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  1. Welcome! The September update of Imagine Earth is ready. Our focus this time is on share trading but as usual you get lots of improvements and new features. We hope you enjoy all of these goodies. If you haven’t reviewed the game on steam yet, please do! Let us know what you think about the changes. We’re so close to reclaim the 80% – Very good“ rating, which would be incredibly great for the reception of the game. Cheers, Martin & Jens Shares Trade & AI You can’t miss the new share panel which is located among the all important panels in the middle bottom. It offers a great overview to all values and numbers that play a role in share trading. The AI opponents are know actively buying shares. At least those who have share trading in their corporate agenda. On the right you see how many owners a corporation has and how many shares they own. This also means another important thing: AI will now actively take over cities if they have a sufficient amount of shares. The times when you could sell your own shares excessively without a risk are over! Catastrophes and Global Warming All possible natural catastrophes are now listed in the Global warming drop down. And the disaster risk is rising by several percentages with ongoing global warming. You will be notified regularly about the changes in the global ecosystem. Tools in the Build Panel We integrated a toolbox into the build ring and the build menu. There you can activate tools for mass upgrading, cleaning and repairing. It’s super handy and it come’s with the new forestation tool: It always plants the best fitting forest on a piece of land. You only have to examine the type of vegetation first. Productivity Warning Icon We brought a permanent icon into the world that shows unmistakably when a certain production building is unproductive or misplaced. So you can optimize your colony without having to do guess work and checking each individual field. Highscores for Steam Workshop Planets You can now compete for global highscores on every planet that you downloaded from Steam Workshop. Just play it in competition mode and get ready to beat global scores. Music Tracks We have a new win theme created by Alex of William E. Audio. A good opportunity to play and win one of those workshop planets and listen to it! Also, we changed two music tracks that where part of the game for years now. Their highest intensity level for the final state of global warming was an e-guitar melody that most people couldn’t stand for long. We optimized one track to be suitably played as background music for longer time and erased the other completely. Please stay tuned until we have the funding for a full force SciFi soundtrack New Event Notifications As you can see new event notification popups will inform you from now on when important things are happening. They popup whenever you earn landing permits, research budget or licenses. They will also show up when catastrophes are threatening your base. Gamescom, August 20. -24th We have been to gamescom in Cologne and showed Imagine Earth to the public in the Indie Arena Booth. Definitively the best place for innovative Indie Studios! As expected it was a so called blast to present the game to so many excited players. New ideas and balancing issues popped up by the minute. Also the prime minister of our home state was showing up to try the smartest climate crisis simulator made in Niedersachsen, Germany so far ;D In case you’re wondering, the one to my right in the first picture isn’t Martin. It’s Timo from Mad About Pandas who helped me out presenting Imagine Earth for almost 10 hrs over 5 days because Martin has become a father most recently and couldn’t attend the show due to obvious priorities. Lots of Other Things Simplified script syntax (will soon be available for workshop as-well) Changed color of infrastructure building icons Allow to cancel „quit mission“ dialog Make sure trader has always at least one laser or pulse cannon Display faction names in game setup Xrathul now „harvest“ all colony buildings – not only districts Display victory point target number in victory points panel Improved camera controls (less sensitive in some situations) Also adjust temperature in fields adjacent to area of climate generator Display build graphics immediately after placements Colorize area that will belong to a city while it’s being built Removed annoying sound in colony rating panel Make sure AI keeps some resource and items to have better trading opportunities between players Improved territorial dominance logic – distance to claiming building should be more important than build order Allow cancelling of research
  2. Planetary Colonization Imagine Earth is a real-time planet simulation and a build up strategy game. Your job as a space colony manager is to explore and populate distant planets. Build up thriving and profitable colonies on a global scale and trade resources and goods into space. Expansion & Research Raise great cities and satisfy their appetite for resources by building power plants, farms and factories. Dig for ideon crystals, pacify riots, research technologies and constructs and maximize your growth while maintaining a healthy ecosystem. Allies, Threats & Enemies Get ready to deal with threats like asteroid strikes, twisters, wild fires, volcanoes and rising sea levels. Fend off space raiders and alien investors. Coexist and trade with natives, merchants and hostile colonies. Capitalist Space Age In 2048 huge corporations have divided Earth among themselves and exploited its natural resources to a large extent. Now the discovery of ideon crystals allows journeys into space, while technologically and ideologically almost everything remains the same. The laws of the market are being spread into the universe. Growth vs. Ecocide You will experience a massive conflict between the profit goals of the interstellar corporations and the need to preserve living conditions for your people. Exhaust emissions and ground pollution impact the global climate as your colony is growing. Increasing temperatures melt down polar caps and your colonies are destroyed by rising sea levels. Competition and Economic Warfare On each discovered planet a competition for economic dominance breaks out. To expand your colony as fast as possible and overcome your opponents you exploit the freely available fossil resources and minerals. Additional money is provided by selling shares of your colony. Take over opposing companies by buying up their shares. Trade Resources and Technologies Merchants and technology traders organize the interplanetary trade and will happily buy all minerals and resources you extract from your territory while selling expensive technologies. The same goes for cooperating colonies and alien tribes that live on some of the planets.
