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  1. Dear Colony Managers, prepare yourselves to build some beautiful ocean districts for your people! In addition there are loads of detail improvements that give the overall playability a huge boost! Mostly based on testing and your highly appreciated feedback. Special thanks to Johannes for improving our german translation! TL;DR Display info icons during colony placement Trade discounts and surcharges Ocean district UI improvements for research, colony shares and workshop List of gameplay improvements New rendering system for buildings and world objects Colony Placement Placing a new colony or frontier building now displays icons on the surrounding fields. The represent the quality of the area by highlighting deserts, fields with high fertility, fossil or rare resources and more. Trade Discounts The price of resources and items always depends on who you are trading with. Space merchants and tech traders will charge a fee that makes buying more expensive and selling less lucrative. Natives and midras on the other side don’t know a lot about space market prices and often sell stuff very cheap. Other colonists, finally, link their pricing to your diplomatic relation. This means it can be very powerful to have a good relation towards another company. Ocean District This new district is now made available in the Lorian mission. The ocean district can be built on coast fields and the open sea. Districts have to be linked to others who connect with the shore. Microplastic collectors clean the seas and recover goods by filtering floating plastic, other waste and impurities from the water. Ocean thermal energy conversion uses the temperature difference between cooler deep sea and warmer surface water to meet part of the energy demand. UI Improvements Research Only display elements of buildings that are already available (the buildings don’t have to be licensed, though) Highlight research options by improved category: energy, food, goods, income, emissions Colony Share Trading Take-over of a city no longer needs at least 50% of shares Clearly display the player’s stake in another colony Tooltip with transaction fee and expected dividend Workshop Unite different item categories in single panel with scroll bars Other UI Stuff Added „mission failed“ dialog to competitions Highlight when an opposing faction is almost winning the competition „Back“ buttons in game are now called „resume game“ to make it more clear Infrastructure buildings now have gray icons Gameplay In competition and free play other factions will no longer wait until you have placed your first city center Forests and other plants regrow much faster now after being harvested or burning Nitroskirlid-pumpkins grow bigger in most areas now Increased number of default tech licenses in competition and free play Graphics & Tech We have completely rewritten our rendering system for buildings and other world objects: Improved render performance Much nicer animations More powerful particle effects
  2. Attention colony managers, you may have expected from update 42 the "Answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe and Everything"or have you ever sheltered a passing hitchhiker in one of your outposts? Anyways, what you get instead is of course just another bunch of problems which will make the colonizing business so much more interesting... TL;DR Catastrophes let colony shares drop Riots in cities and native camps Security Complex New item: Soma New city center animation Anti-aliasing Biome & forest diversification Fixes & improvements Catastrophes Let Colony Shares Drop For example a persisting epidemic in another companie's colony is lowering their colony's stock price. Use this opportunity to buy their shares at a discount! Riots, fires, hackings, flood, tornadoes, asteroids, meteors and other incidents have similar effects. Also threats like Assimilators or Xrathul will cause a drop. Your ability to artificially trigger these natural catastrophes through temples and items makes price drops an interesting prelude to the next strategic equity buying spree and the takeover of other colonies. The free market makes it possible. Riots in the Colony Riots are now a real threat to your colony! This is what happens when your colonists are unhappy for a long time. Under-supply of resources or negative external influences lead to a poor quality of life. If these circumstances continue for too long, people's misfortune increases to anger and a riot develops. It's too late to fight the causes of the uprising as soon as it breaks out. A riot can be pacified with the use of Soma and prevented by a security complex or a frontier tower. But the easiest thing to do is to provide good colony living conditions in the first place. Security Complex This building stations police units to maintain order in the colony. Riots