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  1. Gon'Interactive

    Week #48 - New character design

    sorry we took so long, look at the latest post ! Was pushed back because of optimisation and because content creation was pushed back to be able to add even more feature inside the game. sorry we took so long, look at the latest post ! Was pushed back because of optimisation and because content creation was pushed back to be able to add even more feature inside the game.
  2. Screenshot ! enjoy a few visual, work in progress. Everything you see is NOT completed and will improve, but we wish to share a little bit of what we have done so far. Screenshot description First image is from the current build with new UI. The compass minimap is only available on EASY. Remember, it is a hard game. Normal you keep the compass only. The compass is only available for Guigner, one of the three caracther, the navigator. It give you an overall idea of the direction of known area of interest. Not all of them will appear, but it's not fun when you have to seek very large open area and have no clue of what to do. It's not like linear game where the path is clear, in our game you can do what you want, the way you want and in the order you wish to do stuff. So to give you an idea of the zone that require your attention, you have the compass. Having this ability avaiable with only 1 character force you to switch and not always run with the same guy. You have to push button fast and use your brain. You have a close look of the crash site in the tutorial. Day 1 Screen 2 is a early preview of the crash site Screen 3 is a early preview of a path you could find and take if you feel adventurous screen 4 ... well, we can't do an alien game without cornfield. We will reveal why cropcircle exist screen 5 is a early preview of the famous hangar that act as a safe base for your character. You need to find it and gain access to it. The tutorial take place in a rural area in which you will learn all the game feature, control and mechanic but in a real game level. It's not a careless boring tutorial, it's an actual level that have more story driven content and yes, it is easier, but you can still die and get a gameover in there. You have ennemies to fight or avoid, it will increase you awereness level if you take wrong decision and it will have consequences for the rest of the game. We hope the tutorial to feel like a level. Old game had no tutorial, you just had to read the booklet, which we never did, or play and try yourself. Here, you get a little help. Game optimisation - CPU and GPU Lately, we decided to hold many content creatio to do some game optimisation as it was starting to feel it could go slow. It was a really important step to take. At first, my opinion was to don't bother and just push graphic, but it comes to a point that if you don't look at it, maybe you are doing stuff wrong and maybe you will be able to loose feature, change gameplay, adapt level, and redo a lot of stuff. Today my suggestion would be to start thinking about it not too soon, but as soon as you have enough script running at the same time. In unity, the editor profile is really helpful. At first it look quite confusing but when you look at the detail you can pinpoint which of your script is going bad in term of CPU usage, while GPU is all about managing geometry, light, shadow and passes. CPU hint any script that hit more than 0.2ms diserve to have a look at. Start by looking at the worst one and see what you can do. Update kill performance, we all know that. Instead of having a lot of them, try to find a way to trigger action by a bool switch, a collision, a key press, an action, etc. Some update are fine to have, like watching for a key. If you really really need update, think if a coroutine infinite loop would work (while(true)). You can add a delay between coroutine pass reducing the cpu work load. Almost no script need a "by frame" update. I have tried to implement a update manager, but it require a lot of work as you need to manage when and how