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  1. Gunner Gaming Studio

    Unity Project Direction Update

    Hello All, It's been a while since we've updated anything on this game. Life has been hectic with full time job being a busy time of year, and doing some personal things like camping it's been hard to find free time to dive into a project. However when we have had the free time it's gone to other things than this game. Just wanted to update that we have decided a while back to put this game on hold. While we learned many things making it and enjoyed the development we didn't generate much interest in it and were losing interest in it ourselves. We see it as a stepping stone on the way to bigger and better games that are more enjoyable to make and to play. If interest ever arises we may release what was done for this game or even go back and finish it someday. For now we have our sights set on something more ambitious, something outside of our comfort zones that really pushes ourselves to learn new and exciting things. Lately when we have been developing it's been learning a new system and getting some basic mechanics we've never used before ironed out. Once we have all that comfortably working we will release details as to what we plan on making. Hope you stick around and support us as we continue this journey. Thank you, Gunner Gaming Studio Team.
  2. Gunner Gaming Studio

    April Update

    Hello all, This past weekend we were at our biggest culture/gaming convention our area has almost breaking 10k visitors. With us we had some screenshots of the new area we had been working on we were calling the Plains area. After sitting in on some gaming and voice acting panels we've been motivated to do a lot recently and have also decided to release the images we had with us at the convention. Attached are the first 5 levels of the plains area. Unlike the training temple area, the plains is an outdoors area with a repeating cloud pattern, and different combinations of repeating grass. This was achieved using a paint.net file that is originally 64x64 to create pixel art, then upscaled to 1080x1080 to fit an hd screen. They are designed tile like so that we can use as many as we want wherever we want and they fit together seamlessly. Instead of a door we have paths where this no grass as entrance/exit areas. As a new simple obstacle we have boulders that you must jump over, foes are designed to automatically jump over a boulder when they are running and get close enough. Theses obstacles make you have to take to jumping and may change your attack plans when a foe is closing in. You will notice a deep mud pit that slows player/foes that are standing in it by an equal amount (faster foes will be slowed the same amount, but still faster than you). This can hurt you when trying to get away, and will also make you want to jump and dash while in the air to avoid. Combining the boulder and mud can add unique environments when fighting foes. The foes in this area are still wolves but with different fur color. They are not guaranteed to drop health like the good ones in training room, and stats are changed slightly to be more active just a bit. Please ignore any grid lines or other icons as the screenshots were taken in the unity editor in order to show the whole layout of the level as they get increasingly longer, and more diverse. We hope you like what you see, we've been working hard on the rest of this first area where you have no powers yet and are even prototyping the first kinda boss level. Be sure to follow to keep updated with the game and look for it at https://gamejolt.com/dashboard/games/250527 and https://gunnergamingstudio.itch.io/crystal-dissention. Thanks for support, Gunner Gaming Studio Team www.gunnergamingstudio.com
  3. Hi all, Haven't updated here in a while, been busy with full time job i'm sure other aspiring developers know about that. Just wanted to update some progress of the last few weeks. For almost a year now we've been building assets for this game such as scripts, sprites, backgrounds, menus etc. We just recently started putting all of those together. We started out using the images we've already been showing to create an intro/tutorial section to the game. This consists of an intro text scene that we've displayed before, and a few training sections: movement/jumping, basic attacks on an easy foe, strong attacks on an easy foe, and ends in some dialogue(cutscene?) that sets you up to start on your adventure. Unfortunately this means we exhausted what we've built so far so we had to start building new stuff. Attached below is a new preview of how we make a layered tile background. We can turn layers on or off depending on if we want walls on either side, an entrance/exit (door from earlier backgrounds, or path in image below) and is set up so we can lay them side by side seamlessly. The first actual area is gonna be somewhat short and basic as you are playing without any of the colored powers yet, so only basic melee attacks against select few foes who will be rather simple to beat. Hope you like the image, none of us are artists so we're patting ourselves on the back for it. Thanks for any support, look out for future updates! Gunner Gaming Studio www.gunnergamingstudio.com (temp redirect as we work on site more) www.facebook.com/gunnergamingstudio www.twitter.com/gunnergamestud https://gunnergamingstudio.itch.io/
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