  3. Welcome to the latest update of Imagine Earth. As usual, you can expect a bunch of interesting improvements and new features. We hope you enjoy all of these goodies. Please let us know what you think about the ongoing developments. Cheers, Martin & Jens New Construct: Thermo Generator This state of the art geo engineering tech improves agriculture and quality of life in very cold and hot regions by optimizing the temperature by up to 10°. It also prevents climate based tornadoes, thunderstorms, forest fires and desertification in the vicinity. This advanced weather manipulation technology requires a lot of energy and causes emissions. Related to this the mission on Joma got a makeup. You will find it easier to get development licenses to unlock new buildings. The mission now points to stock trading, where you can buy shares of other companies to participate in their profits. Joma has become colder, making it more difficult to grow food. In return you will receive the new building, the thermo generator… New Planet: Udion Torix A new planet has been discovered in the Udoxia Galaxy. A tough competition against ruthless corporations is waiting for you to master it. New Game Setup The setup of a new game has been adjusted to give a more meaningful overview of what the player can expect. As the most important change we added a checkbox for sabotage. If you deselect this checkbox, you will be able to play a peaceful construction game that is limited to economic competition and environmental aspects. Threat waves You may now experience less isolated catastrophes taking place somewhere on the planet and therefor periodically occurring events during which extreme weather conditions ( Thunderstorms and Tornados ) occur very frequently or seismic activity ( earthquakes and volcanoes ) or an increased occurrence of asteroid and meteorite showers. Special vigilance is required. Debris animations We’ve put some fancy animations into the game when you harvest resources. Drones now use various lasers or tractor beams to demolish rocks or forests, repair buildings and clean fields. You can now also observe flying particles that match the units you are working on. Message journal The new journal lists all previous dialogues chronologically, like in a messenger. Between the dialogues the fulfilled mission goals are listed, thus an excellent orientation in the temporal sequence of the mission is ensured. The brand-new journal also contains a „Typo Button“ with which you can post discovered spelling mistakes directly to the dedicated Steam forum. Sandbox Terraforming Tools We made editing terrain much easier in the sandbox editor. You can now level terrain to adjust it to the height of the first field that you click. Steam Workshop Briefings In the Steam Workshop you can now add a briefing to the planets you create. AI Gives Up – You Go On You can now continue a competition game after winning to enlarge your civilizations and cleaning up the mess of the economic rivalry. AI corporations do give up their colonies when they are bankrupt and out of shares. They will leave the planet and you can take over their infrastructure. Allied native camps They can now be relocated. Also allied Illuminati camps now provide you with meteorite showers every now and then. Indie Arena Booth 2019 Also worth mentioning, Imagine Earth is on board of this year’s @IndieArenaBooth 20.-24.8.19 at Gamescom in Cologne, Germany. If you’re there, please come over to our Booth! Indie Arena is located in hall 10.2 and has Booth number 021G. Line-Up out now! Other stuff Bonus missions limited to 3 goals each Optimized zoom level for camera animations Small volcano-like mountains for „volcanic“ theme Improved main menu sun animation Improved unlocking of constructs on Tuto Added better explanation for tech licenses Removed shadows for construction holograms Improved interaction of tool ring and docked panels Improved supply capsule user interface Increased number of research funds sold by merchant Start video can be deactivated in settings file Improved UI representation of trade-able items and resources Tech licenses can be sold to the merchant again Fixes Fixed rounding error in resources panel Fixed trader message „not interested“ when you have nothing left to sell Fixed animation problem of profile dialog Fixed problem with research chunk highlighting Fixed color of ocean citadel powers
  4. The title of this update blog post successfully names Update #53s uber feature. Workshop enables you to share the planets and challenges you created in the terraforming mode. While creating a planet their, you can now define Opponents, Rules and Events and they will be saved for the players of your challenge. You can then upload them to steam directly from the game. Read here how easy it is actually is. The best world creations might even make it into the game itself… This is just the beginning. We will implement more abilities to script missions, create other factions, modding speakers and landing ships soon. What we already have is a workshop forum thread, leave your ideas on what you wanna create and mod right there. New Quest Vizualization All the goals in campaign missions are now grouped into quests of around 5-8 goals and their completion results in winning a central mission goals. That improves story telling and makes it much easier to recall in which context you are doing a certain goal. New Game Options Freeplay / Competition now offer to start a „Custom Game“ which are totally self configured by you. „Workshop Games“ have rules, elements and opponents predefined by the creaters of the challenge that you loaded from steam workshop. „Terraform Game“ Means you start a challenge which you created in Terraforming maybe to test it before uploading