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    [Free][Android] NEOMiner3D Asteroid Mining & 3D Gravity Simulator

    Hi, just a quick note that NEOMiner3D is now on iOS Damn, shouldn't have limited the title to Android only, D'oh! Thanks, Matt Brown, LifeStampGames
  2. Hello, after a year of work LifeStampGames is happy to announce NEOMiner3D is available on the Android Play Store: NEOMiner3D On the Android Play Store NEOMiner3D YouTube Promo Video Advance your asteroid mining career for the Orbital Mining Corporation by making round trips from Earth to any unlocked asteroid, mine ore from low orbit, and return to earth safely to sell your ore for constantly changing prices. Unlock new asteroids with new materials and new ships with larger cargo holds and more powerful gravity rakes! Or tinker in the simulator and free-fly through the inner solar system, start at any planet, moon, or unlocked asteroid, or aim and launch a gravity slingshot! Constructive feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks! Matt Brown, LifeStampGames #madewithunity
  3. Pull back and launch your asteroid, aiming to use the gravity of various planets and orbiting moons in 30 challenging levels. Android Play Store YouTube Promo Constructive Feedback is appreciated! Thanks, Matt Brown LifeStampGames
  4. LifeStampGames

    [Free][Android] GravSnap - Pull Back, Aim, & Launch your Asteroid

    Hi Everyone, GravSnap is now on iOS! Also I finally got a chance to make a new trailer that shows some of the later levels including transporting between mini-gravity-puzzles. Matt Brown, LifeStampGames
  5. LifeStampGames

    [Free][Android] NEOMiner3D Asteroid Mining & 3D Gravity Simulator

    Hello again everyone, major update to NEOMiner3D includes fixes that prevented mission 2 of a game's 4 missions from starting in certain cases. Upgraded the interface to sell ore mined from low asteroid orbit, a screenshot is below. This was a titanic effort and I'm glad to see some people are starting to enjoying it! Thanks, Matt Brown, LifeStampGames
  6. LifeStampGames

    [Free][Android] GravSnap - Pull Back, Aim, & Launch your Asteroid

    Hello everyone, The latest update to GravSnap includes fixes to a few bugs in various levels, added background music, and some added glowee effects. Love glowiness! I add it wherever I can and usually go overboard which kills the framerate, then take it out again. ANYWAY, here is a screenshot of one of the mid-difficulty transporter levels, this one only has two transporter-receiver pairs the player has to orbit through to reach the target! Later levels have more, think of the Olympics symbol of rings. Thanks! Matt Brown, LifeStampGames
  7. LifeStampGames

    [Free][Android] NEOMiner3D Asteroid Mining & 3D Gravity Simulator

    Ugh, sorry, here's a screenshot :
  8. LifeStampGames

    [Free][Android] NEOMiner3D Asteroid Mining & 3D Gravity Simulator

    Hello everyone, version 1.3 of NEOMiner3D includes simulator fixes like entering low orbit around any planet or unlocked asteroid. Moons are coming next. https://youtu.be/Inwhhe65YQw https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.LifeStampGames.NeoMiner3DSpaceAsteroidMiningGravityPhysicsSimulator Thanks for your time! Matt Brown, LifeStampGames
  9. LifeStampGames


    Make your way from Earth to any unlocked asteroid and mine mineral Ore from low orbit. Make it back to Earth while conserving fuel and time, nabbing credit coins and power ups along the way. Stay in the hyperdrive-enabled navigation rings to reduce your total travel time. Sell your ore at Earth station for variable prices which in part depend on the success or failure of advanced R&D experiments in new gravity drives and other ideas from your employer The Orbital Mining Corporation. Or if you don’t want to risk running out of fuel in space, just play around in the simulator and resize the entire solar system to your liking with the touch of your finger. Make the planets and unlocked asteroids larger or smaller, faster or slower, change things from deterministic (always in a path) to true gravity based and then change gravity to watch the solar system’s nice orbits collapse into chaotic patterns.
  10. playStore link: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.LifeStampGames.Cascade3D youTube promo: Free ball bearing bounce & return physics game & simulator. Tinker in the simulator & alter gravity or the mess with time! Add ball bearings, watch them bounce & click into the shiny plastic return tray! 18 game play levels of increasing difficulty and varying challenges. Move the bouncers or change gravity to bounce ball bearings into the catch tray in time! Thanks! LifeStamp Games https://www.LifeStampGames.com
  11. Hello again, recent updates to Cascade3D include a bunch of new features like neon glow mode, a moveable ball drop stopper, and changeable viewpoints including following one of the ball bearings around! Check it out! Cascade3D on Google Play Thanks for your time! Matt Brown, LifeStampGames
  12. Wow this looks great, nice work. Love the graphics.
  13. Hello, Cascade3D has been updated with some quick bug fixes: - Completing the last level of "Gravity Master" no longer shows a "next level" button, which went into no-wheres-ville. - Saving of options between games like playing music and sound effects, and showing of ball bearing trails. Thanks again! Matt Brown LifeStamp Games https://www.LifeStampGames.com
  14. LifeStampGames


    Album for NEOMiner3D
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