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  1. Hello, I am sorry if the title doesn't make much sense - which is probably the reason why I couldn't find anything on google.. Anyway, let's take the following screen as an example: The player hits on the brass knuckle and it starts a mission that will complete in X minutes. This is where I am confused on what actually happens. Obviously I send a request to the server but what happens there? I go through checks, then what? Whats a good design to handle that? A table with current missions with start and finish time? But then I need a scheduler to run through the database and query every events every single second? I'd be thankful if anyone could bring some light to this. Also are theese games usually permanently connected to the gameserver? That's what I have been thinking as the game exits on connection loss. Or is it just like pinging the game server every n seconds? Thank you very much!
  2. Hello, I am not sure if I phrased the title properly. What I am trying to achieve is the following: Winning chances: Red card: 10% Blue card: 20% Green card: 15% Nothing card: 10% Now a player has the chances above to win those cards but how would that look like in code?
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