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  1. adharsh anand

    Learning Level Design

    mario maker, happy wheels even little big planet works
  2. adharsh anand

    Offering Writing Services

    Might wanna go to the careers section mate
  3. So i recently came across this video by extra credits It talks about how the game music industry evolved and such but it got me thinking Would you rather have game music which is memorable or game music which is forgettable but does it's job exceptionally well when it comes to creating mood and such
  4. adharsh anand

    Help With Story-Driven Game Concept

    Well um first off why would the chracter want a world where he'd have to fight Usually they do the opposite of whats happening in real life. If one is weak, they dream of becoming strong If one lost a loved one, they dream about being reunited with them So if they did think the world was so bad, he'd want to imagine a world which is peaceful, maybe even cause of him A good example is catherine where the player character uses dreams to escape from his problem by running away So I'd think instead of changing landscape make it two different narratives One in his head and another in real life Thats all uh so hoped you find my opinion useful
  5. adharsh anand

    Writing great villains

    This can be said of any genre, to have a realistic enemy and an enemy which creates an impact, they need to believe they are the good guys. Of course there are some villains who just descend into madness but they still think they're doing the right thing
  6. adharsh anand

    which software would be the best for 2D pixel animation?

    Than Cheers mate I'll check it out!
  7. adharsh anand

    Writing great villains

    It would be easier to create a more complex, experimental villain as an indie than a big studio since making a profit is usually their first priority so there may be a game out there with a more nuanced villain, it just won't be from a triple A game title
  8. hello, a friend and i are building a 2D platformer and i'd like to ask which software would be the best for 2D pixel animation (Moderator edit: changed the subject to be the question that needs answering -- Kylotan)
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