of dissatisfied colonists in the surrounding area are prevented. This ensures peace and quiet, although this is associated with additional costs. The facility monitoring upgrade scans production facilities in the surrounding area and prevents incidents. The cyber security upgrade monitors the information networks in surrounding buildings and prevents hacker attacks. Soma We could finally synthesize Soma, the famous drug from Aldous Huxley. This is what the packing slip says: "To avoid major mood swings that can lead to negative moods, people regularly take Soma, a drug that has a mood-lifting and stimulating effect and is also used as an aphrodisiac. Unlike alcohol, it has no side effects at the usual dosage and is produced synthetically." To sum it up: it's raising the general life quality and helps against riots. New City Center Animation A new age of ingame animations awaits us! Starting with the colony center base which is expanding in various parts that screw, bend and turn out of the ground when the landing capsule is coming down. The worker drones are now stationed on landing pads from which they will lift off to build and repair. Anti-Aliasing Might sound a bit weird but we had to disable this basic graphics feature for ages due to framework issues. But what it adds to the game's look is awesomely amazing. Lovely, calm and soft edges everywhere especially when you zoom out from the planet, have a look. Biome & Forest Diversification Ralph sent us a very detailed feedback with improvement suggestions to make the environment and nature more realistic (Thanks!). Based on this we decided to further diversify the biomes and forests: Forests in fertile areas are often better at binding CO2. This is for example the case for rain forest and bog forest Big fish swarms are more common in cold areas Industrial farming and fishing reduce fertility Steppe is bad ground for forest growth, but quite good for farms and especially resistant, so fertility is only slowly decreased Rain forest ground in contrast is easily damageable and loses it's fertility fast Fixes & Improvements Added achievements for Edora, Iqunox and Thera and when reaching 40 points in the campaign Workshop queue is only available for workshops of level 2 now Camera position is restored when loading a savegame Priorization stores at least 10% of a resource's production. This amount is now shown in the list of consumed resources Fossil resources below 10% will decrease a fossil power plant's productivity (up tp 20%) Fixed bugs in highscore list New unlocked items are highlighted in the inventory Switched background music compression from ADPCM to WMA streaming Fixed game freeze and window disappearing problems
  3. Planetary Colonization Imagine Earth is a real-time planet simulation and a build up strategy game. Your job as a space colony manager is to explore and populate distant planets. Build up thriving and profitable colonies on a global scale and trade resources and goods into space. Expansion & Research Raise great cities and satisfy their appetite for resources by building power plants, farms and factories. Dig for ideon crystals, pacify riots, research technologies and constructs and maximize your growth while maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Allies, Threats & Enemies Get ready to deal with threats like asteroid strikes, twisters, wild fires, volcanoes and rising sea levels. Fend off space raiders and alien investors. Coexist and trade with natives, merchants and hostile colonies. Capitalist Space Age In 2048 huge corporations have divided Earth among themselves and exploited its natural resources to a large extent. Now the discovery of ideon crystals allows journeys into space, while technologically and ideologically almost everything remains the same. The laws of the market are being spread into the universe. Growth vs. Ecocide You will experience a massive conflict between the profit goals of the interstellar corporations and the need to preserve living conditions for your people. Exhaust emissions and ground pollution impact the global climate as your colony is growing. Increasing temperatures melt down polar caps and your colonies are destroyed by rising sea levels. Competition and Economic Warfare On each discovered planet a competition for economic dominance breaks out. To expand your colony as fast as possible and overcome your opponents you exploit the freely available fossil resources and minerals. Additional money is provided by selling shares of your colony. Take over opposing companies by buying up their shares. Trade Resources and Technologies Merchants and technology traders organize the interplanetary trade and will happily buy all minerals and resources you extract from your territory while selling expensive technologies. The same goes for cooperating colonies and alien tribes that live on some of the planets.
