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  1. Yes, I must have known this from the start So for me that's plenty much time i can't afford. So i will work on my artistic skills and try to start as a freelancer in 3-4 years maybe... Yeah... Don't know why i thought i can realize this with tutorials and learning a few coding things... This seems to be a lifetime task. It's a dream for me but unreachable. had to start when i was much younger. I can't keep motivation if the result is still not that what i wanted after 5 years... My motivation to craft a tic tac toe game is simply not existent,.. So maybe game programing is simply the wrong thing for me. Maybe i can manage in a few years to bring my skills as an artist into concept art. That's much more realistic for me. It's a pity though cause my game design ideas will be a lot better than the ones i will work for, but... ;D Chef is the job i learned 7 years ago. The first soup i have to cook was a green cress cream soup. The same one that was in the menu and no simple basic soup. Cause no one in our restaurant want to eat a simple basic soup. All i have to create in my first year were things that the guests have to eat, so it have to be perfect. But cooking is a lot different from coding, trust me ;D
  2. Thank you, very nice answer. Thinking you're right. But since i have no interest in "Tix Tac Toe"-like Games at all i will break up on this. It's not worth the time for me, to create games that I would never play It makes sense and you're completly right. So i think I'm out here. Thx for your help. Maybe I'm trying to get into concept art...
  3. Ok, think i have to break up on this. I may be a better artist. video game programming is only frustrating for me cause i can't get the shit from the paper on to screen. There is something not compatible and there you got an error. searching for 2 hours for a work around, finally got it but for what? in the end the only thing that comes out for me: 1. the complex game i have in my mind ist too much coding and work for me. 2. the simplier jump'n'run game i could come up with in terms of coding is ok, i can realize these kind of game. But I want to put so much detail in to compensate the "lack of gameplay complexity" that exists in my mind for this kind of games that it is a real struggle to animate it... I can create a fantastic looking main character, but bringing it to life.... So in the essence i have much ideas but no skill. And to learn how to get it on screen i need time i can't afford. If i want to put a simple good looking jump'n'run i need ~6 years to even got a character that MOVES cause i have to draw him in 234345 different poses. But thank you for all your tips Any idea how i can participate in creating games? If i can't do it all alone caqn i become a part of it?
  4. Sounds good, thank you :DD But: For me it's extremely hard to see the parallels between a simple game that looks like from a 3 year old boy (ok most of the time there are crappy animations that flicker at any time the character moves) and a game ready combat system. All of this stuff i have learned til now doesn't help me, or at least i don't see how to use it that way. Are there Tutorials for UE4 to learn the simple things what i need to figure out what i can do to reach my goal? Don't mind if that's only patterns. But all that beginner stuff don't help a lot... I don't want to be greedy but all the beginner videos show the simpliest solution for a battle system or a camera system. After that i can set up a third person camera or can give my character a weapon. But after that... I don't know what exactly can help they give me no patterns you know? Maybe i have to practice more cause the connections don't seem to happen right now Maybe it's good to start and asking precisely for concrete problems with one of the features?
  5. Hey guys, hope to find some advice here. I'm an artist and i love drawing. But since years and years i wanted to create a video game. I have many ideas, but since i haven't a whole team i have make the 3d models low poly and not photo realistic cause that will save me time. I have created simple tutorial games in unreal and it's funny and i like it. But the problem is, i don't know if it's managable for one person to create a concept inside this engine. 1. the time 2. to get the neccessary know how (cause i don't know if there is a tutorial for any of the features i like to implement, and I don't expect to find one for any of these. The 3d models and textures are not the most time consuming thing. I'm relativly experienced in blender and environment is not the problem. characters will be a little struggle but i will get it. Thought about Unreal 4 or Unity as an engine. Unreal will be better i think, unity is a good engine but for the things I want to do it's relativly limited at some edges i believe... To show that i have a concept, here is what i need: -Third person camera (check) -Lock on system (it works, but haven't find a tutorial yet) -Combat System similiar to Dark Souls/The Witcher 3 (but i don't wanna compete with them or let it look exactly like this) Exact hit system is the important thing... -Changeable weapons and armors (not many, not out of the inventory) -Unarmed fight/Fight with weapon change -I don't need a quest log, but something like world events happening, influenced by the player -I need an inventory, but only defined slots, one for item x, one for item y, one for item z. If they are blocked, no other item can be added and the player has to drop sth, or slots that can be used only for a single item in game, that is available only once. -system that gives my player the ability to take weapons directly from the ground and start fighting with it. -Vendor System, buy items for the inventory slots for x amount of Gold/whatever -Looting System from chests like in Zelda (Optional, i don't know if it's doable and if it's not to much) -Jumping/Climbing System -Riding System For the 3d models i'm doing concept arts right know but i don't know if it is doable for me alone at all I know your answers: you can't do it under 20 years. It's frustrating.I got all this ideas but i can't get them into a game. And no one can help cause the half of the community base don't even know how to do all this things for themselves cause it seems so complicated to evolve all this "video game standards" from scratch. But any tips? Any suggestions how it can be realized? Is another egnine eventually better? Are there tools to save time? I will be ready to spend money on this solutions cause i want to bring my ideas on screen! If it is not doable, i will break down, cry, and begin to sell my models in the engine asset stores and hope that some other people can create something cool with it. Thanks @ all people who can answer me
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