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    PC My idea for a 2d game

    So i'll start from the beginning and go to the story. If anyone ever finds this thread, please let me know of your thoughts. I'm sorry for any misspells. I'm Finnish so i'm not really great in English. So. A few days ago i experimented on making 8-bit-like music (not actually 8-bit) and it really sounded great and i got these vibes about how it could be on a game like pokemon. A few hours went by and i had made a full soundtrack consisting 20 different 8-bit songs. I got excited about making it into an actual game and started to make some sprites. I already got an idea of the story in the game because i've been thinking about that story for a longer time. I took a lot of inspiration from Undertale on the sprites i made and i used a 8-bit palette of colors designing them. The game is a 2d game. But i made this thread to talk about the story, not the graphics or audio so let's get into it. For a long time i have been thinking of making a game that talks about things such as death and afterlife but presents it in an unusual way. I know it's not a new idea just from me but you understand the concept. The game starts with you waking up in a church with no opening scene or anything. You're not supposed to know that you're actually dead yet and it is supposed to look like any other game. Actually you're not told about it anywhere. It just hints in slight ways that you are actually in the after life. You are supposed to help your friends in a project they won't agree on telling you about. You do some ordinary stuff with them like exploring an abandoned fortress (abandoned for obvious reasons), When you get to the fortress, you're the first to enter the gate. After going inside you see that your friends are not coming. Inside the fortress is a medieval village witch is not abandoned at all, it's populated with different creatures. The fortress acting as it was the afterlife and the scene with you and the friends acting as it was kind of between life and death. I am not telling more of the story, BUT i want to inform that yes the idea is supposed to be a bit symbolic of death but no the story is not going to be complex. And a little bit more of the gameplay: As i said; i'm not going to present the game in a creepy or scary way. I'm not going to tell the player that you are actually dead and in the surface the game is supposed to look like an ordinary kids game. BUT i was planning on making these collectibles witch are as if they were your memories from your life and every time you find them the game shows you an animation/photo from for example: You and your friends, You in school, You in work etc. Also i was planning on scripting the game with C# since i got the most experience of it but i'm not really sure on what engine should i use. If you have any suggestions i would be really pleased if you helped So i don't really have much more to tell you and i' a bit exhausted from explaining everything so i wont continue but guess you got the concept if you read this post. Sorry if i presented the story in a weird way. It's purely because i'm not the best at formatting sentences in english but i hope you get the point. That's the most important thing. Please tell me your thoughts about my idea!
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