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  1. Reclan

    I'm starting to get panicky

    Lol, I'm on all of them, and still can't get a single gig for anything. I also lost count on how many times I was scammed on those platforms.
  2. Reclan

    I'm starting to get panicky

    Online restriction is due my new geographical limitation, and the general socialist nature of the country I live in (socialism is like a cancer that destroys everything in its path). I have experience in article writing for a wide variety of subjects, including press releases, but do tell if there is some way/platform to contact devs for part time work.
  3. Reclan

    I'm starting to get panicky

    Crowdfunding requires showcasing, and like I said the showcasing part will be ready by the end of this year. Please go away and stop responding to this topic, your advice on McDonalds and pet walking is ridiculous. I don't live in an American movie.
  4. Reclan

    I'm starting to get panicky

    Are you saying that $3 per hour, online, is unreasonable? My country's minimum wage is below that, and such arbitrary, state-enforced line is irrelevant anyway, since I would only be able to do online work, outside of any government banditry framework.
  5. Reclan

    I'm starting to get panicky

    So, bolding the only two words did absolutely nothing for you. Sometimes, I just don't get how people's brains work.
  6. I've been developing a game for the last 5 months, but it will take me at least until the end of this year to have something substantial to showcase. So, basically I have lived on my savings, which will last another 4 months or less. I only need to get around $370 to pay all the monthly bills, so about $12 per day. Any idea how I can make that kind of money, exclusively online, which requires about 4 hour time investment? (otherwise I wouldn't have enough time to develop the game). I'm starting to get panicky about this. P.S. Let me know if this is the right subforum for this topic..
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