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  1. Unfortunate twist of events

    Very nice.
  2. Elium - Prison Escape

    You should add a Wilhelm scream when the guy gets kicked off ledges.
  3. SAMA Inventory UI

    How does the fossil system work, e.g. ransom?
  4. Snowy Environment

    Do you have a website for your project?
  5. Snowy Environment

    These are really beautiful. Great colours!
  6. Lost Art Studios

    Starship Trooper
  7. Pixels?

    Thanks @Lactose
  8. UI - Alien Customization screen

    Looks good.
  9. Pixels?

    Forgive me if my search capabilities have proven faulty here (I did try to search for a similar thread), but I am having difficulty finding an article or post that explains what pixels and the points economy are on gamedev.net. What is this mechanic?
  10. Plymbridge Group seeks volunteers to join us in the creation of Forlorn Dreams, a dystopian player-economy driven multiplayer RPG experience. You may visit our project page here. We are building this from the ground up and require highly motivated and entrepreneurial creators. Please get in touch if you are interested in the project and would like to learn more.
  11. Forlorn Dreams

    Album for Forlorn Dreams
  12. Forlorn Dreams

    Forlorn Dreams will be a haunting and compelling competitive multiplayer experience. Economics-driven, with player owned assets, in-game contracts, state and corporate levied taxes, and a caste system, Forlorn Dreams will draw its players into a roleplaying heavy environment, combining tested and novel mechanics related to in-game resource extraction, ownership, trade, crafting and community building. The game will be punishing, forcing players to tread carefully, conserve resources, and treat other players with appropriate caution. Injuries, ailments, diseases, addictions and the prospect of permadeath will keep players on their toes, and encourage cooperative, as well as malicious, behaviours. In the struggle to stay alive, climb society's ranks, and carve out a share of the pie, Forlorn Dreams will see the organic evolution of mining communities, manufacturing districts, trade ports, high-speed rail networks, residential skyscrapers, private members' clubs, outlaw fortresses and more. Development This game is in its early stages. If you would like to learn more or get involved, please follow us or get in touch: LinkedIn Company Page: https://www.linkedin.com/company/plymbridge/ Email Website to follow We are looking to collaborate with talented and highly motivated entrepreneurs who would join us on the adventure of designing and developing Forlorn Dreams. All skill types and levels of experience will be considered. Equity and other revenue sharing options are on the table. Thank you for your interest. Legal Forlorn Dreams is the property of Plymbridge Capital Corporation (Plymbridge Group). All rights reserved. Any acts or attempts that threaten or infringe upon our intellectual property, and rights derived therefrom, will be actionable and may result in legal suit.
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