to remove object and script update from the manager when you destroy or turn off item, so that idea was left behind. New version of unity seem to give the user better tool for that. Avoid "ontriggerstar", it will kill your cpu, just detect the in and out and have a coroutine calculate the time between them if you need to do stuff while you are inside the trigger. We did a lot of optimisation on animals agent and humanoid agent to limit their behavior on a closer distance to player and we clean up a lot of code to make the whole game much more efficient. Make sure also to manage your physics settings, there is no need to have your code react to every collision if you only want to detect your players collisions. Use layermask and physics wisely to reduce the cpu calculation and false call on your function. GPU hint this one I fell is less of a problem for PC game, but you still need to make sure your polycount is acceptable. If you use Vegetation Studio, this amount will rise up a lot because of the vegetation count itself. Stuff that have reflection like waterplane can have toggle that turn the object on and off depending on the player distance if culling doesn't work in wide and open space. Light is also a source of problem as it may increase the number of pass. Keep an eye on the culling settings of light and turn off everything that doesn't need to be lit by your light to reduce the passe. State of the game update The first level is still quite far from being complete, but every week important progress is made. At this point, we can actually play the game with one character. The level story is clear now, but content creation is not completed. Really important feature have been added and the UI as been rework to add information and fun to the game. Like in any good oldschool game, you need point, score, bonus, timer. We are adding detail and story element, once done, we will fine tune the level scenery, asset placement, overall look and everything. The game run at 45 fps inside the editor on an old machine. It has a gtx 1060 which does a fine job, but the bottle neck on the machine is the CPU (i7-2600k@4.7ghz). Running inside the editor is very heavy, optimisation is not over and there are a lof of DEBUG which consistanly write to the console, which is also very every. We have hope to reach 60fps near release on the test machine. All the core feature (script) is working and are optimised. We added many secondary feature and visuals for pickup, skills, etc. After many test, we had to leave the use of lightscattering. It was a deprecated feature we tried to include and improve but it brought many problem with graphic and performance and it was also producing game breaking error. Without any support from the author and the asset not being updated, we had to let it go. We will loose light scattering and good fog effect. On a good note, we gain stability and speed. It wasn't killing the atmosphere the remove the feature and we have other way to achieve what we wanted in the first place. It's the kind of feature we will revisit at the end. The in-game UI have been rework and is now mostly completed. Still need many graphic icon. Score, timer, bonus, scene stat, awerness stat, clock, compass and minimap added ! Added the ability to have scecret manually place bonus that will add up to your regular game bonus. The hangar scene still need audio 80% of the assets required to build 2 levels are completed. - We will soon add Tracsir and Zoile model and test special attack Temporal AA added. We are still updating/improving character controller and AI for better performance AI animals is completed and full system optimisation completed, animal attacking player need to be tested. Current Milestone : Build the tutorial level (so we can test all feature in 1 single map and improve them) (2 month remaining) - 30% done Next Milestone : Build a demo level to showcase the game (1-2 month) - 0% done Third Milestone : Finalise asset, playable character, sound and special FX of first 2 level (2 month) - 0% done
  3. Gon'Interactive

