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  1. Hi, I am new to Game Development and am currently making my first game in Unity using c#. I am a second year uni student studying computer science (internet security specialization). I am new to unity and have had trouble understanding how the game engine actually functions and how I should use the engine to my advantage when programming. Currently I am making a RPG and want to implement an efficient and scalable item database. My plan is to store all items in the game in an xml database using the built in unity xml serializer. I have an abstract class item -> weapon, armour, potion, ring etc. Each of these classes have respective values (damage, cost etc.). For a relatively generic and straightforward item system: How would you organize your code? What interfaces/classes/other would you implement; why? In your experience what kinds of issues have you run into and how did you work around them? Is there any other advice with regards to rpg design in general?
  2. standinonstilts

    what is the appeal of fps games?

    It depends what kind of fps game you want to make. Realistic? Arcadey? Fast paced? Slow paced? It really depends on what kind of fps you want to make. I'll use counter strike for example: Counter Strike is a competitive shooter, and therefore must contain various mechanics that can be employed to consistently overcome your opponent. The most obvious mechanic is aim, and it's really important in Counterstrike, but there are countless other mechanics that can be employed. Map knowledge (knowing which corners people are most likely to hide behind), movement (strafing back and forth to peek and throw off opponents), how to use your grenades effectively (what choke points to smoke, where to throw flashbangs for max effectiveness) etc. What makes a good competitive fps imo is the following: implement mechanics that have an infinite skill cap (ie. aim, which is almost guaranteed in your game), but also implement really small mechanics that people my discover after hundreds of hours of gameplay. Map design is crucial if you want to make your game successful.
  3. standinonstilts

    Proper use of scriptable objects in unity 2d

    So I should have one scriptable object to set the default values, and a monobehaviour class to instantiate those values and modify them in a game object?
  4. I am creating a 2d rogue like as my first game in unity. I decided to create a scriptable object class called mob that contains all attributes that are associated with the npcs. I then use the asset menu to create several instances of this object such as: wizard, goblin etc. I also do this with the player asset. I want to create items that effect the stats of npcs and players, but i noticed that changes made to the scriptable object during runtime are permanent and remain after exiting the game. Is there a way to work around this / or is using scriptable objects even the right approach in this situation?
  5. standinonstilts

    Help with unity 2d Tilemaps

    Thanks for all the help I really appreciate it!
  6. standinonstilts

    Help with unity 2d Tilemaps

    Ok, thanks for the help! Just to clairfy, I should draw the player sprite using a game object instead of a tilemap? (As in, draw once and then move the sprite around afterwards)
  7. standinonstilts

    Help with unity 2d Tilemaps

    I guess my problem is determining which tile the mouse is over without creating a custom function with tons of variables. I was hoping that unity might have a built in mousedown for the grid component so i could easily get the grid position instead of the mouse position. I tried using raycast but found that the raycast collided even when clicking outside of the game map. I'm new to unity and think that raycasting would be the most practical solution, but I'm not sure I know how to implement it. Here are some pictures for the first issue (Player is currently included in the mob list): I think i may have just found my issue with number one: I'm drawing the player twice? I'll check it out and then update Correction: Player is not in the moblist, it is just included in another variable called mobmap which keeps track of all the mobs on the map and their locations
  8. standinonstilts

    Help with unity 2d Tilemaps

    I decided recently to try to make my first game using unity. I started from scratch and have spent a lot of time figuring out how things learn by myself. I've decided to work on a 2d tile based, top down rogue like and have run into a few issues. Currently what i am doing is using 2 tile maps: 1 for the ground tiles and the other for the player and enemies (I'm pretty sure this is wrong). My first issue is when i move my character around the map, a "sprite ghost" often appears in the tile adjacent in the current direction that i am moving. My second issue is using the mouse to determine which tile i am hovering over / selecting. I want to create a context menu accessed my right clicking which might show things like attack and other actions that can be completed. Any advice in how to approach these problems would be appreciated.
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