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  1. Lord McMutton

    Lance Attack WIP

    @Rutin Thank you!
  2. Lord McMutton

    Lion Knightess, Hera

    A game character modeled with the intent of rendering her into sprites. The only actual textures used are the lines on the hair, and the hatching on the fur trim and inside the surcoat- the rest utilizes Blender's Vertex Colors, and the outlines are done using Freestyle.
  3. Lord McMutton


  4. Lord McMutton

    Ethios: Valiant Plume Saga

    Concepts and 3d art for my game project Ethios.
  5. Lord McMutton

    Snowy Environment

    Just a Twitter account for now- I haven't found a host that I'm satisfied with just yet.
  6. Lord McMutton

    Snowy Environment

    Ah, thank you!
  7. Lord McMutton

    Design Can horror games take place in stylized world?

    Of course! There are a million ways to stylize art, and there are plenty of ways to make it creepy. I think some of the best ways are digging into the Uncanny Valley to play on our instincts, giving stuff a lack of definition or making it rather abstract to let the player's imagination run wild, and playing with contrast as the others above said.
  8. Lord McMutton

    Over-ambitious projects

    It's pretty much a rite of passage, isn't it? You jump into this area of expertise bright-eyed and full of wonder, and set your sights on the highest reaches of its expanse! And then after many attempts, you discover that you can't just jump all the way up there in a single leap; you have to build your way to it- create a stairway of more reasonable projects and then start working your way up, step by step.
  9. Lord McMutton

    how get over this feeling?

    I feel that, even if you are the only one who wants the game to be made, the fact that it's something you want to make means that it is, by no means, a waste of time. One should be proud of their accomplishments, I say!
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