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  1. Aggrojag

    You Can't Fucking Win

    Enjoy yourself as you delve in to madness, experience hallucinations, repeatedly kill yourself, and get egged on by the disembodied antagonists. Hopefully, you find a way back, otherwise you're stuck forever in a horrific loop.
  2. I'm really sorry dude. I forgot to update the thread upon picking someone up. We filled the role a little under a week ago.
  3. Still looking. Updated the post with a video of a scene with completed shaders. Will be applying some shaders to sprites as well, will be using alpha for depth of character detail. This shader has not been written. Coding is nearly complete, about halfway done with static art. Writing process is hopefully close to being at a point where we can begin doing rough recordings with a voice actor. Not stopping until this project is done, could really use some of you talented people out there :).
  4. Still looking for someone to do our sprite sheets, as well as a voice actor. I encourage anyone remotely interested to view this gif. This will give some insight on the quality we're working towards. We're also looking in to using normal maps on many of our animated art assets. I understand this will likely be something many of you have not done before, so it may be the case that you will you have to learn along the way.
  5. Will, I'm a bit confused at what you're proposing here. How is this different from any other team working on a independent project? Are you proposing something that is meant to be much larger than an ordinary indie team? If this is the case, how would such a thing be managed? Simply looking for clarity. Cheers, Michael
  6. Hello! I'm working on a game that is a narrative driven dark comedy with some small aspects of platforming and puzzle solving. The project is rather small as well. It touches on topics such as suicide, mental illness, family, corruption, free-will, and redemption. This project is exercise in polish, this means some experimentation will be needed along with some reworking of assets as they're provided. This will be a revshare model. First, I'm looking for a 2D sprite artist, not pixelated, that can compliment the style of the attached images, and be similar to the temporary character. I'm also looking for a male voice actor, English should be your primary language. There will be at minimum two characters that will need to be brought to life through vocals. The first voice is similar to Marvin from Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy. A reference for the second voice would be a mix of Ren (Ren & Stimpy), and Android 21 (DragonBallFighterZ). Due to formatting, I'm not including YouTube links in the post, sorry. WIP Scene with our custom shaders attached (platforms are lazily placed, as this was an asset test): A scene with dynamic lighting and temp character: Unshaded asset: If you made it to the bottom, thank you, and I look forward to hearing from you.
  7. Aggrojag

    You Can't Fucking Win

    Album for You Can't Fucking Win
  8. Aggrojag

    You Can't Fucking Win

    Album for You Can't Fucking Win
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