    Week #48 - New character design

    @Rutin Hi Rutin, You like the character so far ? more update should start appearing regularly now. Stuff are more visual and fun. Currently I am working on the first level, the tutorial. Unlike other game where you just want to skip because it is too basic, this one is very story driven and play like any regular level. Its more of an easy-normal level with some puzzle and challenge so you can get a good feel of the control and game mechanic. We will be able to test and showcase some core feature in that level so it is a really important step right now. Screenshot soon
  4. First AI Unit look The county Sheriff The game will have various type of unit that will investigate your behavior and that will populate each level. Depending on your action unit will become harder and in bigger number. The basic unit is the regular cop, followed by the sheriff. Second unit type is the army soldier, followed by their caporal. Third unity type is the Majestic unity, which are governement alien oriented unit. Each of the unit will have their look change based on their location and behavior (ability and feature) affected by their rank. For instance, a soldier may or may not wear a night vision, allowing them to see you in the dark, but they won't be able to see you if you are cloacked; then, their caporal, may or may not be equip by a heat vision allowing them to see you cloack. Global awareness effect Each action you do can affect your global awereness and if the globe know about your presence on earth, they will prepared themself. Some city may be under the protection of the army, while some region may increase the amount of patrol to keep the street secure. In this non linear game experience we want action to have consequences. That statement is often trown in the air and we don't pretend there is a good or a bad way to do it, but we want to make sure that each game you play is really unique and different. We want this addictive game to be fun as you try over and over to beat it. Beating the game is going to be very challenging, it has this core arcade root that require painfull death and frustrating time But unlike classic game that you really replay the same game over and over untill you learn the pattern, this one is trying to be different on each session while allowing you to improve with the core level design of each country. State of the game update Almost a year of development. I can't beleive it. It much more work then i thought, but it much much better than what I was hoping to achieve. We are confident in delivering a full feature indie game. It's fun to finally work on visual stuff, i insisted to work only on the code to make sure it was possible to do my vision before doing anything visual to avoid wasting time and focus on feature. Now that everything is done in a rough state, the focus was on building the basic asset. We now have enough asset to start building a level. Once the level is done, we can finally test all feature in real-game environnement and slowly improve their functionnality and the look/special FX/sound of each of them. We can also slowly add asset and replace generic one. Add more unit and create all three playable caracther. All the core feature (script) is working and being tested / improved / rewritten The main menu is completed (no audio yet) Soundtrack is completed (very nice bad ass classic sounding retro music score) The hangar is completed (no audio yet) 80% of the assets required to build 2 levels are completed We are implementing temporal AA for highest quality possible. We are still updating/improving character controller and AI for better performance Current Milestone : Build the tutorial level (so we can test all feature in 1 single map and improve them) (3 month) Next Milestone : Build a demo level to show the game (1-2 month) Third Milestone : Finalise asset, playable character, sound and special FX of first 2 level (2 month)
  5. The first few assets of the games revealed Alpha is completed I had to take some time off the blog to really dig into the coding, solve many bug, update AI, improve movement and main and secondary feature of the game. A huge step toward the final game was taken during the last 12 weeks. Sorry about being so quiet, but I felt that reveling code progression wasn't interesting for the audience. Talking about feature without being able to show them or without anything visually appealing to help you appreciate and understand wasn't working really well. That said, all the feature required to have a game, either UI or in game function are all there. All the main game mechanic is there and working. I wouldn't say everything is flawless but everything work. Nothing as been tested in terms of gameplay which will be the whole point of the upcoming months. We finally can build level. It was really important for me to complete the code first. You can't build level correctly if you are unsure of how far you can go. Of course, coding is never over, we will need to fix a few known bug and mostly evolve the code depending of game experience. Next Step : Building 1 level Choosing what to build first is not as easy as it sound. I'm building 2 scenes right now, both of them are strongly attach to the scenario and it's easier for me to figure out what need to be here and there and it will build up confidence at building good level for the player. The first scene is the "hangar" scene which is actually the base you settle on earth which you will visit after each mission. Since you see this portion very often in the game, i want to make sure to put a lot of time into it. It also involve building important assets such as the ship, bonuses item, teleport pad and stuff like that. The other scene is the actual first level, which is the tutorial level. It set the whole story, it's not just a tutorial that give you the game basic, yeah it does that too, yah it will be terribly easy unlike the rest of the game, but it is a really important part of the story and can't wait to see it come alive. The candy : Armor Gun and Skin Have a look of the first three shots (more stuff coming next week, the ship, the teleport pad, the holographic table, already completed, but I want also to share concept art and step by step of the ship). The armor skin provide protection to the character while allowing him to cloack and become invisible (a "Predator" cloacking style effect). The belt also allow the character to build up energy into their gun to unleash a unique ability. The "zap" gun is a plasma gun that use high energy to trow electric pule at enemy. It doesn't require any reloading and it never overheat. This game is about action and fun, not about managing ammo. You can shoot whenever you want at the cost of creating noise and chaos. Zoile also receive some love and now have a skin My intention is to have semi-realistic look and colorful asset. I hope you guys enjoy it, please share me your idea.
  6. Gon'Interactive

