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  1. hi well there's a couple of blind gaming groups on groups.io, Blind-gamers and dag. maybe subscribe to those two groups, and post your questions, and then there's also audiogames.net, forum. thanks.
  2. hi. okay, i did use to play when i had better eyesight in the 70s and 80s, the atari console, breakout, asteroids, space invaders, and was testing at the store in the toy department. and did like to use to play indonapolois 500 at the roller skating rink, and did play super mario on the super nutendo. had enough sight to see. well there's pcs games for the blind, and on my laptop about 10 years ago, played some accessible games, like a star trek game, ten pin bolwing, a self voicing pacman game, a couple of racing games, and in 2015, did play a demo of audio rally racer. well for ios, there's blind fold games and over 80s titles. he might marty shultz, might have android games down the track, nothing for windows. so looking for any accessible game engines.
  3. hi. a blind user using the jaws for windows screen reader from http://www.freedomscientific.com, and using windows 10 64 bit pro on a toshiba satellite pro. enrolling in Certificate IV Interactive Gaming and Digital Media from http://www.upskilled.edu.au, and now, have looked at some main stream game engines and totally inaccessible. so, any blind programmers or blind gamers, and what game engines do they use. need to use Unity 3d, but did try using that, and got flagged as spam, and then had to be unbanned from the site by staff, they are working on maybe making it more accessible. so any one got any ideas, getting started, and use the keyboard. not a mouse. thanks.
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