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  1. Caleb Adam

    Libraries for online web game multiplayer?

    Thanks, by now I’ve decided to learn Unity and release my game for WebGL. (I’m assuming the networking on that is reasonably fast and reliable, Unity is a very widely used game engine) That way I can release for any other play form if I want later. It’s encouraging to hear that someone actually has built their game from scratch with web sockets though!
  2. Caleb Adam

    Libraries for online web game multiplayer?

    I did find Lance, but the list of games built on it is suspiciously small. I'll look into it, but please post your recommendations!
  3. I want to make a html5 canvas / javascript game, similar to agar.io. I know a little node.js, and I think I understand the way online multiplayer works, but now that I do understand I realize it's gonna be a ton of work if I want to do it from the ground up with something like socket.io. My question is: are there libraries that can help with the multiplayer aspects of my game (sending game packets, etc.), and if so, is the performance for that library fast enough to run my game? (has a latency at least as low as agar.io)
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