    Game Dev Week #14

    The safehouse level Like many game, we intend to have a safehouse. The safe house make much sens in terms of story and since it fitted very well with the scenario, it was part of the game since day 1. This "in between level" scene is design to allow you to take a break, it's a nice place to decide if you save or not. In this safehouse you will be able to track very important aspect of your game. Ship progression The game goal is to rebuild a ship to escape the planet and report to your home base. Through the game you will unlock the real goal. The ship give you an overall idea of how close you are from finishing the game. Ship part will be spread across the globe, you actually gather electronics part and metal pieces to build the stuff you need. Part are randomly place in different level and each level have different spawn location. Some very scripted level tied to the scenario will have fix spawn location. This randomness will make each of your game unique and fun. Some level won't give you anything beside satisfaction (if any!) Global Awereness The game will become more and more hard the more you play, unless you are very very good at it. One way to make the game enjoyable and frustratingly hard at the same time is to make end level hard for real hardcore gamer. The game will react to your action in each level. The more you get detected, the more people see you the more your global awereness raise. The more it raise, people start to expect your presence and become more suspicious, more policeman are patrolling and eventually city or the entire globe goes on panic and cities get militarized which will get you a very hard time. The global awereness zone will trigger fun fact about your current game and will give you an update on how good or bad you did globally Globe map You will have a quick look of the available country giving you an idea of how much level are lock and available and which of them are completed. You can access the full map from there and select your next destination. Teleport pad / bonus zone In this area you can see if you have found any special item that turn out to be a bonus you can apply on your character. Powerup item can be found in multiple random location and they will allow your character to progress into even more powerful character or to regenerate your health. Which is a very strong bonus since this game carry over your live from level 1 to end game. There are no health pack, no health regen. Take a look and share your idea
  7. Gon'Interactive

    Need feedback for game introduction video

    Yes exactly, I want to understand what's the point of the game what's the story before entering in the details. If the trailer is interesting enough they will then invest time in discovering the feature. The core feature are essential to get a bit of the main gameplay concept. It's a very hard task to produce a good trailer. Good luck
  8. Gon'Interactive

    Need feedback for game introduction video

    Yes just explain the main goal instead of every single feature. This is more a tutorial video which is useful too but serve a different purpose. Give us a bit info about a story. Who you are why you are here and what is your goal.
  9. Breakable object physics Let's talk about physics in the game. We will introduce breakable glass, door and wall to the game to make things not only more alive but also give you more choice about your path to reach each level goal. A building is locked down ? Maybe you just jump through a window to get in ! A door is lock and you haven't found the key ? Maybe you just blow that thing out of your way ! There's no exit ? Well crank your energy up and destroy that wall ! This is the kind of choice you will be able to do as long as you live with the consequence of making a lot of noise and attracting more attention to you and potentially increasing your awareness level. Remember that your global awareness is what make your next level harder and harder. Physics will allow for more interactive game play and better replay-ability. Let be honest to, when a game require you to keep a certain level of stealth, you will eventually want to go destroy everything and play careless so why not make this fun ! Frag, IEM and Gravity bomb The player, depending on the active character, will have access to a limited amount of grenade. You get a sneek peak about it in the video below. Frag grenade will allow you to destroy glass, door and wall too. 1 character have access to frag, another one have electromagnetic device that will shut down most electronic device and the last one will have a devastating black-hole type of grenade that will serve as a way to grab item at a remote distance or to simply make things vanish in another dimension ! More to come on those soon ! C# Break in parts Our script rely on unity internal physic engine, which is quite good. Physics can become very CPU intensive so a lot of testing will be required to ensure smooth gameplay. I don't intend to go to far away into destruction. This is not a procedural "red faction" destruction system ! So destruction will happen, but in a limited amount of location. Destroying everything to get through is NOT an option. That said, i'm happy with the script performance and how it work. Magnitude of an impact For of all, the script take into account the magnitude of a hit. If the hit is too weak, the object won't break. Each object have their own breaking point which me require to walk into, run into, shoot at it, trow a grenade or use a special ability. Parts physics Once an object is broken, it fracture into multiple parts. The glass in the example video is make of 160 rigidbodies and it still perform well. Each part take into consideration their surrounding. Depending on how many piece stick together, the script determine if the piece can hold in place. The system also check for "framed" part. For a window, the framed parts are the object around the edge that would be hold in place by its frame, for a door it would be the part connected to the hinge. Those part don't fall by them self since they are hold in place by another object. Those part need to be hit again to fall and each sets of broken part need to be connected, within a certain range, to a framed part to be considered structurally stable. Basically that mean that a broken part cannot float in the air if it's not link to enough pieces and that a large glass would break realistically even if you hit limited area because the weight and size of the part would make them fall in real life. Then again, this is not a fracture simulator and we can't go too far into reality. It remain a game, so the main goal is to have fun with the system and to have smooth gameplay. The focus is about the gameplay feature or having more choice, more path and more replayability. Explosion shock-wave ! Each explosion in the game come with a shock-wave effect. The shock-wave, in my own unscientific terms, is the air getting compressed and the explosion expanding over time. That mean that an object closer to an explosion will get hit faster than an object located further. On top of that, we take into consideration the distance between the explosion and the object to determine the amount of force received by the affected object. Obstruction is also considered, if something explode and there is object between you and the explosion, you will receive less damage. The shock-wave introduce a very important time factor to the game-play. Making thing explode at a distance and have a split second to get out of the way may be a life saver for you or the AI. See and be seen The video showcase a turret being able to see you through glass and it shoot at the player destroying the glass. This behavior will of course be extended to AI but be aware that militarised zone or city will benefit from upgraded unit that may have heat sensor and a turret may just decide to kill you through a wall or a door if you are not cautious enough ! Soldier may also be equiped with those special google. The game AI have nightvision and heat sensor to track you down. More to come on that in a futur post. Let me know what you think about the feature or share your though about current game that use physics such as RB6 ?
  10. Gon'Interactive