to Steam Workshop. New Languages Lately brazilian language was added by DuH!! Thanks so much for that contribution. Chinese translation updated to latest version. New Epic Title Theme New Music for Imagine Earth by Zevik Perry, thanks man! Item Categories Crafting menu in the workshop now has 3 item categories now Offensive items / Structures and Utilities. Added Creating a challenge in the sandbox now allows you to define rules, elements and opponents and save them with the planet. Level 3 city expansion for City Center is available from start in Free / Competition Mode Destruction process is having a nice debris effect. Asteroid smoke column tuned, looking much better Description for Leens Spacebot Old building icons reworked. Progress ring optimized Improvements for Magni and Bora Mission builder drones are now needed to reconstruct a ruin. Balanced Building orders have priority for builder drones over destruction orders. However repair and destinguish orders have top priority. items that are generated by certain buildings have a lower generation rate growth when you get 2x 3x 4x… units of a building. We got rid of item limit that was set to 8 because the places in the toolring. Research queue has 6 slots and shows them now no more than 6 active researchs are possible from now on. „Sell button“ in trade menu is reconfigured to „Sell overproduction“ Explosive device does not damage constructs on neighouring fields anymore. Mood Fix: Natives where too depressed, you always had to gift something before you could trade Exploding uplink drone balancing: Doesn’t take out all buildings around it anymore Warning sounds are now independent from time. Fixed „Warehouses are not running“ bug Problem with ideon maps sold by natives. Wrong speakers for denial dialogs. Remediation center does now start one cleaning process after the other instead of twenty at the same time. Gold storage increased endless because auto trade with Midras was activated who pay in Gold Levelup Bug: City Center no longer needs a drone to update itself Overkill Bug fixed: all connected buildings exploded ;/ Hangup on Startup when starting Campaign 2 Xrathul bugs eleminated
  5. Greetings, Colony Managers our latest release is ready for you. Tons of bake-fresh features sweeten the colony day. To wrap it up, making the other AI corporations your rivals is more dangerous than ever, now they attack with offensive items. Researching is now less casual and more time based. Some items are produced by districts in addition to being crafted. You can also hack the stock market in a new share panel attached to the tool ring on city centers of other colonies. We polished the new build menu and you can monitor upcoming threads much better in the reworked bookmarks panel. We hope you’ll enjoy the latest features! Please leave your feedback in our forum. We would be so happy if you’re interested in supporting our project as a beta tester. Which basically means you get the new update earlier than the rest. In case send us a mail. Additionally a 25% sale is coming to Steam on April 22. Mark our words! Cheers, Jens & Martin. French language translation We can’t party hard enough on the commitment of Victor „Lartima“ who out of nothing send us a mail with the completed french translation of Imagine Earth! Thanks so many times to you and to Bouy, who got the translation started! Fresh gameplay trailer This one is simply showing it all, all features, all threats, all items and all that we worked on over the last two and a half year – as the old trailer was kind of that old. On top it has something special, a final release date. Yes, we are hopeful to finish version 1.0 within 2019… Please share, post and tweet it as much as you can. Actually this is a good opportunity to thank all the 30.000 supporters that helped to keep the Imagine Earth project alive and well progressing with their early access purchases. If you wanna join the crew, this might be an opportunity… Shares panel & stock market hack You can buy the shares of other corporations directly from the tool ring on their city center. There you overview who’s owning the corporations shares and you can directly hack the stock market from here in case you made or bought a stock market hack which is a brand new offensive strategic item in the game. Count down warnings in UI The bookmarks and events panel in the top right of the screen now warns you with a countdown before Pirates, Xrathul or Asteroids and other threats kick in. We needed to give players more time to prepare and you can even increase the warning time for an area by building research districts. At the same time we reduced alerts about stuff going on in the middle of nowhere. The panel now gives a better visualization of all the threads and catastrophes next to your cities and around the globe. Time based research From now on it takes a certain amount of time to research upgrades to make the decision of what to research first more strategic. You have a research queue that can by prioritized any time and you should pay attention to the efficiency factor which is raised by every research district you build. The city center also contributes to the factor as it has a built in research lab as well. Item production in districts We almost accidentally came up with the idea of letting the various types of districts produce items over time. That gives every district a more individual and special functionality. The new build menu nicely visualizes the items that are in production and it also shows the ones that can be crafted. AI sabotages with offensive items Based on diplomatic relation and mood of AI factions they start using offensive items against you. Their tension to move against you is raised by an aggressive agenda. They will not hesitate