I'm aware of This War Of Mine. It is also a source of inspiration for me. And, as I said, I NEED help. Obviously, I can't do everything on my own (haha, Banished). Please suggest a place where I can find like-minded people to offer somebody to join or at least give advice/support me. And...guys, I'd love to share the process of developing it via the internet. Please, suggest a way I can do it. Thanks a lot! Nikita.
  4. Cryptopatik

    Need help and advice

    Hello gentlemen. I'm a total noob in game dev community, so don't be harsh. Also I'm russian, english is not my native language. I currently went deep into my project. For you to have a perspective, it's base-building game set in zombie apocalypse environment. Imagine Rimworld + Dwarf Fortress + Banished + zombie-apocalypse. Kinda like Walking Dead series, but you actually control the survivors and build a base in one place with no wandering around (only for food, drugs, ammunition, etc). So... I can't deside how many survivors should player have at the beginning of the game? What do you suggest? I'm curious.
  5. Cryptopatik

    I wanna create a Rimworld-like game

    Hey ace4016 Thanks for answering, but... I just need a staight advice about which engine do you suggest for such a game. And the antoher one about like-minded people: I'm just curious about HOW did you and other people begin there journey in game-making industry? I mean, where did you find those people? Especially if you don't now almost any. I have one friend of mine who's a coder finishing his bachelor programm here, in Moscow, but he's obviously kinda busy right now and unfortunately I'm not so charismatic to inspire him about this project to the point I am inspired. So, just kinda your experience - where did you find help? Because you can't do big games without help. Thanks. Nikita.
  6. Hey guys! My name is Nikita, I'm 19 currently. I'm from Mother Russia, working for FSB and trying to recreate the Soviet Union... Just joking So, I have some questions that I hope you can help me with: I REALLY enjoy playing the game Rimworld. It's kinda realistic, filled with details and random stuff like random (good or bad) events, random character traits, so it's kinda like a real-life game. I really like to manage my colony, overcome the troubles, and evolve. Now I decided I wanna create a clone of it, but with some my own stuff that this game doesn't have. I DON'T WANT to make a mod for it (at least right now, when I start), I want to make a standalone game that will basically be 80% like Rimworld. Of course it will be MUCH simplier, at least at the beginning. 1) What engine do you suggest for such purpose? What programming language should I learn? I have some basic skills in programming (if, while, for - level). My game can also be like with pixel graphics, for old-school look and probably easier for me to create. 2) Tell me please about your exprerience in finding kinda...like-minded people that might help you when you just have nothing but a bunch of ideas in your head? Sorry for my imperfect English, I don't write things in it like every day. Thanks.
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