    Week #06 - First gameplay view

    Thanks ! It was a challenge to get a good pop effect of the bubble when it appear and disappeared. There still improvement to come to cover various camera position like when you zoom in. I wish to hear more about the mismatch as having a final results to feel uniform is important to me. At this point many stuff doesn't make sense like the vegetation choice. Zoile is halfway done I would say. Suit and texture and his gun will make a huge difference
  11. First showcase of a gameplay feature Comic book dialogue bubble One of our key feature to give a soul to this game and to translate the origin of the story into the game is to introduce visual and philosophical concept being a cartoon book. You develop a special relation between you and the main character of a book, your brain create this inner voice you use to talk with them or to make them talk to you. This relation make reading those book fun and amusing and we wish our game preserve a bit of that. The comic bubbles will allow the heroes to talk to you It will give precious information about the action taking place in the current level It will allow the heroes to talk to himself, reacting to the world around him (threat, object, living creature, etc) It will allow the heroes to share their emotion (angry, scared, amused, etc.) It will allow interaction between you and the world through tutorial It will allow story moment, where reaching certain area achieve certain stuff will trigger dialogue and story information It will also give visual representation of sound inside the game (the typical BAM you expect from a book) It will give you important information about your game session, like low health warning (because there are no health bar in the game !) Please have a look at our video and tell us what you think. Keep in mind it's still in development and rough right now and that all the visual you see are mostly place holder. Everything has to be tweak but it give you a really good idea of stuff that can happen. I think it's a fun way to introduce text and to introduce interaction differently. All graphic are unfinished of course Episode 06 - have a look of the bubble in action
  12. My best day-to-day tool will surprise you ! Hi everyone, i'm super happy to be back and i'm really sorry if it took some time. I decided to rework how we will post information to now include video to provide a more visual interaction. The life a indie game developer is hard, so any tool you can find to save time, produce faster, improve your workflow and enhance your skill is always welcome. I'm going to share with you some of the tool that make my life easier. Make sure to tell us what are your favorite tool in the comment below Not in the mood of reading ? Watch the full episode Tool for tablet owner The first plugin you should look into if you own a table is LazyNemuziPro. Your tablet already cost you a lot, and I personally really enjoy having one because it's much better for creating sketch and concept art, it's super precise for texture editing/creating. It work well in substance to paint your asset and it's essential for any zbrushing work you need. That said, having the right pressure feeling is hard and you often end up with having jaggy line or not enough pressure range to achieve the effect you are expecting. I have a tendency to push hard on my pen and making my Wacom less sensitive help, but not much. This tool will not only improve your overall skill by smoothing out the pressure and the line itself, removing all unwanted movement to break that professional looking smooth line. The tool also come with a tons of usefull tool such as parallel line, ellipse, perspective, fish eye perspective, isometric etc. Really awesome tool, Wacom should provide something like that in the first place, but they don't so grab this tool :)à Tools for photoshop You spend a lot of time in photoshop, so why not improving you tool set in there. Really simple Brush box plugin will allow you to better visualize and organize your brush by assigning folder, color, favorite, etc. Simple drop and drag operation and better management make it quicker to find the brush you need. I also really enjoy Coolorus which replace the color swatch of photoshop by providing you a much better and natural color circle that Corel Draw user are more use to. It help you save and manage custom swatches, it allow you to work