  4. Welcome back colony managers, here comes a set of awesome new features improving your space colonization systems. This month we spent a lot of time into pimping the user interface of the game into it's 4th evolution and making it 4k ready by the way. With the remediation center a very important infrastructure building made it into this release and also the logistic center got a workover enabling you to fully automate repairing and cleaning processes. And there's more... TL;DR New user interface Remediation center & carbon sequestration Logistic center is now maintenance station Desertification threat and temple power Solar park and wind farm alignement Mountain variations Fixes & improvements New User Interface The existing user interface clearly did not meet the demands of our colony & planet simulation. It was very clumsy and reminiscent of a casual mobile phone game. So we rebuilt it, using the smaller and much clearer Roboto font for all text elements, while keeping our futuristic fonts for headers and elements that need highlighting. The new interface now has become much easier to read while taking less screen space and thisway giving even more focus to the planet itself. [gallery columns="2" ids="6249,6248,6254,6255"] If you are using a relatively small screen with a high resolution you can still zoom the interface up to 150% in the options. A side effect of our work is that the new user interface has a higher resolution and thus is ready for your 4K display. Remediation Center & Carbon Sequestration The new building remediation center comes with an additional worker drone and uses this drone to automatically start the clean up process for nearby fields. An powerful upgrade for the center is carbon sequestration - the technical separation and storage of CO2 emissions from surrounding buildings and power plants. Thanks to underground compression, the exhaust gases do not enter the atmosphere. The second ugrade for this building is "Advanced Remediation Process" it halves the cost of soil clean up in the area. Logistic Center is now Maintenance Station The logistic center is now called "Maintenance station" and automatically repairs nearby damaged buildings by default. It's upgrades are the fire station and "Advanced Repair Process", which halves the cost of repair processes in the area. Desertification Threat and Temple Power In the course of global warming there will be new deserts emerging next to others. Thereby the infertile wasteland is growing. The only way to prevent this is to plant forests onto desert fields so it can't spread. Trees will effectively stop the process of desertification. In the illuminati temple you can use gaian energy to create a field of desert anywhere around the world. Except on fields with forests on them. Solar Panels and Wind Farms They are aligning to the sun and the wind direction now. Mountain Variations Each mountain has two versions now to bring more variety into the game's look. These two versions are now put to the three edges of big mountains as well to make it easier to see whether a field is blocked by mountains. Fixes & Improvements Fixed animation problems: we had some seriously strange problems with sub models and animations. Mystery finally concluded! Ships and oilplatforms no longer visible under water, while being built. City expansion now also needs drones. Show diplomatic relation progress as ring (full ring reaches next diplomatic level) Fixed orientation angle of volcanoes and huge mountains on small planets Sandbox category for mushroom forests As always we wish you a good fun and hope you let us know if anything comes to your mind about the new features! Jens & Martin
  5. Space colony people, may we have your attention please? The age of diplomacy just kicked into Imagine Earth! Other corporations now have an attitude towards you. When you are being offensive they will find appropriate strategies to react to your doings. Also there’s a mighty construct in this update for you as well: The Midras Extractor creates tornadoes and does terraforming. Read your way down through all those good news to catch a glimpse of some future plans we have. Thanks very much for being with us! If you do like the way we do things here please consider giving the game a thumps up on Steam. It would help as a lot! Diplomacy Did you always want to interact more with the colonies you share the planet with? Well we did ever since. Now the other corporations have a mood set in seven levels from being allies to enemies. They react to certain events that you trigger like stealing their land by building a tower or using a hacking tool against them. As you can see they stopped trading stuff with us because I threw an asteroid on them. There reactions go down to aggressively taking my terrain and buildings. Note that these are our first „diplomatic steps“ and will definitely need some refinement and your feedback! Midras Extractor The Extractor is a high tech construct of the Midras. It absorbs the power of fallen asteroids to generate force fields. It can do rare condensation to turns rocks into gold. Technically it condenses all the small metal particles so they become harvestable. A second power generates a force field in the sky to create a small-scale air vortex in the earth’s atmosphere with an almost vertical axis of rotation – a tornado. Third it enables you to do terraforming. For the next update we plan to build these and other temple structures with artifacts you can buy from the various races. Nitro Pumpkin Seeds Natives will sell pumpkin seeds now. You can use them to plant your own nitro-pumpkins whereever you like. In addition they trade ideon treasure maps showing how much ideon is in the nearest ideon deposit. Of course, you will also find classic products like gaian energy containers and the universes most favorite meal drug „Spice“ in their shop. Planet Bonus Goals The bonus competition missions in the campaign mode now have 5 goals which help to