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  1. I'm curious how long have you spend on making this game? How many have you been on this project, and how many man hours have you approximately put into it? Have you used a commercial engine, or made your own engine from scratch? Why start with nintendo switch and why not online mode aswell?
  2. As of this moment I think I get 50% of what you are trying to tell me @Rutin and @GoliathForge but thanks for trying, guess I'll understand it better once I truly get all the steps and have tried it myself. However what software did you use yourself Rutin? is it all just blender, or?
  3. I got a windows 10 64-bit, i7-7700k CPU with one Gigabyte NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1080, DDR4 3200 MHz 16GB ram - would that suffice? But I don't get why would you need a low poly mesh and a high poly mesh? isn't the high poly mesh just for things that needs to be very detailed, while low poly are for things that doesn't needs to be very detailed, like a concrete block with windows e.g. vs a very detailed model like e.g. Kratos from God of War? why would you need both on a high and low poly mesh of the same thing?
  4. Well that's just any sort of MOBA, which the internet is flooded with these days, so I would imagine some on these forums would have been a part of developing such a game - as said I don't expect people to have them them completely solo or anything? And truthfully yes, I would take every single shortcut I can to make what I want, if there is a solution that fits my licking in every aspect of the development cycle. And that is also why I unrolled at the university to learn code and get a software bachelor, because I know that no matter what I will need to learn to code if I want to make a game on my own. But truthfully I doubt I will get to have anything related to gaming in during my education, but since it's where I want to end up, this is what I will do in my sparetime, when I have finished my homework and everything, and then try and implement what I've learned and put it into my game, or to acquire the knowledge of how to do it myself using what I've learned. Yes I also came across it before, before I wrote this post and thanks @Jastiv and @Septopus it was more these sorts of answers I looked for, though I like you are fair about saying you can't give an estimate, but instead just try and tell how you do and how much time you spend/costed to develop so far.
  5. Hello guys! I want to learn to make my own assets, characters, model and so on for my own games, instead of having to rely on others assets (and be able to create the things I actually want, and not just what I can find that is avalible) So I have spend on/off the past month trying to figure out the basic of how it works and such, what to expect and which programs there are avalible and what they cost. Truth be told, considering how many different software, tutorials, and complexity of it all, it seems very hard to figure out where to actually start, with this. Especially because it seems as though most of any software that's commonly used when you search the interwebs, it seems as though they are all insanely expensive for a mere mortals. However, I looked at the software called ZBrush because I can see it's a software that is used in big companies like Blizzard, EA and a lot of other big studios, both related and unrelated to the gaming industry like movies and such. Though it is still a pricy piece of software it is the only software of the big ones that I found that is not a yearly or monthly subscription based software, but a perpetual software license purchase software. A one year autodesk Maya subscription cost more than a perpetual software license from the newest ZBrush version that last forever. In a perfect world were money didn't matter to me, I'd just buy them all and use whatever I liked the best, but I'm not made of gold so I'll have to choose between one or the other of them all. But it just so happens that while I looked up on ArtStation few days ago that I can see there is a 20% of on the newest version of ZBrush until October 1st 11:59 PM which will save me 179$ which is A LOT to me so I seriously consider to buy ZBrush now that it seems to be the cheapest software of the big ones there is (that I have found so far) and especially now when I have a chance to save A LOT! However, as I said before: considering how many different software, tutorials, and complexity of it all, it seems very hard to figure out where to actually start. Even when I look at ArtStation, DeviantArt it seems as though a lot of people even have used both Maya, PS, ZBrush or up to 6-7 programs whereas half of them I havn't even come across or heard of before. So this basicly just make me more confused whenever I think I finally got how it works... So at this point I don't even know anymore, which software does what, which software do I actually NEED, and which software is just "luxury" software (one where they might use 'software A' for this and 'software b' for this, but you can actually do the same in both 'software a' and 'software b', it is just easier to different things in boths software). So the question I want