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    Looking to join a startup game studio?

  2. Hey! I am looking to start/join a team of people to work on developing a game together. I am looking to gain teamwork skills myself as well as creating a game we can all work on and appreciate. I am a Unity Developer, 2D Artist and animator, 3D Environment artist and all around Generalist. Check out my website www.feelingterrible.com for a quick look at some of my work style and contact me if you are interested. Thanks. will@feelingterrible.com
  3. Hey Aref! I am glad that you like the idea. Being a programmer is perfect as you tend to want to be strong in a specific area for game development. I would consider myself to be good in all areas of Game Development which isn’t what larger game studios tend to need, so I am focusing on art and animation at the moment to become strong in that area. If you wish, I can contact you soon if would like to try a small collaboration test in getting everything set up to make a simple game and test what would be needed to make this a seamless and beneficial exeperience for everyone. Feel free to message me with any questions. Thanks, Will
  4. Hey, This could be the case in some circumstances I am sure, but it depends on your own style of work and this could again help you out as working with different teams and people all in the same place could help steer you into the right direction for creating games. The idea is that you can get some experience to get you started in the first place, not to give you 30 years worth of experience. If you are passionate about making games and want to work as part of a team to help drive your career or even if you only enjoy doing it as a social hobby, it would be an extremely easy way to get started as another option people may choose. For those people that feel like it would be a good option to get some easy work experience on their resume as well have having released titles under the name showing they have gone through the whole process beginning to end. I would love to make sure that this project will help as many people as possible so I will defiantly take your feedback into account. Thank you so much, will
  5. Hello Michael, Thank you for the reply, it is a valid question. The main difference is that we want to create a place where anyone whether you are a student, a hobbyist, professional or a beginner can easily join a studio and participate. We are working on a site/app you can join, and easily get started and instantly get experience. You are correct that this can happen with other indie studios, but you will need to find them, apply to work with them and proceed at their pace. The aim of what We are trying to produce is a leveling up system to gain experience and learn without struggling to join a company, it is an open company creating multiple teams where everyone has equal say about the games they make. We are going by personal experience building this concept and seeking a team interested in trialling this beta system to construct a simple game to begin. Everything will be managed with in the team and the tools we are putting into place, the idea is that everyone can work together, collaborate and work with different teams to produce games. We hope that clarifies things slightly better, we will be releasing some material/artwork soon explaining how things work fully. So if anyone is interested in trialling this feel free to contact us, we want to help.
  6. Hey guys and girls, Have you ever found yourself trying to apply for a job to be a game developer or a game artist? Maybe a sound engineer or a script writer? Only to not even get an interview due to lack of ‘experience’, teamwork projects or released game titles you have worked on? I have for sure. The game industry is hard and competitive to get into for someone new, especially when you might have a full time job or even have to support a family. So I have come up with an idea and I wanted to throw something out there to see if people could be interested in such an idea. What if you could be part of a virtual game development company? A place where you can work on projects with a team of people from the internet, soon to be known as your colleagues, which could be from anywhere in the world all working at your own pace when you have time to do as little or as much as you want. The idea is we can create the power of a company and release titles together. Not only do you then have a released game title you have worked on under your resume, but also work experience, team work skills, and the power of helping each other and learning from each other. My dream idea is to create a solid place for people to join a party and develop ideas and create games and level up it experience points. As far as money is concerned, the games would either be released for free or any money would go towards charity, it’s not about making money, it’s about building a career or justness having fun building games and socialising with like minded people. I want to make something amazing, I think it would benefit me, and I think others who are serious would benefit greatly too. I await your critasism on the ‘prototype’ idea, I just wanted to see how many people would be interested in such a concept. And if you are very much into the idea, let’s make it happen. Thanks, Will. www.feelingterrible.com
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