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  1. Beginning with game development

    Thank you for your advice I'll check it out, it looks pretty good, thank you
  2. Beginning with game development

    Thank you for reply I learned C++ at school, and now we changed teacher and we are doing java and with other teacher html, css and javascript But i would like to focus on C++ because it's more used on professional place I'll learn all these things for now I already had an idea for something textual so i have were to work I won't like to go right to game development, but in something game oriented
  3. Beginning with game development

    For now i know the syntax, classes, object ecc I can programm something but i would like to program something visual, even if not a game
  4. Beginning with game development

    Thank you for reply, i know something about object in java, in c++ i never used one But i'll check the thread, thank you a lot
  5. Beginning with game development

    Hi everyone, my name's Giusto and this is my first post in this forum First of all sorry for my english but i'm from italy so i might go wrong in some words I would like to start programming games, like a lot of people, but i would like to program them litterly and not using something like Unity even if i know it would help a lot I'm a student, i'll take the diploma in 2 year, i'm studing to program at school, i know basic c++, java and javascript but i would learn more about game programming So my question is simple, which language should i learn? I know that C++ is used a lot as well as java Where could i learn some function or things based on games I listen to all hint that you give me, thank you for reading all this, this means a lot for me
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