to make is truly: If I want to make a character for my game (let's say Sombra Cyberspace from Overwatch), fully animated, complete and all like she is in Overwatch, into my Unity 3D game, which software do I actually use to make all the required steps? How many "steps" are there in the process of doing this? Do I actually need more than Unity and modelling software like Zbrush (If that is what they are called - please correct me if I'm wrong)? Is ZBrush the choice for me or am I just doing a very costly mistake, because it can't actually do what I think it can? Or do I end up having to buy a lot of other different software aswell if I buy ZBrush in contrast to some other software solutions? Can I actually live without ZBrush or any of all these expensive software solutions? When you answer please bare in mind I'm a newb, so please refrain from using very technical answers, or to answer like you think I know something, because I don't. Talk to me as if I'm a total rookie and moron and explain it to me as if I were a 5-year old
  6. Well it does matter to me, while it might not do to you, even though you might not see or understand why. Fair enough if you don't want to give me your estimate or thoughts on the matter, and fair enough if no one wants wants to or simply just aren't capable of it. I don't need a 500 page essay on the matter, I just asked people for their thoughts and experience on the matter and I didn't expect them to go into major technical detail or anything. All I wanted to know is if those who answered had any experince and reference to the gaming industry, and else just shoot from the hip on their thoughts on my questions... and in all fairness, it wasn't a problem for people to answer in the first place. The problem was they answered questions I didn't ask, which I just respectfully tried to let them know. So to put it like this, it is basicly like going to the doctor with something on your arm and ask "what is this" and instead they tell you what it isn't. Though the answer is useful it doesn't really help anything. You see my point? Anyways normally when you get these type of "it all depends on" questions on the interwebs (which the interwebs is packed off in every aspect of life), it just common knowledge you say where you come from and then give your answer based on your own experience and knowledge while letting the other person know what your own experience is. You can't try to figure out everyones skill level, talent, experince and so on, you just have to give the best judgement based on if you were in my shoes based on your own life. Like "if this were me, based on my x years in the gaming industry and my x years knowing how to code, it would...." and so on. my questions are no different than a question of "how long it will take to learn French/English/Russian" though you can't truly use the answer anyone give you because it's completely indivual, it doesn't mean people can't give their take on it based on their experience and it won't have any use to anyone. For some it take 5 months for others it take 5 years, but you can still get an idea from it, based on their background, skillset, education and so on. The reason I havn't truly started is I don't want to fall behind in my classes, so until I feel like I have settled in and know my pace, I try to just follow class instead of doing my own projects so I fall behind cause I get caught up in them.
  7. @Awoken Yes of course you can't give me a "correct" answer has to how long it takes or cost and so on, because it varies vastly and on how easy I learn stuff and how smart/stupid I am and if I was a new John Carmack or not and how lucky I get. So when I ask, I of course just expect people to answer with their own skillset, experience and knowledge on the subject in mind and not as if they know who I am (an like i think most people would normally expect when they get an answer). It can take, what only took 100 people to do, a 1000 people to do in the same time period if it was 100 pros vs 1000 amatures. But you can never answer with that, cause that is an impossibility. You just have to answer with if it was you in my shoes, with how long it took you to learn and your experience, how long would it take to do what I want to do? That is all I am really asking here with my questions as to You are completely off, I even said I kinda expect this very very unpolished prototype would take between 3-5 years and between 5 people, so I basicly know that this is neither an easy project nor one I will finish fast. I want to make one of the teambased games, my side project the next 5 years at the Univeristy and my motivation to keep going, and that is also why I only expect the bare minimum of the game and even then I don't know if that would be realistic (which is why I made this very post). I even mention if I had to do a game like any of the 3 titles on my own it would probably not even ship before I die, so nope, in all fairness I do think I from the very start that I have been very realistic about the level of difficulty and that it is going to be a both time consuming project and a big mouthful. But as I said it's something I do because I do have the motivation for it, and it