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  1. Thank you, I would prefer the first option if that's ok. 😅
  2. @hplus0603 Any chance to update the first post, please? The edit button is locked.
  3. Yea, in the near future I'll implement more metrics and stats. This is just a starting point to see how the developers will react to it. I'm very satisfied with the result.
  4. Yep. If there is a C# wrapper/bindings for the networking library, I'll integrate it with the application.
  5. BenchmarkNet is a console application for testing the reliable UDP networking solutions. Features: Asynchronous simulation of a large number of clients Stable under high loads Simple and flexible simulation setup Detailed session information Multi-process instances Supported networking libraries: ENet UNet LiteNetLib Lidgren MiniUDP Hazel Photon Neutrino DarkRift More information and source code on GitHub. You can find the latest benchmark results on the wiki page.
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