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  1. Hello Dev Community, Our artist, Rose Davis, has written a blog post about what it feels like and takes to be a game artist in a startup, in the development blog entitled, "The Artist and the Startup" Find it here: We hope you enjoy it and find it informative!
  2. We've posted a new development blog entry, "Game Sounds: Music in Motion", on our website at: that sound artists and composers may find interesting. Also included in the post is a link to our entire soundtrack for the upcoming game Matchino. We hope you enjoy it!
  3. EmmersionStudios

    Positions for Second Game (Available)

    Hello again everyone! We got a few responses, but unfortunately they never responded to our questions, so we are still looking for programmers.
  4. Hello GameDev Community, Ahead of the release of our first game, our team is looking to add an additional general skillset programmer and an artist with animation (opt bonus: particle effects) experience. "So..." you might be asking yourself, "what's the deal?" Why would you care about joining Emmersion Studios, when you can create your own team or go solo? Give me a few seconds of your time while you read below, and let me spell out exactly why we're the right team for you right now: Who We Are We're a group of people with high hopes to create large games in the future, patiently learning and honing our craft through the act of doing things. We're a group of people that understand each other and work off of each other, without the luxury of egotism (no money in the budget for "I") getting in the way of development. A full-fledged corporation (albeit a startup with little funding) with all the legal and business stuff taken care of so you don't have to wade through it yourself. A team with a marketing-focused design plan, intent on building our next project around a strong IP that will carry the game, and strong hooks to attract gaming journalists. Who We're Looking For Someone humble and interested in learning. Someone who is fairly knowledgeable about coding languages, but is wanting to learn additional skills for their own benefit and for the benefit of the next project. Someone serious about developing the game for the purpose of producing a professionally polished, high quality experience. Someone who works well with others and has a great, unique personality. What We're Working On Matchino, a free-to-play mobile game, is being released on January 16th, is our first title currently in beta testing for bug and balance fixes. This is intended to provide a revenue stream for further development. We're currently doing "Open Submission" for the next project (game) being developed. This involves a filtering, voting, and design blueprint process which will ensure that we have a more efficient development cycle than on Matchino. Any team member has the opportunity to fill out the online form and submit it to our konban board. If you're interested, please send your resume or portfolio to and we'll reach out to you post haste. Thanks for reading! Additional Websites & Social Media to Check Out:
  5. EmmersionStudios

    [Android] Shapes And Holes

    Looks great!
  6. EmmersionStudios


    MATCHINO is a free to play match-3 mobile game of strategy, utilizing elements of poker and unique level crafting to create a one-of-a-kind gameplay experience. Advance across the campaign map- reach the top of the New York City skyline, race horses at the racetrack, find the middle-ground in Congress, and more. Explore landmarks, expose in-game secrets and hidden levels, and discover small towns, new challenges, and the rewards they bring along the way. Every match matters when it comes to MATCHINO!
  7. Hello, Emmersion Studios LLC is looking to add a programmer for our MATCHINO development team. We're a startup studio (in business for the past 7 months) planning for a release in November. We've hit a bump in the road and need some help from an additional programmer. We have a comprehensive go-to-market strategy, we feel we have a strong marketing design with the core demographic we're aiming for, and all of our legal eggs in a basket (incorporate, registered with the state, EIN number, rev share contracts, TOS and Privacy Policy). In short, not only do we plan on making more games in short order, but we also plan on building a whole business that will hopefully create jobs for us in addition to fantastic games. Right now, we're a revenue share, but this project we're working on is an important part of making a stable game studio and business so we can create even more content very soon. For more information, please visit our website at: Please PM me if you're interested. -Sam
  8. EmmersionStudios

    Programmer Needed: Project in Full Development

    I know the project seems small, but it's a great way to try to get your feet wet. The company also has a very democratic attitude when it comes to new ideas, so there's still a lot here to help you make your mark on how the game feels and looks.
  9. Hi, We're currently looking to recruit a programmer to help us build out the remainder of our game, MATCHINO, for Android and iOS. Matchino is a match-3 game, utilizing elements of poker and casino gaming, in real life cities and towns throughout America. Our team is serious about putting out a polished, professional game. While we learn about the development process (it's been an eye-opener thus far), we also receive a portion of the profit share from in-game purchases and ads (using strategies designed to maximize revenue). Programming-wise we have the following set up: Facebook to accept player logins and store player save data, working game board mechanics, end-game process, startup screen, loading, menu UIs, and first 20 levels complete. We're gearing up to complete a demo for experience testing and for release within the next 2-3 months. We want to move on from this project to develop earth-shattering games, but we knew we needed to start small and gradually work up to that. Everything legal is in order, we're an LLC, we have a website/Facebook presence, contracts, etc. We just need some more help. If you're interested please PM or email me at (or visit our website at Thank you!
  10. I understand what you're saying. However, technology improves with time and usually makes "photorealism" outdated. Just look at Skyrim 2011 or Tomb Raider 2013. At the time, gamers were screaming about how wonderful and realistic the graphics were, but it didn't take long for the gaming community to turn on those games as blocky looking and out of date. The problem is you're not competing with the graphics of today, but the graphics of tomorrow.
  11. IMO, stylized games have a longer lifespan specifically because the audience can tell it wasn't meant to be realistic. As long as the art is beautiful, the game is fun, the central idea is cohesive and strong, and the mechanics are tight, you have a classic as long as you market it well. This is what Ive taken away from a lot of GDC conferences and talking to indie devs. A tall order on its own, no?
  12. EmmersionStudios

    People really have no ideas on game development.

    So, here's the problem with what you are saying... If you know so much and are so much better than us, why do you care what we think or what feedback/advice we can give you, especially since you clearly don't want it?
  13. EmmersionStudios

    People really have no ideas on game development.

    What do you say here, at this point? Your ambitions are unrealistic. You refuse to take the vast wisdom of this forum into account, which is terribly naive. You will have to learn the hard way that your ambitions will be your downfall. I don't know if this is too harsh to say, but everything you've written so far tells me that you're grasping at straws. You ask for advice and then tell people they're wrong. So, maybe the solution, if you think you know more, is to stop asking for advice from us mere mortals?
  14. EmmersionStudios

    People really have no ideas on game development.

    Seconded. I'm often blown away by the amount of content and addictiveness of indie games. I remember when I first played Super Meat Boy, how much I was blown away that it was made by just two guys.
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