would be stupid to do a lot of "small" games first that I have no motivation for, because that will definitely not help me. And I mentioned this for the very reason that I wanted to avoid the type of people who just reads the title and then give an answer, without knowing what I actually ask for, before they answer. And the reason I made this doosy long post, is I wanted to do give the best possible option to give me an answer to my questions, well knowing what I want and try to do. However, without having to go back and forth in a 100 pages dialogue/debate before what get to the point what it is I actually try to accomplish. Clearly I failed, since all focused on the parts I wanted them to look aside from. And you are right on point here, which is why I posted in here, in the hope that one developer here was bored a friday night and thought this post sounded fun for them to answer Because I'm not trying to hide that I am completely clueless and new to both coding and gamedevelopment, but I have also made that very clear! Let's say I want to make a 6v6 online game that is just 1 white big squared platform, where each player could choose 1 out of 21 differently coloured cubes, with each colour having all the abilities one of the 21 heroes of Overwatch have. Would creating that game be a 1 months, 1 year, 10 year og 100 year job for one of you, if you had to make it? It is like that I am asking. And yes I am sorry I can't go down in a more technical level, as I am as you point out a newb, that is also why I try to explain it to the best of my ability what it is I try and want to do
  8. @Eck @Awoken @Anri Thanks a bunch for your responses! However I kinda wish I hadn't mentioned WoW at all nor mentioned it in the 3 games I want to make, because you all kinda fail to, well, answer any of the real questions I ask about, so I don't think any of you actually read the part that started from and down to // this is just bonus info what I have in mind and why and what I hope to accomplish. Because, while it is true I want to make a game the size of WoW as I also mention in the 3 types of games I want to make, I do say from the start that you should not even take this game into consideration, which is basicly the only title all of you talk about while completely neglecting the two other titles. Those are the titles I actually need the feedback on it's the two other titles that are the main focuspoint for the 7 questions I ask and not WoW (because I know this is by far the biggest project and therefor, as I said, I wouldn't start with this project but one of the two others). Futhermore I have several times mention that I am not trying to make a full and complete game (cause as I also mention a few times, I know I wouldn't be able to pull that off with a mere team of 5 people - else Blizzard and Bethesda would probably just have done it with 10 or less themselves aswell). I want to make the prototype of the game, to showcase, but fully playable and with every part of the game in it (the way I showed in the picture and youtube video I used for an example), but without any art, music, sound, real models or anything and then I won't have to make the engine myself as I use Unity (while blizzard e.g. had to make the entire engine, which also took a lot of the time aswell). In other words the game must only have the mechanics (but ALL the mechanics the game will need to have, in order for it to work as intended) and only the core features it would require (so if it was a race game: only the roads,1 type of car and finish line and the UI with the stats that are important) that is the game I need answers to in the 7 questions I asked, but with the two titles of Fortnite and Overwatch. e.g. like this, but even with Spiderman just being a white squre cube without any animations, just moving and swiging around in a like a cube - everything being just the most basic of basic and simplest of the simple. so e.g. in Overwatch I would just make 1 character and duplicate it with 21 (to get the same amount of heroes OW started with) give them all the abilities and then just recolour them to differentiate them, while in the finial product I would make 27 unique characters. Same with the weapons and so forth. Even the one characters and guns would just be the lowest amount of polygons I would have to use to make anything that resembles what I want it to represent. Please don't take this the wrong way or get offended, I very much appreciate you guys to take the time to respond and I really do hope you will respond again!!! but I need a repond to the question I actually ask (with the consideration to what you have to look away from that I don't want to do in the first stage) and not an answer to what I have already answered myself in the post Cause I know won't be able to make a WoW myself, nor a full fledge ready to ship 3D game myself and I'm not trying to either. I try to make a fundament of the 2 games I want to make (again not the MMORPG), so that I can showcase to a very few people who might want to help me if they can both try and see what it is I want to create, and can see I made the fundament of the game I hope to hear from you again