your color based on lighting and shade, you can limit your gammut to a lesser range so you can work in a certain color palette. It's a very simple tool that will help you everyday. All those tool would be worthless without a good set of brushes to make your art. There is one fabulous artist Roman Melentyev that sell over creativemarket an impressive brush collection. Have a look and find the one that are right for you https://creativemarket.com/RainbowWings I picked up the Cocept Artist III bundle that come with many of his brushes and i'm really pleased with them. They work well. I especially enjoy the Markers which I like to draw with. Those are my go to for sketch. Tool for coder This tool is probably the most interesting one. If you are a coder, you need it. It's been my favorite recent discovery because it made me save literally 1 week on a single asset. I buy asset on Unity Asset Store that I find interesting, many are of very high quality and created by expert developer, sometimes from reknown studio. There is no reason why not to use them. That said, once you include them in your game, most of the time it require tweaking and modification so that it perform the way you want for your game. I see most of the asset as a starting point that you need to improve. The best practice when you do change the behavior of an asset or that you want to link it to your need you try to stay out of the original script and you push/pull data out of it. That said, you eventually end up having no choice but to directly modify one, either because it's just way easier and faster or because you have no other choice. Once you start doing this, you are creating a barrier between your work and the ability to update the asset which would overwrite your code. Manually replacing and rebuilding an asset each and every update is time consuming, annoying and long. With the tool call Code Compare all the thinking is done immediately and you can update your script with a couple of click. We have been improving this asset for a few month and we work with the original developer to get more feature into the asset and after a long period and skipping many update we had no choice to update. We estimated it would took a week since the asset contain like 30 scripts, thousand and thousand of line and we have made important modification in at least half of them. The most recent update was mostly a full rewrite. With this tool, we were able to accomplish the updated in less than a day and everything was working flawlessly. Check out the video or the software website for more information. The big tool that cost money If you have a little budget, take a look at the Indie licence of Allegorithmic. Substance are THE thing right now and their tool are amazing. It's a well known tool and it's worth it. If you don't have enough money, you can at least make use of CrazyBump, an old application that create normal map for your texture, very sweet, but honestly Bitmap2Material from Allegorithmic does a much better job. If you are looking for a LOD tool, i especially like Polygon Cruncher, but it's pricy. Unity asset store offer you cheaper solution that does all the naming and compression for you. ZBrush doesn't need any introduction if you have a fat wallet. For 3D Modeling we use Lightwave3D. This is simply the BEST 3d software you can get. The quality of the render may be not the best, but it come really complete with all the tool you need for animation and modeling without the need of buying anything else and the software cost less than any Autodesk solution. Made In Canada - Un petit mot d'introduction en français !
  13. The story of a great adventure ET : Are they really intelligent ? It has become a common concept for everyone that if there are ET, they MUST be more intelligent... but why ? Maybe we haven't found anything yet (or at least anything was announce yet) because we ain't searching the right thing. We are searching stuff that come out of our own science fiction and we never thought about the hypothesis that maybe WE are the sci-fi of them ? That idea of them being equal, at most, but different, was the start of this crazy story. We imagine people that have live their own life, on their own planet and timelapse. Similar to our. What would happen ? probably different stuff than here, but not so much more or less. Stuff would be different because we would probably think different, but with