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  1. Hey guys, So I started making this 2D side-scrolling platformer a while back, and I just wanted to get some feedback on my current progress. I am making this game purely for entertainment/experience, and I have no intentions to monetize it. Here is my general story that is yet to be implemented. The game starts off with a cut scene where the player, a teenage fox, is together with his family, and he is told to go sleep (who needs curfew) by his parents. The fox reacts bitterly and wishes his parents were to disappear. The fox then goes to sleep and wakes up the next day. However, everyone is gone. The fox then says "Wow I can do anything now and no one will care!!." He then picks up a rifle and walks out the door and then tutorial begins. (Link to tutorial video). After the tutorial, the player is brought into a randomly generated dungeon (Link to Dungeon Generation Demo) (Link to dungeon traversal video). In dungeons, the fox is tasked to extract catnip from randomly placed bong objects (don't do drugs kids). However, there are traps and enemies randomly scattered that the player needs to watch out for. Every dungeon has a kitty that the player can pick up. These kitties spawn Challenge Rooms which I will explain later. Every dungeon also has a store that accepts catnip as currency. The store sells rifle upgrades and guns. To buy a gun, the player needs a kitty to equip it to. Guns are used to kill enemies and bosses. To exit the dungeon, the player needs to find a house object which is placed on the bottom layer of the dungeon. The dungeon exploration part of the game was heavily inspired by Splunky. When the player exits the dungeon, he goes back home. If he picked up a kitty while in a dungeon, a Challenge Portal will be in the room. The challenge portal teleports the player into a challenge room. In these challenge rooms, the player needs to dodge obstacles to get from the entrance to the exit. The player is rewarded with a lot of catnip if they reach the end without taking any damage. (Link to Challenge Room 1 video) (Link to Challenge Room 2 video) (Link to Challenge Room 3 video) <= Ranked in difficulty imo After a certain number of dungeon traversals, the fox is confronted with difficult boss fights, and this is where the story progresses. The fox starts to miss his parents. (Link to Boss Fight 1 video) I am thinking about making two alternative endings after the final boss fight. One is where the kitties the player picked up in the dungeons transform into the fox's parents. This shows that parents are always looking after you even when you don't know. This ending is triggered if the player picks up a minimum amount of kitties. The other ending is where the fox finds out that his parents were shot by hunters. This ending is triggered if the player picks up less than a minimum amount of kitties (lowkey just want the players to find kitties). If you read this far, you are a legend. Any feedback would be appreciated!! (story-wise, gameplay-wise, response to my video clips). THANKS -APKIRITO
  2. APKirito

    The Molten Rock - Prologue (need feedback)

    Hey man, I just downloaded your game on the PC. The art and animations look really sick. However, I came across a few bugs and concerns. 1. Mouse clicking "New Game" in the menu doesn't work. I had to figure out to use arrows and space bar to start a new game. 2. The interaction function doesn't seem to work. I tried spamming R while next to the people, and no dialogue would pop up. 3. You should make the prologue section display the text faster. Maybe when the player presses esc have the text immediately appear, or just make it skippable. 4. I got stuck at the lever part because the interaction wouldn't work lol. Overall it looks like a potentially great game. Keep having at it! -APKirito
  3. APKirito

    Need feedback for game

    LOL ok I'll do that
  4. APKirito

    Need feedback for game

    Hey guys, I just hacked together a game in a few days. Just wanted to get some feedback. Build (1) (1).rar
  5. Hello All, So I'm making a meme game in Unity 3D where the player is called Mr. Box. Right now I have the basics of crafting, day/night cycle, quests, and combat system coded, but I have no idea what to add. Can you guys give me some silly ideas of what to add in the crafting menu, what to do during the night time, what quests to do, and funny enemy attack patterns? I can give someone the game .exe file if anyone is interested in what I have now. THANKS. -APKirito
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