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  1. Eric LeClair

    15 Good DAWs

    Perfect advice. Try one and I would go further by saying stick to it. Logic Pro X user here and after 3 years, I'm finally making professional quality music. Working on getting it out there soon. Try all the DAWs but then stick to one and master it.
  2. Eric LeClair

    Kickstarter Critique

    1. Get a narrator on your video (Nice explainer video). It's just how the Kickstarter community works. Like to make a point on Youtube, you need to be funny or goofy, etc. Speak to the market in their / style language first. 2. As several ppl mentioned here, grammar check. Get your copy proofread by a third party or something. 3. Congrats on a good looking game and having the guts to put it on Kickstarter.
  3. Eric LeClair

    Does this sound too... generic?

    Layer your synths, work on your transitions (Add some very subtle ones every 4 or 8 bars). Also please mix it better. A lot of high frequencies in this one. Overall though, it does create emotion but that happens midway onwards. You need to do that in the beginning as well. Like the Piano and bass at the end.
  4. Eric LeClair

    Why A.I is impossible

    No. An unconscious human being is an unconscious human being. Also it's not my opinion. It's just is. Synthetic life? Wavelength? Sorry I just don't know how it applies here . . . You don't 'imagine' when you meditate. Mediation stops thoughts. That's the entire point . . . "Feeling real is not the same thing as being real? " Actually feeling is a pre-cursor to 'being'. DaVinci "felt" something so he painted the Mona Lisa The Wright Brothers "felt" that they could fly so the plane came into being. You "FELT" that there is something here that clashes with your current perception of life, hence this post came into 'being'. Everything is 'FELT' before it comes into existence. I "FELT" your struggle for clarity, so I provided an answer. In "I FELT", that "FELT" was my "consciousness". We're all part of the same material, that's why I felt it. The "I" is just a placeholder. There is no "I".
  5. Eric LeClair

    Why A.I is impossible

    [ Read this in Morgan Freeman's voice ] Since I started this thread, let me put an end to this . . . for now . . . 1. A.I is not the right term. It should be A.A. Advanced Algorithms. It's more accurate. 2. Let us put our resources into the Science and Math behind meditation. It is here where all the next frontiers lie. Humanity's next big evolution isn't attached to some external source, it is within all of us. Best part, it's something each one of us can access anytime.
  6. Eric LeClair

    What Software do you use?

    It depends. If you are a Mac user, the obvious choice is Logic. If you are PC person, try FL Studio. Ableton is great as a lot of pros use it but man the interface is such a turn off. Too dull for me. However, if you like that analog look, you might enjoy it. As far as functionality goes, all DAWs pretty much do the same thing. It's not the DAW, it's the person using it
  7. Eric LeClair

    Why A.I is impossible

    Just like religion, mediation has been distorted like a mofo too. Tthose two links are classic case of running away from your problems - Meditation or spirituality means to achieve clarity to see thing how they are - If you're sitting at the beach, and you observe a bird hopping around for 10 minutes, that's meditation. To focus on one thing for a while is the true meaning of meditation. Also both Alan and Eckart toll talk about an incredible principle that most people can't grasp and that's focusing on the "PRESENT". In other words, see how things REALLY are. Without a future and a past. There is no such thing as time. Just now. Just a simple focus on that idea can change people's lives. Anyways, without getting too deep here, AI is ridiculous. It's trying to give life to dead objects. How can you give something you are not aware of yourself (Ends with a Chinese drum sound). If you don't believe that we're all just molecules vibrating right down to the core (Energy) than this concept is way beyond you. Consciousness (Piece of Vibrant energy) has NOTHING to do with your brain. That's the trap . . . This is where people screw up. Consciousness has 'access' to the brain. The brain is just a tool. A tool that controls our body. When the body dies, it is our consciousness that connects back to our true form. Vibrant energy. That's it. Energy IS. It never dies. It changes, it morphs, it never dies. That's what I'm saying. We are all part of one conciseness energy. It's like being in a giant play and we're characters wearing the "human" suit. Characters = the "Human" life form. It's like the human body is our 'virtual reality' suit. It's real (The earth is real as f**k) but you and I are "experiencing" it AS 'humans'. Our true form is energy. Consciousness . . . To be aware . . . Let me prove it . . . Ever had a good night sleep where you had ZERO dreams? That's the REAL YOU in your truest form. In total BLISS! The problem with most 'spiritual' people is they forget the number one rule of spirituality which is total detachment. But these fools, also known as 'hippies', detach from everything except 'spirituality'. Another trap . . . I don't expect anyone to get this (Heck I've been studying this stuff for like 1.5 years now) but this is where our bliss lies. Studying consciousness, not wasting billions on giving pieces of plastic something we can't even give our selves . . . life. As people, we all need to realize who we truly are. That's when all these stupid wars, racism, all this other stuff will cease and we'll naturally 'evolve' to a higher state. I'm talking about our 'awareness' here. That collective higher awareness will lead us to incredible inventions like intergalactic travel, etc Where we can decide and even jump in and out from the human body back to conciseness and travel all over the Universe. Where we can connect and even allow our ancestors to jump back into human form or we can reach them just through conciseness. Hopping around around on command around the universe, travelling light years in an instant and just enjoying expansion like never before. Finally, we would have evolved. For good . . . Funny thing is some people are already achieving this but only through meditation. However, if we all get in on the action, I bet we'll be doing this physically and consciously. Imagine the entire human consciousness thinking as a whole unit! OH MY! Even if you are reading this stuff for the first time, there is no way I could have thought of this without meditating for a decent time, my 5 senses aren't capable of such incredible thoughts. You know it! Doesn't it at least feel fantastic? We have to start "feeling" again. We don't need to create something new, we need to access what's already there. UPDATE: Holy F! I just wrote 1200 words without getting tired or even thinking. Talk about inspired action LOVE IT - Hope I didn't offend the admins - Sorry it just all poured out. Thx!
  8. Eric LeClair

    Why A.I is impossible

    It's not suppose to. It's hard to process it when you only have 5 animalistic senses. Only people who meditate regularly understand this. Point proven. There is a whole another world that exist beyond these 5 senses. Studying THAT is where the money, time and resources should be going. Everything is there. EVERYTHING!
  9. Eric LeClair

    Why A.I is impossible

    I like how everybody and their mom is trying to solve the A.I dilemma. You got scientists, mathematicians and all the smarty pants of the world trying to create A.I. Here is the common sense reason why A.I can't be created. 1. The only difference between a human being and a machine is 'consciousness'. Some people call it a soul or spirit or whatever. Basically, it's energy that's beyond the 5 'human' senses. 2. We are using our 5 senses to create something that is literally 'out of this world'. Good luck!
  10. Eric LeClair

    How does one communicates his needs to a composer?

    I forgot the name of this awesome site but if you type in freelance music producers or hire a music producer, you'll find it. Fiverr has some serious talent too. After you find someone, just tell them "Must sound like Hans Zimmer" and you're good to go
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