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  1. Andress Martin

    Insanely detailed pixel art scenarios, where are they?

    Thanks a lot for the answer, it makes a lot of sense, especially the screen resolution problem. Do you think 2D games that have hand-drawn-like style (Hollow Knight, Castle Crashers, etc) have better advantages?
  2. Before reading my question, please see the following image, which is a pixel art representation of the battle against Ornstein & Smough, from Dark Souls: (This incredible work was made by the deviantartist Cyangmou) This is just one example out of thousands of incredibly detailed works made in pixel art. My question is, can a game be made with this level of detail? The closest I can think of is Death's Gambit, which is still an upcoming title. Still, it is not even close to the level of details you can find in some pixel art illustrations. I am really curious to know if something like this would be viable. Of course, it is a lot of work, but pixel art games have framework to spare (as far as I can tell from experience developing and playing), it just would take very long to do it.
  3. Andress Martin

    Nimbatus - How a free demo got our game funded

    Congratulations and thanks for the write-up, super useful! Btw, the game seems excellent!
  4. Andress Martin

    Storing Code Snippets for Newbies

    I second on what @Rutin said, however, I myself use GitHub because I tend to program in different computers (work, home, college), and it is easier for me to access the code online. Do what is more accessible to you. Of course, there are more options other than GitHub, I guess you can take a look at different options here. Good luck!
  5. Andress Martin

    3D game, but drawn like a 2D game

    Wow so many great answers. @Scouting Ninja your post was very helpful, I will dig into those. Thanks for the tips! I hadn't watched the Unite series yet, thanks!
  6. Andress Martin

    3D game, but drawn like a 2D game

    I'm designing this game for the past three months, and it was meant to be 2D as I don't think it would look well with modelling, especially made by an amateur. I know how to draw with a tablet well enough, so I figured I'd do something like the art-style of games like Hollow Knight by Team Cherry and Castle Crashers, art by Dan Paladin. I have almost four years of experience with a Tablet. However, the game that I really want to make would work much better in a 3D environment, and the more I figure out the design phase, the more I think 3D would be perfect. Here's the question: Is there a way to make a 3D game that has all of its assets drawn instead of modelled? Like, something that looks like the game Borderlands, for example. Let's say I actually go through the 3D modelling phase to make a character, but then I slap my drawing in the surface of that model for it to look 2D while being a 3D with X Y and Z. Makes sense? As if Minecraft was made with a bunch of cubic models and then someone slapped pixel art in the cube's surfaces... Do you guys know any game dev who achieved something like that? Any comments are welcome, thank you.
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