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  1. There are a lot of horror games made with RPG maker (like corpse party, so popular it was adapted into a manga and anime series). Of course, likeTerraSkills said, there are a lot of horror types; this ones survival horror. But I can't help but think of how psychological horror can even work in word form. You just have to plant a creepy idea in someone's head and the their imagination does the rest.
  2. AstroPig

    Survival Crafting game

    Or make the base portable. Or make the base expendable (like you have better stuff to make a better base over here so forget that old one).
  3. AstroPig

    How to design linear forest levels in videogames?

    You'd want to add a lot of "landmarks" for the user to use as navigation markers (it also makes the level more interesting). It's usually a good idea to add a lot of variety even if the level is something like "just a bunch of trees". Examples: uniquely shaped boulders, decrepitated cars or wagons, periodical patches of open spaces, wildlife "homes" (like bear burrows or bird nests). Using these sparingly (or only one or two of each "thing") will not only break up the monotony, but allow the player to create a mental map of the environment.
  4. AstroPig

    Do you show damage blocked and "zero" damage?

    i'd suggest using words "blocked" or something unambiguous.
  5. AstroPig

    Survival Crafting game

    I'd suggest creating a physics system, if you plan on having the player experiment with ways of outsmarting enemies. That was hugely the success of Zelda BotW.
  6. AstroPig

    Linear Level Design Guidelines?

    Usually linear platformers will introduce an obstacle/mechanic with a "safety net", then make it harder with "death" as a fail consequence, then put a spin on it by incorporating a previously learned obstacle/mechanic to make it harder. Sometimes they even give the an optional "master" section that provides a big reward for those with skills. Hope that wasn't too vague.
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