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  1. Choconoa Devlog #5

    There will be different difficulties. This first ("tuto") level however requires you to validate the basic skill and both paths needs to be similar. But in more complex levels and when you already master the game mechanisms, there will be an easy path and a more "risk/reward" one.
  2. Choconoa Devlog #5

    This week we analyse our level design practices in a very practical way. Also we make sure the flow is consistent and intuitive. The challenge here is to create organic levels (non grid-based levels), and make sure that the distances are correct etc.. On this picture below, you can see how we balance the safe zone and the threat zone, how we place the rewards, how we force you to learn the basics before progressing further etc.. This gif gives you an idea of the flow and how we make it as smooth as possible for the player. Grayboxing the levels requires to remove all deco, foliage etc.. Using a simple color code is very useful. The red is the threat, the blue and yellow are used for navigation.. In this step, we are blocking all the collisions. that way when we will assemble the art and details all together, the collisions will remain unchanged.
  3. Choconoa Devlog #1

    Thanks! The code and level design are almost done. But we still need to do all the art and animations.
  4. Choconoa Devlog #4

    A quick summary of last week additions: (It's all about code - we didn't work on art and layout yet) - added a checkpoint system - added completion rules - added levelstats - fixing autosaves code - plenty of bug fixes
  5. Choconoa Devlog #3

    Most of the levels use "on rails camera" with alternative paths. So we did the code for that. The path is the red curve: The player will automatically follows the closest path relative to his world location: Another feature we implemented is a jump boost at the end of the sliders. If you jump slightly before the end (before the player jumps automatically), you jump higher. This features is an extra layer of challenge. We worked on a lot of code fixes and features to keep the levels flow interesting and dynamic. We still have some minor adjustments to make on those systems but most of the work is done.
  6. Choconoa Devlog #2

    Last week we made a draft design document to visualize the global structure of the game. Because the levels are linear with a lot of verticality and the camera free, we are trying to find a good solution for the boundaries. Of course it will be heavily filled with environments deco but we want don't want to spend a lot of time making sure there are no holes! And we don't want invisible walls which are not obvious. So I tried with a depth-faded (using depth fade for the intersection between the wall and the other objects, and a camera depth fade) magic wall like this:Now the chantilly path automatically conform to the ground:As much as possible we try to save time by creating tools like this:
  7. Choconoa Devlog #1

    A 3D platformer in the world of pastries. Hello! After 4 months of work, it's time for us to start a devlog for our new project! STORY You play Choconoa, the prince of the chocolate world, and you must grab back the sugar stolen by the princess of the candy world. GAMEPLAY The 4 gameplay pillars are: You need to collect basic ingredients (chocolate, flour, eggs and milk) and recipes, and thanks to the magic of your wooden spoon, you can create a catapult. The bonus collectible is a chef's hat wich allow you to bounce and be invincible for a limited time. Next are the sliders which allow you to access different areas and grab extra collectibles. Last is the chantilly on the floor which makes you go faster. FEATURES LINEAR LEVEL DESIGN - SEQUENTIAL ORDER SINGLE PLAYER AND LOCAL MULTI UP TO 4 PLAYERS SPLITSCREEN COLORFUL STYLIZED ENVIRONMENTS KID-FRIENDLY PASTRY THEME WHAT'S DONE PROTOTYPE BASIC MENU AND HUD CORE GAMEPLAY HERO BASIC ANIMATION SET SOME ENVIRONMENT PLACEHOLDERS SOME SOUNDS AND FX PLACEHOLDERS TODO LEVELS CHARACTERS MODELS ANIMATIONS ART SOUNDS AND MUSICS TEST TOOLS UNREAL ENGINE 4 ZBRUSH BLENDER GIMP TARGET PLATFORMS WINDOWS, MAC AND LINUX NINTENDO SWITCH
  8. Choconoa

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