  9. Thanks for the answer, however it's not really an useful answer considering I don't ask the question you are giving an answer to and I mentioned that I already know it isn't possible to make fully complete game like wow with just 5 people - if it was it it wouldn't have taken the likes of blizzard 100+ people and betting their entire company on WoW vanilla to make it. Furthermore, as I also mentioned in the my original post, I wouldn't even try to produce a game like wow without a company and a lot of people involved, it's the game sizes as Overwatch and Fortnite I have in mind, the WoW is just the game I would actually like to make as I also said inside the "()" right after your quote - But thanks anyways but then again I did write a lot, and I can see so far that non have actually read the entire thing before answering
  10. Hey guys, game developers, artist, programmers, hobbyist and all others who make a living in the gaming industry or spend a lot of your spare time making games just for the fun of it! Before you start reading this: if you have not actually made any game that have sold at least some copies nor shipped, please let me know that when you reply. I do like all feedback, but I do like to know that those who respond actually have experience from the industry, and aren’t just people like me who are taking their first baby steps into it like myself (but unlike me are the types of people who think they actually know what they talk about, despite actually having no real experience – You know, like the people who think they are fully capable doctors when they JUST enrolled into medical school or spend 1 year there). // You can skip the first half of this read if you don't care about my personal info, but I feel like it might be important for you to answer the following questions later in the best possible way. First of all, I want to let you know that I have absolutely NO experience in any aspect of gaming industry other than I have spent more than half my life in front of a computer playing what the industry has produced (since 2004 it has mainly been Blizzard games though: Overwatch, Hearthstone, WoW, Diablo, HotS (Heroes of Newerth a lot as well, though it is 2-3 years back). However, in my childhood before WoW I played A LOT of other titles on multiple devices like: Gameboy PS1, 2 and 3 Xbox & X360 N64 And titles like: Pokémon, Wario Land Age of Empires, RollerCoaster Tycoon, Heroes of Might and Magic, CS:Source Tekken, Ratchet and Clank, Spyro, Rayman Halo 1 - 4, Dead or Alive, Spider-man Super Mario, Golden Eye, Snowboard Kids Just to name a few examples! I always known (or at least I known since the ending of my teenage year) that I fare best in front of a computer (not that I don’t know how to socialize, I do). I have spent all my life from I attended gymnasium (the step before University in Denmark) to find a way to make a living doing something that I actually like and would make me happy (instead of making me miserable like my current job). I already struggle with mental illness, and therefor my life truly depends on a job that makes me happy. Being honest I lack motivation in everything, and I do mean everything (especially if it is hard, because I just feel like I am too dumb to learn it if I don’t understand it rather fast and it’s easier to just sit down and play a videogame and get to feel you accomplish something, while being challenging), but I also know if I don’t pull my shit together now I will either: Live my entire life in misery because I never put any effort into it or actually TRIED (like really tried and not just open up a book up for one day and then give up after that if I don’t get it all), or I will take my own life because I continue to live a life that makes me miserable. //Sorry for being gloomy, but at least I am being honest. Until now I have thoughts of a way to find a way to earn a living by working in front of a computer in any way (since I love using my brain rather than my body for work, and since I was 16 years old I have worked in a supermarket and hate it from the bottom of my heart and found out I generally just don't like physical work). That being said, I have always had a lot of ideas for gadgets, apps, webpages and games and everything that basically requires code in it to work as intended. Therefor I have enrolled at one of Denmark's Universities to learn programming (never had any experience with it before) – since it seems as the best thing to learn to end up working with one of those things, since they all have code in common (and math have always been the subject I have fared best in during school). Furthermore, it seems as the best tool to learn, to bring any of my ideas to life if I would have to do it alone (hopefully I won’t have to do it alone). Truth be told I would probably rather want to learn to make art, modeling, concept art and such for games, but I also have to be realistic - there is a shit ton of people that wants that as well, and the competition is fierce. Some have drawn and improved artistically since they were 10 or younger, I have never truly done anything. It will be too risky to try and compete with people like those, especially when I know programmers are in a way higher demand in almost