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  1. thank you VMDan! i have been thinking about trying others. i should try blender.
  2. the code compiles well. i just changed the .x file path.
  3. i am a bit frustrated that i can't finish the virtual hospital with one doctor and patient in animation. if there are other ways please tell me. i just want to display the hospital and animate the the two characters.
  4. Yes i mean dx9 i have been using .x files from the windows system (microsoft directX SDK i.e. tiny.x) in the program that works well. when i load the .x files i exported from the 3ds max 2016, i can't see anything though there is no error. maybe the exporter i am using is trial version that couldn't export fully, just my guess though. should i use another 3d modeling software than 3ds max ?
  5. i am new to directx. i just followed some tutorials online and started to program. It had been well till i faced this problem of loading my own 3d models from 3ds max exported as .x which is supported by directx. I am using c++ on visual studio 2010 and directX9. i really tried to find help on the net but i couldn't find which can solve my problem. i don't know where exactly the problem is. i run most of samples and examples all worked well. can anyone give me the hint or solution for my problem ? thanks in advance!
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