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  1. Appthony Games

    2D Unity Programmer looking for project

    Hey we would love to work with you, please message us as soon as! Thanks, -Anthony (Appthony Games)
  2. Appthony Games

    3D artist looking for project

    Hey man could you message us as soon as please? I looked at your work and would love to work with you, the project I would like you to help with includes rockets too that’s why I was thinking you’d be great for this role because of you’re rocket models I just saw, thanks for reading hope to hear from you soon!
  3. Hey man, could you please message us, we would love to work with you!
  4. Hey, my dream has always been to have my very own game studio, I am looking for programmers, designers, e.t.c. I would encourage anyone who wants to be part of a team that purely wants to change the game industry for good, then please get in touch with me! (My ideas for our first game to release as a team will be discussed whenever someone shows interest in joining, also all revenue made from the games we will publish will be shared equally with all team members.) Unfortunately I don't really have a very good budget, so I will be looking for people that will want to join the team for free and help out from the kindness of their hearts, If our team ends up blowing up and we start to make quite a lot of money then I will defiantly love to pay all members a wage for their work but that's not just going to happen overnight sadly, so for now I would really appreciate it if anyone would help me make my dream come true, thanks for taking the time to read this post, I hope to hear from you! Thanks again. -Anthony (Appthony Games)
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