equal evolution time there is no reason to think they would be far more advance than us. One thing we may have in common, the search for Extraterrestrial Life. We are the monster ! Yes we are ! I take into consideration that if they have similar evolution but different technology and that they are seeking life too, well then there is a high chance that they have sci-fi too and that we are the monster, we are the alien, we are scary ! The comic book evoke this through encounter between the Zarin and natural force. We have water all over the place, what if other species don't have water, what if you see the sea for the first time in your life and that you never heard of it. What is calming for us could be really threatening from an untrained eye who see this weird material/creature moving toward you trying to grab you with the wave. The reaction from an outsider to everyday object could be really interesting and funny. The mission As stated before, Zoïle get a mission briefing from the high council and form his own squad. One of the them, Guigner, is a true believer of the "tall colored one". (Yeah we are afraid of little green alien, they are afraid of tall colored one...). Their mission is to investigate our planet in search for intelligent life form. Nobody really think that there is life here because the CO2 level is higher than life could sustain for more than 20 years, at least, based on their biology. Still, Zoïle take his mission very seriously and depart to earth. The army, desperate to get rid of Zoïle toxic behavior, was sending them to what they believe to be an insignificant mission that could leave them away from the real business for a couple of time. Left with a ship in a poor condition, the crew risk their life in the deep space. Approaching earth, mechanical trouble put their safety at risk, the only hope is to land and hope for the best. The group crash into earth, spreading spaceship piece all over the globe following it's explosion. The group survive thanks to their anti-gravity shield armor, they face no fall damage. They are in shock and wake up in an unknown location. They are afraid in this very hostile area, their first goal is to settle a camp, their primary mission is to find proof of intelligent life form. It's a recon mission, they don't know if we are hostile or not, they don't want to get notice, they want to get safe, take proof and repair/rebuild their ship to reach freedom. Through their journey, they will discover new and hidden information about their original mission that will change their destiny forever. We hope to explore our universe with a different eye, through the eye of a visitor, we want this story to be fun and believable in a way. I have attach a small section of the very early sketch of the original story comic book. The entire story and book will be completely redraw and rewritten to provide a high quality final product. There will be different technology, your alien will feel overpower but their weakness put them at risk. We want the world to feel both pretty and dangerous and I hope you'll find the plot interesting. The game will unlock many information about the species and their mission. Your primary objective will be to rebuild your ship to leave this god damn planet (isn't it Ripley that said that in Alien ?). The hidden objective and story will be revealed in-game while you progress and you will be unlocking the real primary objective. We don't want to spoiled it here, but I expect some of you to expect what will happen. Let me know what is your favorite sci-fi movie in the comment below ! I nearly missed this week blog, my personal life was a bit troubled this week, but I am here. Last time, i was hoping to get more comment to reveal a tutorial on how to draw Zoïle. We didn't get enough comment, but I will share a video anyway next week. Make sure to subscribe so you don't miss it. The tutorial will include both the sketch and inking.
  14. Gon'Interactive

    Hobby Projects - looking for 2D artist

    TwinklyLucasK are you really 13 years old ? those are pretty good pixel art. good work !
  15. Gon'Interactive

    Week #03 - Concept Art - Zoile

    Now that you mention it, I can see why you ask There are similarities with the head, but they are two different strange species for sure ! Glad you like it. Keep an eye for more eye candy coming soon.
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