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  1. austin blaschke

    New Game Idea (Pitch) Looking for Team

    @FrogStop Studios I used his comment yes because at the time it was a good way of producing what we needed I am sorry if you are offended it is now fixed. today we got backed by the IRS and are official company does that make it any better?
  2. austin blaschke

    Need Programmers for C++

    Hi my name is Austin Blaschke, I am majoring in computer and software engineering at auburn university. I am looking for a set of programmers that can be paid if need be we can talk prices privately, but i need a set of coders that are willing to code in C++ because i am making an intensive demo game to pitch to Sony and had some problems with making the terrain in Autodesk so i want to make it in Unreal engine. To do this i would need someone to program me a mesh tool for Unreal. So with that in mind, i would also need a pivot tool coded in as well. Plus i also have some side things that i would like programmed but not as important. If you would like to talk you can join this discord https://discord.gg/snhBvwF or email me at ablaschke99@gmail.com PS. to join discord server copy the link and paste it into (join server) on discord.
  3. austin blaschke

    New Game Idea (Pitch) Looking for Team

    @rlyeh I am hesitant because I am making this game it is very private and if anyone wants to be apart of it I will pitch the idea to you but if not I hope you have a great day and I’ll continue working on my project You are taking your thoughts to far this is a game development site not a detective sites no one wants to hurt or harm or be discrete about anything I just want my idea to be mine and if you want to be apart of it you can
  4. austin blaschke

    New Game Idea (Pitch) Looking for Team

    @rlyeh If you join the discord I will pitch the idea to as I would a AAA company and you can decide if you would like to help or not i want to pitch the idea to everyone individually so I get separate responses and outlooks from everyone. I can tell you i am using the Unreal Engine to create this project.
  5. My Name is Austin Blaschke, I am majoring in computer engineering and software engineering at Auburn University. I now own the studio (23 Incites Studio) we are an official studio backed by the IRS. We are currently embarked on a mission to create a game demo and preview. I am in need of programmers and Video designers and 3D designers for 3D assets and rendering. We are creating a free roam open world survival game in the future on a different planet. Anyone that wants to help or apply for the company can just join the discord its always a friendly environment. I'm looking for a group of people that work well together and can work with anyone on this project looking for anyone. Msg me at ablaschke99@gmail.com or join this discord server https://discord.gg/ArDGHYh
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