any field in today’s world than artist are, since almost ALL businesses needs a programmer in one way or another (at least in Denmark).So the chance for me landing a job working at a computer is way higher if I master coding rather than master 3d modelling and art, if I won’t make it into the gaming industry. To put it like this, if I have to roll the dice on getting a foot inside the gaming industry or any other tech company (at least as an entry point) it would be in programming. I can always work on improving on the art and other stuff in my spare time. And I wouldn’t be able to make games as a solo indie if I can barely code but do a lot of art, but it seems possible the other way around. Furthermore, it sounds as if it is harder to get inside the industry, than to move into other areas of the industry once you are already inside, again therefor programming first. Therefor I have JUST enrolled at University anno 2018. We will learn C the 1st semester and Java the 2nd semester, and then we will have to learn programming from there on out our self, while we instead will learn a lot of math instead, programming technics, how the to find out what the users wants, testing, design and so on through the rest of the bachelor. I have chosen to learn C# in my spare time because it is what Unity uses and as far as I can read up on it is very close to Java as well, which I will eventually have to learn anyways as part of my education. Since I want to start learning how to make videogames, starting in Unity or UE4 seems like a very good choice, if you are completely new to anything related to creating videogames according to the internet. //The real questions start here If you have read the entire post so far, thank you! Hopefully it wasn’t a complete waste of your time reading? So, the thing is, as of now I work on 3 projects (purely on paper and writing down every idea I have in any aspect of the process). The games I work on are as following: A teambased game the size over Overwatch (5 maps as a start with mapssize of Overwatch maps, being able to handle 25 players online - will have different modes and a competitive mode as well) A teambased game the size of Fortnite (one big map the size of Fortnites BR map, handling around 100 online players – will have different modes and a competitive mode as well) MMORPG the size of Vanilla WoW (don’t take this into your consideration I won’t even bother with this title unless I can make a living of one of the two above– but it is the game I want to make the most, but that would never happen unless I got my own independent company and able to hire people – this is just to let you know I want to make a game like this) When I say size I do both mean in the actual area of the maps, but also in amount of characters and abilities, weapons and so on. I don’t want to reveal anything, therefor please don’t misunderstand. I won’t make games that resemble the games in any way, but it is the best way for me to explain what I have in mind in sheer size of the game I have in mind to make. So no, I don’t want to make a new variant of a Battleroyal, nor a new WoW (or WoW-killer as people often say) or a new Overwatch/Paladin/Battleborn. I don’t want to actually give my idea away, since one of the key element in making my games a success is being first to the market without any competition in the same category (so I don’t end up being the Battleborn of Overwatch) I don’t want to make anyone get the same idea. Just telling you so you know why it is, I use other games as reference instead of just telling you what it is I ACTUALLY want to make directly instead. Hope you understand However, when I say I work on them it has purely been on paper (currently counting 55 written pages in word) - writing down every idea I have for the game: sketches of maps and characters, GUI, ability ideas, lore and story, webpages, business strategy and so on (basically every aspect of the game from start to finish – and in a way, so if I am able to someday hire someone to help (or get someone else along on the project), they can just read the entire document to see exactly what we are trying to build in every aspect). Though I have also found a lot of references from other games, movies, music and so on as to what art, style, world, character design and everything I can use to better describe what it is I want and where I want to go with it. What I want to know is the following: How long would it take for one person to make a game of those sizes mentioned above (when already using a commercial engine (Unity), if we take out all the artistic of the game? No voices, music, art (other than representations of what is supposed to be in the game) no things other than the necessary parts (like e.g. if it was the most simple of race game, just 3 cars (represented by 3 differents forms: a triangle, cube, ball e.g.) and just a simple plane road of the track on the map I wanted ----- however but with a full fledge game like Fortnite/Overwatch with all mechanics, characters and maps fully functional, basically just a fully fledge 110% pure prototype model that works (e.g. like this: with only the BARE minimum but necessary to showcase my game that is playable: (perhaps the best way to fully get what I am trying to say: if the game was meant to look like the game superHOT as a prototype: If it is even possible to make a prototype like described in question 1 by one person, how long would it take to go from the fully functional prototype to the complete and ready game with everything in it, once you have the fully playable and ready prototype with everything implemented except all the actual art and so on we neglected to make in the first question. Here I think both as if it was the same person or if it was a person who was actually experienced in this area (but also an indie and fresh starter like myself) aka going from prototype –> to final product? If it needed to be finished in a span of 3 – 4 years (of let’s say people who are fresh out of university)? From the prototype – to final product, how many people would it probably require, if we assume I already have a fully runnable and capable prototype (as described in question 1 and 2)? How much will it cost to make (in terms of software and for one PC only, not wages, assets from assets stores and other things)? If I had to make animation, models and assets myself and not just rely on Unity’s asset store. It sounds as though people use a lot of different expensive software (PS, Maya, Zbrush, 3ds) to make (and practice) in making my own assets. (If they are yearly license programs, please take into consideration how many years you think I need to finish my prototype in the cost to give me a more precise cost). What all my games have in common is they have a realistic but cartoonish style like Overwatch/Fortnite, but also being heavily luminescent games like in Ori and the Blind Forest meets Tron: Legacy movie style of mind (if you know what I mean). However I already know now that for what I want in my final product, I will need someone who actually have skills in this, and nothing of what I made myself. What I make myself will purely be a low or high fidelity prototype, but they would have to make the finished product. Are there any rookie mistakes you can already say from having read all of this, that I should avoid doing? Pits you might have fallen into yourself you can share your experience with, so I won’t fall in them as well? (aside from the classic one: don’t make such big games as a start – I know it might not be the smartest thing to start with this scale of a game, and people would probably tell me to start with making very small games first). I have no motivation for that, so in truth, I will never get anything done then. If I don’t actually work on something I feel for and believe in I won’t have motivation to finish or make it in the first place. Though I would love to work with some with this project I won’t do it before I actually have made some decent work and can start to see my creation take form. However I would be very skeptical or reluctant to show my idea, to anyone I wouldn’t be 110% sure on they would stay till the finish, or at least not leave and use/tell about my idea, nor come back to claim profit if it became as success if they already left the project. Mainly because I have heard so many scare stories of people who have done one or the other after leaving a project. So the question is: are there any good way for me to make sure there is no way if first anyone are let into the project they can’t leave and then claim anything after they left? Or deny me the right to use what they made on the game if they leave during the project, or make me unable to claim royalties/copyright and so on if they leave and take/use my idea? Do bear in mind, you have to take into consideration I would start completely from scratch and on my own and with no experience and skills at all in neither code, art or anything (but learning as of now to code and use Unity and so on). Yes I do realize many of the questions is the sort of: it depends on peoples experience, skills, talent and how fast people can work etc. So therefor just assume that all working on the project have no experience other than self-taught or are just fresh out from the University like me. I know I can’t make a game like Overwatch, Fortnite all on my own (atleast not if it needs to ship before I die of old age and especially not a MMORPG). If anyone could do that it wouldn’t take a huge company like Blizzard or Epic games a team of 50+ experienced people, who each have a specialized role in making the game, half a decade to make those games and then there probably would be some stories about solo indies who made hundreds of millions of dollars from a game he/she had made himself/herself on level with those games (which as far as I know there exist none of). So I do merely have a fully fledge working prototype of the game where everything work as intended in mind – and NOT a fully complete finished ready to ship game in mind. Just so you know, I have already done a lot of research regarding my questions and searched the web far and wide, but I am yet to find any real answers to those questions because it’s all very short and abstract answers. // this is just bonus info what I have in mind and why and what I hope to accomplish If you read through all of this, thank you (I know