to use pirates, assimilators, asteroids, sabotage and sometimes also explosive device and ideon bomb. Improved UI of build panel The build panel is an UI element we reintegrated lately after having it replaced by the practical build ring several years ago. It allows you to permanently see your stock of items and gaia forces, also those who are actually still loading up and in production. This precious piece of user interface needed a cleanup and that’s what we did recently. Also hovering buildings in the build ring or panel will show related resource icons on planet. Mission improvements Tuto: Show research icon more early Joma: Birons epidemic quest working again Lorian: Changed timing of asteroids and improved trigger for slick bay quest Rounos: Joe starts some destructive actions after losing Rounos: Gave Joe access to a temple with tornadoes Improvements and fixes Balanced generation and regeneration of pollution Districts freely convertible Victory point per 5,000 mined rare resources Fields can now be bookmarked with CTRL+number key Personalized messages by NPCs Smoother build radius Improved forestry explanation dialogs Fixed auto save naming problem (will reduce the number of created savegames) Use saw icon for rare plants like corals Fixed interaction with icons in navigation mode (space key) Sound pitch fine tuning Changed color of price text to neutral Fixed overlap of alliance confirm buttons in message panel Fixed AI selling and back-buying items all the time Improved rare resource description texts Fertile only from 90% and desert only from 10% Editor: Clustering of fossil and rare resources Editor: Distribute temples evenly and add ocean citadel Editor: Ensure that rare resources are available everywhere
  6. In the first update for Imagine Earth in March you’ll find many optimizations for UI and AI that lay ground for innovative new game play features consider the next update to revolutionize core game play at several odds and ends. Extended research menu The research menu has a new optional viewing mode where all details are presented directly on screen instead of as tool-tips. For now the compact view still stays the default view, so you have a perfect overview for all your research processes. We also optimized the filters in the research menu. You can highlight research options according to what their primary effect is. That makes it easy to adjust your research strategy to suit your specific needs. Upgrades in build menu The building descriptions in the build menu now also contain all upgrades of the building and their potential pros and cons. Upgrades that have already been researched can be activated here to be automatically build together with the building. Visualization of competitors We made the visualization of competitors more compact and consistent to the rest of the user interface. Instant intuitive visibility for the ranking, diplomatic status and victory points. More over you see which incidents or catastrophes are impacting their colonies and also the resulting share price drops. Competition rating UI reworked We reworked the competition ratings table. The x-axis now has the different types of colony points needed to win the competition. We added more captions and explanation texts to clarify all aspects. Faction messages in tool ring When accessing a city center other factions are now talking to you directly – we are working on making this communication as personal as possible… Factions have individual agendas Factions do now have individual agendas that add character and individual tactics to the 8 different corporations you can play in competition and freeplay mode. Cooperative: Cooperative diplomatic sentiment. Aggressive: Aggressive diplomatic sentiment. Sabotages other colonies. Sustainable: Preserves the environment and prefers buildings with low emissions. Exploitative: Tries to get as many fossil and rare resources as possible. Does not care about environmental impacts. Expansive: Trying to own as much territory as possible. Does not like it when someone takes over territory. Trader: Focuses on trade. Likes to sell resources and items. Gaian: Tries to get as many temples as possible and generate Gaia. Oceanist: Prefers to build the colony on the coast and the sea. Scientist: Researches as many technologies as possible. Water foam at the coast line A decent foam line at the coast makes it easier to identify the exact sea level and whether fields are land, coast or ocean. This is an addition to the waves the are rolling in and breaking. Building type visualization There are several options in the build menu that help to visualize certain states and objects in the world. For example it can colorize buildings by their type to provide a better overview. Additional changes & fixes You can now sell incomplete packages of rare resource to free up space in the warehouses. New city center sounds! Workshop menu got a face lift. Build menu buttons reworked. All campaign planets have decoration and environment objects like mountains suitable to their planet theme now Big Illuminati Pyramids can’t burn anymore Unified calculation of field and construct values to improve AI decisions and simulation speed If you loose competition you won’t get spammed by the professor commenting on that anymore . Build menu: you can now have a certain category activated that stays open also when you hover another for short operations. So you can keep your eye on your inventory or the forces you have ready. AI in sandbox is no longer saved and transferred into created planets. Bora: AI allies may no longer build their second colony next to the great pyramids to prevent the mission plot from getting stuck. Fixed problem with multi-use of temple powers Fixed assimilator drone explosions
