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  1. Leaving a company at a critical moment

    Yeah, this is the commitment I made, but because I said I was able to do this they pushed it ahead of another project. 4 days in This is my only issue other than the new job will not be in games but I can live with that for the time being. Yes, this has been discussed and the latest I can start is after the first week in Feb. Wow had no idea, 2 weeks is the standard here but I have seen companies negotiate up to a months notice before on both ends of the deal.
  2. I hope I put this in the correct forum. I have a moral issue I am trying to get over. I have a great job at the moment working on a project I really enjoy but was just offered another job somewhere else and the compensation is much better. The moral issue comes in where I just committed to a 3-month long project at work and I am the only Engineer on the project. The only other Engineer at the company suitable to replace me is going on vacation next week for 3 weeks. If I take the new job and start right away this project will not be able to be finished in the current timeline. I do not want to put my company in this position. The reasons I am considering the new job; - My current job is moving 45min farther away then it is now in 4 weeks. ( means an extra 45min commute + transit fare. ) I walk to the current office. This adds 2 hours to my day - The pay is 12k+ more a year plus a yearly bonus - The company has better health benefits + Ill get 2 extra weeks of vacation a year - My wife just went off maternity and is going back to work ( we now have added expense of daycare and even more because of how far the new office is ) - I'm not sure if my current company will be here next year or at least the office I work with ( hiring has shifted to other offices lately ) - I was planning on switching companies after the current project because of the office location change ( but this offer came up before I started looking ) So if I stay to finish the project, the new company cant wait that long but I really do not want to put my current company in that position. But I also realize that if the roles were reversed the company would most likely have no issue laying me off if the need arose.
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