it was a bit long – longer than even I intended) and I do hope you will care to respond! By now you probably know that I’m very serious about these projects – hence the long rant. What I have in mind with all of this is to hopefully make a company and go the same road as Blizzard (a few guys who made games they wanted to play themselves, went their own way, made quality content and made a few IPs but kept improving on them over the years and build on top of them (like WoW, Warcraft, SC, Diablo) instead of having a lot of titles like Ubisoft or just spew out a reskin of the same game going from quality game to straight up cash grab (yes assassin’s creed I look at you). The reason I want to be my own boss is I want to make games I want to play myself, but also make a company were everyone loves to go to work, everyone is heard and all are paid a good living wage and can have a life outside work without having to get stress or work insane hours to ship a product. A workplace where everyone gets to feel they are their own boss and can schedule and manage their own workhours. Have job security and get a feeling that their work is their second home. Money doesn’t interest me, so I am not trying to get rich, I’m trying to get happiness and share it with others in more than one way. That is also the reason I want to make a company which I can never lose or be pushed out of it, so others can take over and make it a workplace like all others – or become like Blizzard when they merged with Activision. I know it might sound utopia like, and probably not going to work, but for now I just focus on actually making the game, then I will take this more when I might actually be close to having a working prototype for one of my game. Until then all other than that isn’t going to be relevant if I can’t make that to begin with. And if I can’t make a ship a very successful game, it will all just be a pure pipedream anyways. To all who have read and responded: THANK YOU A BUNCH for the reply in advance! I do hope this thread and the responses can help others in the future who have visions like me, but are taking their first step into the gaming industry who has similar questions like me.
  11. After having read this entire post with all its comments, my only thought is what all should be focusing on: can you achieve what you want to create in a commercial engine faster, cheaper and better than what you can get from any of the available engines, compared to if you have to use your own engine or creating a new one? You have to make an objective analyses based on what your game needs and what requirements any of the given engine can fulfil or if it would be faster, cheaper and better to make your own. However, it's an analyses and decision only you can make, since you are the sole person with the knowledge of what the new game requirements and needs are, as well what it is all about. If you do it out of hobby or wanting to learn, you can never expect to make a living of it - not that you can't make a living out of it, you just can't expect it. Look at it this way, Blizzard Entertainment is not only a giant in the gaming industry it's one of the biggest giants out there! They have made games and engines before I was even born, and not only that everything and I do mean everything they ever released have been a massive success which is an indisputable fact, whether or not you like them or their games. My point is: even a giant company who has had success on everything they made, all the financing in the world, and probably more experience combined than some of engine companies even do, even still made games in other commercial engines exactly because it would be faster, cheaper and better than to making their own from scratch or using some of their already fully capable engines. Hearthstone were made using Unity despite Blizzard have been fully able and capable to make their own engine to make Hearthstone if they wanted to, but from a business perspective it would be faster, cheaper and better to use Unity which is why they did so. However, with both WoW, Diablo, StarCraft, they kept developing and updating on their own engines, because they continued to make new expansions or instalments to their games, and therefore it would be better to keep using their already made engines. So, it's all about which is best and what your plan is with the engine - is it to make 1-2 games in it, or to make a franchise out of the game with several instalments? It's clear that you are doing this mainly from a business perspective (where it's just a bonus that you also like what you are doing). If it were just as a hobby or to learn stuff, it wouldn't even be a debate or topic whether to use your own or a commercial engine - you would use and work on your own engine. So, the only question you should really ask yourself before making a new game or engine or choose to use a commercial one is which will be faster, cheaper and cheaper to choose? It's really all it comes down to, but ofc you must take A LOT into consideration, it's not always an easy answer - and sometimes the answer you come up with might even turn out to be the wrong one.
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