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  1. What a great track! Love the composition. Two thumbs up from me.
  2. What Software do you use?

    Been using Pro Tools for ages for music, sfx/foley and dialogue. We work together so well me and her. If you're uncertain on what to use a good way is to take a day or so just browsing around YouTube for reviews on different DAWs (and middleware like FMOD/Wwise if that's what you're asking for as well.) I actually took weeks watching (a little on and off) and reading about different DAWs way back and was actually pretty convinced early on that Pro Tools was something that seems like my kind of tool. Hope you find good tools for your creativity!
  3. What type of game music would you rather make

    I agree with ptietz. It really depends on the purpose. A theme is a theme. Background ambience/music/fx should serve the mood/vibe foremost. But I'm sure it would work the other way around for some games also.
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