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  1. Alternative for an open world

    Thanks for the answers, i can see your point. I have a question: since the world i want to create isn't going to be so big and i love to design terrain i am thinking of creating the world manually. How much or rather what aspects of the game should be 'procedural generated'? Stuff like monster camp locations maybe?
  2. Alternative for an open world

    Hello there! First of all i don't know if this is the right section for this.. Ok so i need a little help with an idea. I have always been fascinated by open world games where i could explore the world freely and i would love to create a game like that but sadly it is rather impossible for a sole dev. So could you help me by giving me an alternative that would be easier to achieve and would give.. i don't know.. 'the same experience' in a way. For example i loved The Forest and it isn't very complicated having no set quests or side quests, you don't get to create a character etc. I have looked into other categories of games like platformers and such, but nothing attracts me like a nice world to explore. Btw i love designing terrain/world and creating a story if that's of any help. I know this is kind of vague, but i hope you can help and save me from wasting a huge amount of time by starting something i can't finish Thanks in advance
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