introduce the victory point systems. This will make it more of a challenge to reach full points in your game profile. AI & Merchants The different AI fractions have individual item crafting preferences AI finally has trade demands for energy, food and goods AI actively buys resources for crafting tactical items AI pays more attention to its emission balance AI starts with less money because the where to rich! Merchants only offers rare resources and goods – no longer food and energy Merchants tries to offer things the player likely needs (e.g. for crafting) Fixes & Improvements Nice new snowy mountains New construct: ski lodge for winter sports. Ahm no, just kiddin‘! Time for spring to come… Titanium goal on Tuto had a problem that we fixed. Lithium goal on Lorian had an error regarding the amount of lithium that you were about to harvest. Laser rotation speed got faster now to shoot asteroids in time. Icon render order fixed. Fixed profile generation available colors. Fire spreads slower – we felt it was to dangerous. Building city center no longer costs extra money. The landing permission is enough. You can now destruct assimilator ruins. We wonder why nobody did complain, about this. Future Constructs During the holidays Jens scribbled down some ideas about the next buildings that will fill the build rings in of our game. Tell us which one feel most intriging to you or what other possible game features you would like to see. The 3 most original ideas in the comments of our blog will win a steam key for yourself or a friend: https://www.imagineearth.info/alpha-40/ Thanks for reading about Imagine Earth! - Martin & Jens
  6. Fellow space colony managers, we recently discovered a new planet – say hello to Thera a really earthlike world. In addition, our world management system needed some adjustments. All building upgrades were rebalanced and the resource simulation was revised. And of course there is so much more….. TL;DR New bonus mission on planet thera – a planet like earth New vegetation graphics Upgrade balancing Resource simulation revised Assimilators & Xrathul Harvester interaction with bombs New trailer voiceover Other improvements Thera – a Planet Like Earth The latest planet that you can unlock in the bonus galaxy is Thera. It might remind you of another planet you left long ago, right where you grew up before you joined the colonization business and started building a better future in space. Make sure that history wont repeat itself on this planet… Organic Flora We added some edge modells to forests so they look more organic and more round than triangle. As simply as this is said as astonishing it does look in the game. Upgrade Balancing All the upgrades in the game have been revisited and rebalanced. We mostly made them cheaper and more powerful to increase their strategic value. Furthermore the visualization has been improved so you can see the most important numbers at a glimpse. Resource Simulation In order to make the upgrades more significant, we also had to adjust the complete resource simulation. Let’s have a look at the most important change: The production and consumption values of all buildings are now per space minute instead of per space second. For example the tax value of a district now represents what is collected within a full space minute. 1/60 of the amount will be added to your budget ervery space second. If your colony makes a profit of +300€, it will take one space minute until the full amount is added to your budget. This equals +5€ per space second. This allowed us to increase the production and consumption values of all buildings which makes them easier to read and compare. Money related values have been increased by factor 10. Energy, food, goods and rare resources have been increased by factor 2-4. The same goes for emissions and field pollution. In addition it allowed us to halve prices and money budget and to reduce the size of a resource cargo from from 1.000 to 100 units. These values are now easier to read and compare with the production as well. Assimilators & Xrathul Harvester Interaction These flying enemies are now attackable with ideon bombs and explosive devices, which will be thrown on them by your drones. To do so you can simply hover and click the flying enemy unit and pick the item of your choice. Thisway you also get a context info about their motives and vulnerabilities. New Trailer Voice Over As you can hear the game features and mechanics are now explained by a native speaker with a compelling voice. As soon as we find time to redo the intro/trailer we also want to have this voice for Lima, the leading character in the game. More Stuff The inventory is now accessible through the tool ring for fields where it makes sense to use items. In addition you can open the construct ring with a right click any time. Tower upgrades are also constructable through the tool ring when you have bought the corresponding item from a trader. No distorting ringing sound for infos anymore. Joe’s 50k Sales Goal on Mission Joma is only triggered when Joe was not already fired by the boss… oups, that was a spoiler ;D On Planet Iqunox you have to craft medicine now instead of just selling medical substence harvested from corals. Rounos Native Quest now tells you to build towers to repress uprisings of angry natives. Mission Joma: We added a „Buy Scanner“ goal to make more clear how to proceed in the mission. Grafix The fieldmarker was redesigned to look better! Tons of forest models have been optimized and graphics reworked. Underwater build animation got fixed. Hospital icon fixed, pumpkin shadow fixed. Rooftop of the saw mill construct fixed. Palms bigger and bump map fixed. Reconstruct icon fixed. -- Imagine Earth | A build-up strategy simulation and a global climate survival thriller for space colony managers with early access on Steam. Newsletter | Website | Blog | Steam | Forum | Youtube | Facebook | Indie DB | RSS
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