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  1. Cidade Arts


    Cheers and thanks! Youre going to love what comes next, Im so excited lol
  2. Cidade Arts


    Here are two more screens of the cave before we move on, we are now focusing on an outdoor area code named "Road To Rebel Base". Its going to be a balls out action stage with plenty of pew pews and bam bams and BOOMS! Happy Gaming Everyone!
  3. Cidade Arts


    Hi Rutin, thanks for the kind words and for letting me know about the link! We will have a demo releasing later this year that is at about an hour long that is more of a showcase really. We want to present a really polished product that features a good look at what the final game will look and play like, so we can pitch the game to publishers and also start our Patreon and crowd funding campaigns. In the demo there will be two boss fights and two small open areas to explore that are influenced by the games Blaster Master and Megaman but they are very different mechanically and have a different feel. There will also be two action stages that are in the vein of 2d old school shooter greats like Metal Slug, Gun Star Heroes, Contra but with a tank instead. Thanks Again, I cant wait for gamers to get their hands on it!
  4. Cidade Arts


    Proud to present our new tank sprite! Our artist @Natal on Twitter added more depth, higher resolution, color, and a couple adjustments. There is one or two more additions but we'll keep that a secret for now..
  5. Cidade Arts


    Our first little preview trailer of the caves section in the GunnSwitch demo releasing later this year. Click the link to get a good look at the game in full screen. Cheers https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QrSPBW9HK04
  6. Cidade Arts


    Here is a couple more new looks at the caves in GunnSwitch.
  7. Cidade Arts


    Here is a look at some of the stages of development in GunnSwitch's caves. From the concept art to a prototype with megaman as the test player through to a rough looking draft of the player to what we think is the look we want and didnt know we wanted lol #gamedev #indiegamedev
  8. Cidade Arts


    The development of the visuals for the caves in GunnSwitch are at 95% completion! We are very curious, as most love hungry indie devs, do you all out there like the look and theme? Your criticism and suggestions are valued! Cheers!
  9. Cidade Arts


    Been a busy start to the year with life stuff but we have managed to make progress and good strides so far. By the end of February we plan to have the cave stage 98% complete. Our to do list to reach that goal includes: - Adding 3 layers with parallax in the background (We've tested this and it gives the area some nice depth), crystals to be added in the foreground that distort what ever is behind them with an effect. - Optimizing and organizing the engine, events and and image sizes, physics use, particle counts, redundant actions, memory management etc.. - Refine enemy movements, actions and spawn points. - Balance damage/health, difficulty, enemy spawns and attacks - Small adjustments to lighting and scenery placement. Refine the particle effects and add new ones to replace placeholders. Small adjustments to the tanks colors and outline, add a decal to center of tank. *****- Extra- ***** ( If time permits) - Experiment with new lighting engine using normals and real light and shadows. (This is already looking awesome, transforms the look of the cave but we still have to test it when all layers and graphics are put in place.) - Add a HUD (1st test) -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- I believe we are on pace to reach these goals but always keeping in mind that the unexpected will arise from time to time and that there are new challenges to face after every solution. The indie gaming dev rabbit hole goes deep :shock:
  10. Cidade Arts


    A quick look at how the animation is progressing in GunnSwitch, footage is not final but we are happy with how its coming together.
  11. Cidade Arts


    Player Animation Update: After hours of trial and error and testing I finally got all of the players animations working smoothly. - Tap the shot button and the player will lift its gun then shoot and lower the gun quickly while continuing its animation when idling, running and jumping in all four shot directions. This was the hardest part of the process to get the timing just right!- Tap the shot button faster and the player lifts and holds the gun maintaining a shoot animation while the tapping stays at that faster tap rate or even faster tapping. Tap the shot button slower or stop tapping the button and the gun is lowered. This works nicely while running, idling and jumping in all shot directions. Tapping the shot button speeds up your fire rate.- Hold the shot button down and the player lifts and holds the gun maintaining a shoot animation while the shot button is being held down. Release the shot button and the player lowers its gun. This works nicely while running, idling and jumping in all shot directions as well. Holding the shot button gives you a steady rate of fire.
  12. Cidade Arts


    GunnSwitch is an open world 2D platformer/shooter with hand drawn and animated HD graphics. Featuring Psytrance music for the action and some ambient music for the exploration segments. The game play features exploration in interesting and varied places that will take hours to find everything hidden within. Upgrade your character and tank with an arsenal of abilities and attacks to prepare for the challenging platforming, puzzle solving, discovering of secrets, also fighting hordes of enemies and the long list of bosses to defeat.
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