  7. Happy new year again, this time from China! As Steam has started its Lunar New Year sale „Imagine Earth“ is 25% off for the first time in 5 years Early Access. Don’t wait for more until the game is finished ;). We are accompanying this sale with an update release that brings you much more than redesigned game characters and a classic strategy game styled build menu for advanced gameplay… Please note that we are looking for beta-testers who can check on our new update releases days earlier than other players, please mail us if you happen to be that enthusiastic about getting your fingers early on new updates of Imagine Earth! Meet the New Crew The old avatars of the main crew members in the campaign are some years old by now and we always knew we’d have to give these guys a makeup someday. Nothing is a better way of showing how this game has grown up over the years than the evolution of Limas character. It goes all the way back when it was a casual game idea with comic characters. Maybe we should not have opened this old box but with the final release coming in 2019 this nostalgic flashback came over Jens.. The Brand New Control Menu A new build menu on the left side of the interface will keep you informed about all your build options. Coolest thing about it is that this menu also shows your inventory and on top the craftable items. It has a category for all your gaia forces and shows if they are fully loaded. You won’t have to visit a workshop anymore to craft your stuff. It comes in addition to the classic build ring, so nothing changes, you just get more options. World Visualizations The control menu also offers a set of visualization tools. you can highlight fields that are threatened by rising sea-level caused by global warming. You can highlight rare resources, fertility, ground pollution, construct types and colony areas. Standalone Diplomacy & Trade Panels If you open a trade or a crafting panel it will be centered on screen from now on. The background is blurred out and playtime is paused, so you can concentrate on deals and negotiations with factions and traders. Drone Reconfiguration We are currently experimenting with how the drones are working. We decided to limit the city centers drones to one per level – so you are starting now with one instead of two. This makes it more important to level your city. The maintenance station no longer comes with a build drone. Instead it comes with a repair drone that only does repair jobs and will automatically do this in the range of the building. As before it can be upgraded with a fire station. Same goes for the remediation center. It now has a special remediation drones instead of a build drone Gaia & UI Balancing Based on feedback and the experiences we received from Wuik in the steam forums, we had another look at the Gaia balancing. The following changes have been done: Doubled Gaia production Reduced price of Gaia container Display correctly how much Gaia is available in a temple In addition display how fast Gaia is created and how this is influenced by the nearby population
  8. We redesigned the Cover Image, the website, Steam and social media channels Multi-use of powers and item You can now reuse forces and items by holding the shift key as long as you have more items of the same kind or enough gaian energy left in the according power constructs. Global Warming Due to the importance of this feature we have represented Global Warming more prominently in the Interface. You get a permanent display and icon for the emission balance and the global warming in percentage. And there is a global value of sea-level and temperature rise. The population counter has moved to the left of the UI also because it is not global. Land height shown in field info panel For better information it displays how high a certain piece of land is above the sea-level which is of particular interest in case of global warming. Will it be flooded by the melting polar caps? „Earth Over“ quarantine deactivated We deactivated the quarantine of the planet in case of climate collapse which ended game way too early. You can now live on a ravaged planet with maximum climate chaos and all the catastrophes arising with it and still try to make your living or win a competitive round somehow. You can activate this quarantine when starting a new game to stop a round when it gets almost hopeless. Also we changed the visualization of high global warming which was a bit over the top with yellow coloring of the oceans and the atmosphere. In one of the next updates we plan to further increase the effect of global warming on the local field temperature and buildings Mission improvements Again we had to rework many aspects of the first three missions of Tuto, Joma and Lorian to improve the experience of the campaign, make it more accessible to new players and adjust them to the lately added features. AI improvements AI now uses temple powers to sabotage enemy colonies AI will actively expand into territory of enemies when additional land is needed AI will respect border of alliance colonies AI gets a Pulse cannon in time AI tries to explore cannons if necessary UI & graphic improvements Display overview of other factions in missions a bar displays the goals for achieving new research, tech licenses and landing permits as such. storage capacity is visualized more intuitive in the resource menu New and universal desktop icon for the game and for all social media accounts Increased speed of tooltips. Especially in build menu Influence of temperature on productivity is now shown in the build ring as well Improved drone flight Cinematic landing animation for dropping asteroids, trader, vendor and the Midras drillbot Visualization when using Soma item Restored loading animation Bugfixes & improvements Fixed some issues of trader speakers, icons and ships that have been swapped Fixed pirates event not being triggered Towers only loose claim for surrounding fields when completely destroyed Increased reach of ideon bombs and comparable items Fixed: Speaker is sometimes interrupted by other sounds in the main menu Laser attacks should no longer trigger fires Selling and buying of items now also influences their pricing Increase in Gaia power is no longer increased linearly with additional surrounding population (but logarithmic) Fixed pollution created when destroying mountains Ideon bomb no longer destroys the rare rocks that appear when a big mountain is blown up Science district gives research bonus instead of improved quality of life Assimilator settings decrease/increases probability of uplinks landing Changed balancing of fights between assimilator drone and frontier towers Assimilator drone no longer follows fleeing city capsule Temples can now be destroyed
  9. The first update of Imagine Earth in 2019 brings you a new power construct which is built on the open sea with three brand new forces to unleash and a devastating catastrophe. As always there are tons of UI, AI and game balancing improvements. We reworked the first three missions intensively and enhanced the effects and visualization of global warming… We hope you enjoy the latest features and changes and send feedback and requests into our forum! Cheers, Jens & Martin The Ocean Citadel The ocean citadel is a powerful construction of the Nootilas, it can convert Gaian energy into force fields which influence sea and weather conditions. It is to be found on the open sea of course. Thunderstorms A power of the ocean citadel provokes a thunderstorm that moves across the planet in wind direction. The storm can cause wildfires and incidents in production facilities. Thunderstorms are also natural catastrophes whose occurrence becomes more likely with increasing global warming. Ocean vitalisation This power of the ocean citadel generates a gaian force field that vitalises the flora on the seabed and allows sea plants and occasionally corals to grow. This is helpful to re-balance the carbon emission balance on the planet. Land subsidence This Gaian force field of the ocean citadel lowers the tectonic continental plates – entire regions sink into the sea. Keep the mouse button pressed to apply the power. Land reclamation works the same way from now on. We redesigned the Cover Image, the website, Steam and social media channels
  10. Company Rating In the campaign galaxy you will now see a completion panel that shows your overall campaign progress. More important the colony ratings on all planets are wrapped up in a company rating that is compared in a global ranking. Visit Your Colony You can now revisit colonies after finishing the mission to find the remaining ideon crystals and to raise your colony rating by expanding your colony. Campaign research and unlocked buildings are permanent. So you can use the technology you gathered in later missions to advance the cities when your return to earlier colonized planets. Diplomacy States Other corporations now have three shared diplomatic statuses: rivalry, neutral or alliance. They define if other factions trade with you and if there will be discounts. It also influences AI behavior: An alliance partner will respect your territory – a rival will actively grab your land. AI Behaviour We have added brand new AI behaviors to make factions more lively and authentic actors in the game. They may contact you via the message system and to propose neutrality or an alliance. In addition they will cancel an alliance or even declare rivalry when your relation is very bad. The AI remembers when you have helped against threats like an epidemic and alien invasions by using items or temple powers Additional changes Added clarifying goals on Bora to help Otarek against Assimilators Introduction briefings for all game modes Steam store page updated with images and Simplified Chinese version Landing and starting animations for the Boss‘ and Leen’s command center Increased number of sleeping volcanoes in ice worlds AI now uses pulse cannons more often Pulse cannons will destroy small meteors with one shot Cannons will not focus on asteroids when another cannon is already targeting it Engagement popup: Ask players for feedback after having played 20 hours of having finished the campaign Asteroid rocks give stone quarry an extra bonus Fixes Now possible to get the „scientists“ research achievement Harvesting of rare asteroids is properly displayed in the resource statistics Alignment of level visualization for city centers Waking up volcanoes in sandbox editor is working again Size of world icons when using different UI scales Leveling frontier buoys is working again Display range when building maintenance station and remediation center
  11. Again we have a big December update for you with lots of interesting features that will refresh the space colonizing business. Have a look and give us your feedback on how they work… Of course we’d like to take the opportunity to wish you all pleasant holidays and a happy new year in advance! We plan to celebrate the final release of Imagine Earth together in mid 2019! Sabotage Hacks The Sabotage item hacks supply buildings within a small radius and sets them into the state of malfunction in which they stop production and are constantly damaged until the building is destroyed or the malfunction is fixed. Supply Capsules Supply capsules contain items, resources and building construction kits. The colony that claims the field it landed on can take the cargo. The capsule will then disassemble automatically. They will land randomly on the planet throughout gameplay.
