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  1. MidnightFoxGaming

    Looking for school to attend

    Where would you recommend starting to learn the material in terms of courses or books. As I said earlier what bit I know currently is just from a small game I got to dissect which was a proprietary language and the bit I’ve learned from the one book I have currently for C++
  2. MidnightFoxGaming

    Getting started

    Thanks treyten even though I dont have an Android but rather an iPhone I’ll certainly be looking at it as most of the potential team does use androids or windows based phones. The real-time features will certainly be a real plus
  3. MidnightFoxGaming

    Looking for school to attend

    I have my bachelors for computer science with a major in computer network manegment, while I’ve been trying to learn programming from C++ for dummies but I’m not to sure as how well that is and have been trying to find a more formal education in the language as well as others. As for pursuing programming I’m looking more tours wanting to do gameplay programming as it puts it more at the forefront of the game. While I enjoy designing, programming seems to be the best fit for me as it’s relaxing and fairly easy to pick up for me if learning byond’s dreammaker language from some source code that I was given and no instruction is any indication.
  4. MidnightFoxGaming

    Looking for school to attend

    1. Currently I work in a shipyard have been for the past 3 years with a few previous years in retail at a theme park. 2. The areas I’m most interested in are design and programming. Design I’ve enjoyed in the very small bit of experience I have as I can actually get the ideas I have for games out where players can see them and programming simply due to it being a big destresser for me, I’ve come to enjoy the challenges that come with programming and debugging. 3. As far as getting a degree goes, I’m a firm believer that paper will only get you but so far but actual viable proof that you know what your doing will get you ten times further, so no it’s not for the fancy paper but rather for the more formal instruction on the languages and the practical side of things that I’m looking to get. Paper can look great but final product can be terrible if you can’t back up the paper.
  5. MidnightFoxGaming

    Getting started

    I’m wanting to work for both pc and console, some knowledge with java and C++ as those have been what I’ve used for modding or started to learn via self teaching from books. The language I have the most experience in is sadly client based and won’t work for these platforms as it’s based from about 7 languages including the two I have experience in. While I’m aware of the learning curve to be able to do this I’m hoping to be able to find advice on where to start and what to use for resources in the creation of the game, such as engines and model creation programs and the likes. I’ve set a high bar for myself with this that will take a long time to meet as there’s not much experience behind me outside a small 2D game I worked on on byond but all the while I see it as a challenge to myself and want to have a good set of tools to do it with. As for the scripting I have minimal knowladge on python as a primary language but lots of material that’s usable to learn it with. I have others interested in helping me with making this game but they want to see proof of it being a serious endeavor before joining on and helping out side of the occasional idea.
  6. MidnightFoxGaming

    Looking for school to attend

    Hi I’m looking for a school to attend for game development and design online. i have a large interest in wanting to learn game development and programming and design but I don’t have the time or schools close enough to me for an on campus education since my current job has me travel rather often all over the country. id prefer one without liberal arts and get right into the core aspects of the major but it seems most schools love them way too much right now. if anyone has any suggestions for schools to look into that would allow me to get my bachelors and be able to possibly find a job in the field please let me know
  7. MidnightFoxGaming

    Advice Getting started

    Hi, I’m starting out in game development as a whole and while I have some experience with programming in the past with small things like mods and a single byond game that I took over for a previous person I’m rather new to the start from the ground up thing. im looking to get some advice on where to start for tools/material/resources for such. I already have the core concept for the game hashed out, this has been a relitivly solo thing so far so any help is appreciated thank you.
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