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  1. Ever since I was a child I was interested in creating my own games, and with flash I was able to create some games, but never to the extent that I wanted. I took a 9+ year break from the game development scene, but now I really want to plunge back into it. Knowing that flash is on the outs, I am now looking for the next best thing to develop games with nothing seems to be straightforward or simple, and there are way too many options. javascript, c++, python, typescript, and so on... I am utterly confused about which to begin with. I just want to make simple 2d games to be able to run on both pc and mobile phones. I read some tutorials about phaser but I am not sure which files to download and I only have a 32 bit computer that's a bit outdated, running win 10. Where do I begin coding with easy animation integration that is compatible with pc and mobile development on the fly? Is this too much to ask?
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