  12. Greetings Space Colony Managers, the Universe is expanding! Because of this growing luxury of empty void we implemented much bigger planets into Imagine Earth which can be played with or against up to 6 factions. There is now technology trade to make other colonies more interesting. There is a new trailer as well as tons of gameplay fixes and improvements to make Imagine Earth ready for the launch of early access on Humble Store on Nov 9th... - that's right, one day ahead! Please share the joy about this with us and the rest of the world. Bigger Planets We implemented bigger Planets into the game because many of you asked for them. Let us know if you have any feature requests, ideas and stuff coming to your mind while checking out the latest version. Here are the details: Biggest planet has 2880 compared to previously 2000 fields Increased maximum competing companies to 6 (from 4) Maximum landmass increased to 80% of planet Tuto twice the size (720 fields, previously 320) Addition: Tuto mission has received a lot of detail improvements to make it a smoother experience Technology Trade Now you can buy single construction kits for buildings from other corporations. This means trading with other colonies gets more interesting. Each building that has been licensed by the other colony will be offered in their store - given that your diplomatic status is good enough. Of course it will be much more expansive to buy these single construction kits and therefor make sense to license a construct yourself if you need it more often. Landing animation As you can see we started implementing epic cut-scenes to introduce all other factions, traders and invaders landing on your planet for the first time. https://youtu.be/NXtSLwv8-oQ Planet Themes The last update introduced planetary themes and this time we made a general and huge rework of the themes textures to make them look more diverse and individual and last be not least, much better. Volcanic world for example has by default no polar caps (so no rising sea level) AI Doing Research Another important step done in order to make the AI fair and fun to play: The AI now has to research upgrades and other improvements in order to use them. So far those tricksters were able to build any upgrade without having to research it. New Trailer Video & Subtitles The existing trailer clearly needed a remake and has been replaced with a new one that is much more relying on in-game graphics to give you a perfect introduction into the actual game. Watch it and enjoy advanced space traveling via ideon powered hypergates! https://youtu.be/GjwPzI1D-DE Improvements & Balancing New Music Track. Tracks are now looped to a maximum of three minutes and than randomly change. Forests back in build ring. No longer license-able. Removed remediation from tool ring. Increased maintenance cost for forestry (the relatively low cost was basically the reason the AI most times choose to build it). Changed description and factors of industrial farm GM upgrade to make it less confusing Sleeping volcano new better visualized and explained Increased number of volcanoes and likelihood of erupting every once in a while Rare rocks are now also detected on neighboring fields During campaign also block fields next to rocks for first city center Auto saves are now done based on real time instead of in-game time Dead sea grass on land field is automatically removed Dead forests can now be removed Desertification can now also be canceled with temple powers (growth and fertility) and super-fertilizer Temple power cure can now also be used on other colonies Assimilator uplinks can now also be set on fire while they are building a drone. The uplink will extinguish itself after some time, though UI Improvements New fertility icon Build process is now visualized with the icon of the building Influences of neighbor buildings are now visualized with the resource type icon instead of the buildings icon For huge buildings and mountains influence icons are now only displayed on the main field Harvesting resources new displays the corresponding resource icon Improved goal description visualization Improved mouse responsibility when interaction with menus Added separate smiley when a district is losing people due to missing food Added icon to build ring to clearer distinguish it from the tool ring Highlight in inventory when new item has been crafted New sound for cancel Dead forests and temple ruins are now properly named Added tooltip for fossil resources to field info panel in bottom left Adjusted building order in the technology panel Improved game over dialog Bugfixes Fixed a bug where the game didn't start at all on windows 7 systems Fixed graphics bug for assimilated cities and city centers level 2 and 3 Display fires in the short-cut panel (top right) Fixed a bug where fires could not be extinguished Fixed description of the fire temple power When blasting mountains sometimes two rocks where placed at the same field
  13. Dear Colony Managers, in this update we increase the visual and gameplay diversity of our planets with the themes Jungle, Terran, Swamp, Barren, Volcanic and Frozen. Also we dedicated a lot of our time into making the Tuto and Joma mission a better experience. Read on to find out what else has changed. Also we will be at the EGX in Berlin this weekend presenting Imagine Earth in hall 7 at Station Berlin, if you happen to be there come over! In addition we start a week long deal on steam with 20% off beginning on monday... TL;DR Rocks, Asteroids & Scanner Gaia Forces in Build Ring Drone Priorities Planet Themes Storytelling Translation UI & Graphics Money Balancing Balancing & Fixes Rocks, Asteroids & Scanner Asteroids now can contain all types of rare resources. They look different and when you decide to throw one of these asteroids against an opponent you might accidentally send him a big present full of ideon or lithium. Scanners are having an increased scan radius and an increased value in gameplay. You will now have to scan all rocks to find out if there's any gold, titanium, lithium or ideon hidden in them. Rare resources are automatically detected when you take over the field into your build radius. The amount of rare resources on all planets has been