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  1. Devlog Introduction

    A 3D platformer in the world of pastries. Hello! After 4 months of work, it's time for us to start a devlog for our new project! STORY You play Choconoa, the prince of the chocolate world, and you must grab back the sugar stolen by the princess of the candy world. GAMEPLAY The 4 gameplay pillars are: You need to collect basic ingredients (chocolate, flour, eggs and milk) and recipes, and thanks to the magic of your wooden spoon, you can create a catapult. The bonus collectible is a chef's hat wich allow you to bounce and be invincible for a limited time. Next are the sliders which allow you to access different areas and grab extra collectibles. Last is the chantilly on the floor which makes you go faster. FEATURES LINEAR LEVEL DESIGN - SEQUENTIAL ORDER SINGLE PLAYER AND LOCAL MULTI UP TO 4 PLAYERS SPLITSCREEN COLORFUL STYLIZED ENVIRONMENTS KID-FRIENDLY PASTRY THEME WHAT'S DONE PROTOTYPE BASIC MENU AND HUD CORE GAMEPLAY HERO BASIC ANIMATION SET SOME ENVIRONMENT PLACEHOLDERS SOME SOUNDS AND FX PLACEHOLDERS TODO LEVELS CHARACTERS MODELS ANIMATIONS ART SOUNDS AND MUSICS TEST TOOLS UNREAL ENGINE 4 ZBRUSH BLENDER GIMP TARGET PLATFORMS WINDOWS, MAC AND LINUX NINTENDO SWITCH
  2. Choconoa