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  1. Gabriel Gonzalez

    Continue with library or move on to engine?

    Thank you so much @Rutin and @Satharis for sharing both of your views on the topic! Honestly all the information that you guys have provided is gold for me. You have no idea how much I appreciate it! I know that the answer to my question is a complex one (as I have now realized by looking at all the different responses) but I seriously have learned quite a bit on the subject thanks to everyone's contributions and feel confident enough to make my own decision based on the knowledge I have received thus far. I have honestly gotten so much more out of this forum than I initially expected! Thanks again to everyone, I am super grateful .
  2. Gabriel Gonzalez

    Continue with library or move on to engine?

    Interesting. Ideally I would say I picture myself working somewhere in the middle between high and low level work. I do love the challenge of developing features from scratch and also find it super interesting to understand how everything works underneath the surface. On the other hand, I am also interested in working closely with the design aspects of game development and would also love to be involved in the implementation of the actual gameplay. Based on what little I know on the subject it seems to me that engine and tools programmers are not as involved in the implementation of the final gameplay itself whereas gameplay programmers seem to be the ones that sort of hit a happy medium between high level and low level. Am I correct or is that totally off? If my assumptions are correct then based on what everybody has already shared with me on this topic it seems that my best bet is either to focus on making games the low level route or develop a physics engine and make the most out of my physics background. Complementing either choice would be the occasional exploration of other tools in order to familiarize myself with them and spread my skillset a bit. Does anybody have any advice as to which option could possibly make me a much stronger candidate when looking for jobs in the future? In the end I am willing to do whatever gives me a better chance of actually joining a team. Unless of course it all doesn't really matter as long as I focus and stick to something.
  3. Gabriel Gonzalez

    Continue with library or move on to engine?

    I think your analogy really makes clear to me the difference between the two approaches. It definitely seems like in order to develop a more well rounded skillset I will have to spend time learning both low level programming and high level engine techniques. Given however that I want to go more on the programming side of game development I figure I ought to prioritize and give more time to learning the low level techniques using libraries. Correct?
  4. Gabriel Gonzalez

    Continue with library or move on to engine?

    @kburkhart84 and @Rutin, I definitely lean more towards the raw coding side of things although not completely. Even though it definitely seems fun, my goal is not necessarily to create my own engine or independently develop a game. Rather, I would love to work together with a team in the creation of a game where I focus more on the programming side of game development. Therefore, like @Rutin suggested, since I am more interested in finding a job as a programmer it seems that my best bet is to continue developing games using C++ and libraries such as SFML so that I can use them to showcase my skills when looking for jobs. Also, thanks @Alberth for clarifying and sharing more of your views on depth and breadth, I do see the importance of spreading one's skillset a bit and will definitely keep all that in mind as I go along on my journey. Thanks to all of you guys for taking the time to respond to my topic! Your responses really did help me clear up a lot of questions I had regarding coding and engines and were also full of useful information :).
  5. Gabriel Gonzalez

    Continue with library or move on to engine?

    So @Alberth, based on what you have told me so far I gather that it would be best if I made a small project using an engine in order to get to know a different tool and spread my skills a bit but my main focus ought to be going more in depth with my core programming skills. Thanks again for the help and for sharing with me your insights on the dangers of breadth! That is quite interesting indeed, I never really had given much thought to the possibility of tools and languages being so different in their implementations. @kburkhart84, you touched upon another one of my questions. Given that engines do all the low level work for you wouldn't using engines hinder my development as a programmer since I would be letting them do most of the work? Wouldn't it be better for my development to use libraries in order to focus on doing more low level work? Or is that an unnecessary investment of time and energy? I do not know how much of an issue this would actually be since I have no idea how much programming or rather what aspects of it do programmers on teams generally work with. Do you happen to have any insights on that?
  6. Gabriel Gonzalez

    Continue with library or move on to engine?

    All right, I will give Unreal a shot then. I was a bit worried a might get myself into a breadth vs depth issue if I began exploring other tools but like you said I guess it really doesn't hurt to try other things to get to know them. Thanks a lot for the tip as well as the insight on my degree. I really do appreciate it.
  7. Hi everyone, my name is Gabriel and this is my first post here. I graduated from college over three years ago with a degree in Physics and now I want to start a career as a gameplay programmer. Besides a single C++ programming class in college I have not had any prior experience programming. What I have done to learn until now is to use SFML to recreate Arkanoid and Space Invaders. My question is, am I on the right track if I just continue creating games from scratch using libraries such as SFML or would I benefit more if I move on to using an engine such as Unreal or Unity? Also, of how much help (if any) would my degree be when trying to join a team? I live in San Diego, CA if that matters at all. I do appreciate in advance any guidance anyone could offer me.
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