raised in general. Gaia Forces in Build Ring You can now access all the forces you have loaded in temples right from the build ring. Therefor we have thrown the forest ring out of the ring menu because you can only build forests with seed bombs from now on and the different types of forest weren't relevant enough for gameplay to take up an own slot in the main build menu. Drone Priorities Drones no prioritize open tasks. Dealing with fires is most important, followed by repairing highly damaged buildings. After that they will deal with new buildings and other things. They only return to the city center when they need a package to build something. Planet Themes We have set up six general presets or themes for planets, so you can choose quickly under which conditions you want to play a competition round or freeplay. Choices are Terran conditions, Frozen World, Swamp, Barren, Jungle or Volcanic World. In addition there are new mountain models on many of our planets. Storytelling We reworked the first three missions, so that you can play more straight through without being interrupted by dialogs and story suddenly popping up. More story elements are now clickable in form of info and mission icons. So you can start cut-scene when you are ready. On the other hand we made them auto started when nothing was happening story-wise for some time so you don't miss important story elements. To make the factions more personal we have individual victory messages when others win in competition mode. Translation Steam store front has been translated into Spanish Many new Russian translations for buildings, tools and UI UI & Graphics Bookmark panel on the upper right has a special section for dangers now New panel to display construct and upgrade details on technology screen New character for the Midras Miner Visualize fertility influence more clearly Districts: blue light when level-up possible Increased display size of warning icons Reduce snow intensity on streets Text colors on menu buttons changed so text stays more readable Added out of money message for multi-upgrading Progress ring for temple plundering New landing animation for Leen's ship Trader Icons darker Spaceport launch ramp remodeled Money Balancing When you take over an opponents city by buying up his shares you will no longer have to pay an extra money fee for the takeover as you paid for the shares already. City center takeover only costs shares (no more money) Rebuilding a city center with a new landing permit is now free of charge because generally you have paid for the landing permit itself or earned it otherwise. You will be getting more dividend payments out of shares you hold of other corporations to make the feature more relevant. The emission levy costs for air pollution have been reduced as it was so high that it ate up almost all of the companies profit. Balancing New range upgrades for maintenance and remediation buildings Relocating fishing ships made cheaper Warehouse: Default storage for energy food and goods is smaller. Reduced price for upgrades Increase the amount of rare resources on planets AI should include pollution in field assessment Glass factory and solar park no longer need 45°C to reach max productivity Reduced native trade frequency Reduced Bironix trade favor to 10% Increased number of science level research goals Fixes Activated desertification (!) Adjacency bonus for the stone quarry doesn't work if rocks are in the water Food shortage despite reported overproduction Remediation does not work on ruin fields Negative ghost income on startup Radius of lasers and health districts is sometime incorrect Black hole on top of small planets (e.g. Tuto) Fixed 4:3 screen UI problems Research tool-tips were sometimes partly outside of the screen Storing mechanic of Lithium not working correct Midras and natives repair themselves Thanks for reading, if you're intrested in following the games progress, here are our channels! Twitter | Discord | Wiki | Newsletter | Website | Blog | Steam | Forum | Youtube | Facebook | Indie DB | RSS Imagine Earth | A build-up strategy simulation and a global climate survival thriller for space colony managers with early access on Steam.
  14. Unique Landing Ships We are proudly presenting individual colony landing ships for all eight corporations. After having introduced the individual factions last update now you can tell the difference between them by looking at their landing ship, which is automatically expanded into the main city tower after landing. Additionally we wanted to let you know that Serious Brothers will be @ Gamescom and show Imagine Earth in the Indie Exhibition @ Devcom in Cologne Germany. If you happen to be there come over and visit our show case. If you're interested in following the development of Imagine Earth - Planetary Colonization check out our Social Media Channels below! -- Imagine Earth | A build-up strategy simulation and a global climate survival thriller for space colony managers with early access on Steam. Twitter | Discord | Wiki | Newsletter | Website | Blog | Steam | Forum | Youtube | Facebook | Indie DB | RSS
  15. Beware the Space Pirates These nasty creatures land a strange kind of unknown flying object right over your warehouse to plunder it with their tractor beam. Simultaneously they start firing their board cannon to vandalize your base. You can helplessly sit back and relax until they have stolen enough and loose interest. Or, you can choose to pay a ransom or install an energy shield onto a tower to block the guys off from your warehouses. In later missions you might as well develop lasers or pulse canons to give them a warm welcome if they ever return… New Item: Resource Piracy These pirates are not only a threat that randomly happens. You can also craft a landing control to send them upon one of your opponents. Sweet addition: You get half of what their ship can steal. Read more about Update #45: https://www.imagineearth.info/alpha-45/ -- Imagine Earth | A build-up strategy simulation and a global climate survival thriller for space colony managers with early access on Steam. Twitter | Discord | Wiki | Newsletter | Website | Blog | Steam | Forum | Youtube | Facebook
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